10 Interesting Facts about the Dead Sea

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Interesting Facts about the Dead Sea

Interesting Facts about the Dead Sea – The Dead Sea is also known as the sea is salty because the salt content is too high and is located in the area between Israel and Jordan. The Dead Sea is one of the many tourist attractions in Jordan is breathtaking and should be visited if you are on vacation to this beautiful country.

Do not think the lake was so very creepy especially scary as the name because there are so many things and interesting facts contained in this lake. Besides the uniqueness of his name turned out to save the Dead Sea some other unique facts.

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10 Interesting Facts about the Dead Sea

10 Interesting Facts About The Dead Sea For Article Content
10 Interesting Facts about the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea – Below you will find ten interesting facts and along its uniqueness, the following interesting facts about the Dead Sea.

1. Have a name that is so scary.

Dead Sea name comes from the Hebrew ‘Yam ha Maved’ meaning ‘Sea Killer’, whereas the Arabic name is ‘Bahr Mayyit’ which means ‘Dead Sea’ as well.

2. The Dead Sea is a lake.

The Dead Sea is a lake because it is located on the mainland. Although located at the lowest point of the earth’s surface but dead sea lake has become so phenomenal because it has a lot of interesting things.

Apart from those already mentioned above, which is an attraction for tourists to visit the Dead Sea lake is the lake water can make almost any object will float and not sink, including humans.

So for those of you who could not swim drowned in the lake do not worry about this because it is guaranteed you will float by itself.

3. It has a very broad measure.

Named as ‘Sea’ instead of ‘Lake’ because of the length are 76 km and 16 km in width. Embedding the name of the dead sea because this lake has a broad measure such as the ocean, which extends for 67 km, a width of 17 km with a surface area of 810 km2.

However, with the size of the area, there is no life inside or around the lake either flora or fauna, fine living things to survive there.

4. It is a place or the lowest point on earth.

The Dead Sea is the lowest place in the world, with a height of 417 meters above sea level. This point Is the lowest point of the earth. Located on the borders of Israel, Palestine, and Jordan, in a valley elevations of 417 m or 1.300 feet below sea level.

Dead Sea Lake is also located at the lowest point on the earth’s surface, while the deepest point on the land’s surface is still held by the Mariana Trench and its highest point occupied by Mount Everest (8,848 m).

5. Objects and humans are not sunk in this place.

The Dead Sea have high salinity (33%), make us able to float on the surface. Be a contributing factor is that this lake has salinization of extremely high, even the levels of the salt content rank second saltiest lake in the world after Lake Assal is located in Djibouti. Salt content 33.7% or eight times saltier than the natural lake.

With a high salt content then there is no life for living creatures that can survive in the Dead Sea’s water lake. This is why it is called the Dead Sea lake. Because of the salt content, it is almost impossible living being could survive in the Dead Sea.

Human Bodies Flow At The Dead Sea, 10 Interesting Facts About The Dead Sea For Article Content
Human bodies flow at The Dead Sea

6. The water in the Dead Sea are not flowing, just settles only.

Keep in mind, the water in the Dead Sea does not flowing the water to the surrounding areas, but only settles on this lake and has one main water source is from the Jordan River. However, the water in the lake is increasingly deficits and downs only.

This is because, the Dead Sea is a lake in the hot climate, so it is almost seven tons of lake water evaporate every day. A significant reduction in the lake’s water is also caused Jordan as the primary source of water in the dead sea lake used for irrigation of local communities.

7. Only bacteria that can live in the Dead Sea.

Living creatures that inhabit the Dead Sea in the form of individual bacteria. The Dead Sea is approximately 8.6 times saltier than the ocean. This salinity makes for a harsh environment where animals can not breed (hence its name). High salinity prevents macroscopic aquatic organisms such as fish and aquatic plants from living in it, although a tiny number of bacterial and fungal microbes that are present in the Dead Sea.

8. The Dead Sea has a high salt content.

From the scientific point of view because it can be proven that high salinization of water lake. The salt water is much denser than ordinary water, and the density of salt water makes it much lighter than regular water. With high levels of salinity, then an object can float on it. This fact is the uniqueness of this dead sea lake.

9. Have a mud believed to treat skin diseases.

Since the number of minerals, Dead Sea mud efficacious for treating various skin diseases. Not only are the high salt content, but dead sea lake also has much mineral content, precisely in the mud lake. This fact is what the tourists used to treat various skin diseases.

Dead Sea mud on the lake contains several essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, iodine, chlorine, chloride, sulfur, sodium, bitumen, bromide and potassium. The mineral content is excellent, some of the benefits of trust: can repair the dead skin cells, remove dirt on the skin, blood circulation, helps maintain health, and in particular for women to beautify and soften the skin.

10. In 2017, the Dead Sea will be connected to the Red Sea.

In 2017, the Lake of the Dead Sea will be linked to the Red Sea, due to the depreciation of more than 10 meters. Dead sea surface lake water is estimated to have experienced shrinkage and drying out of the original 394 m in 1960 to 423 m below sea level in 2012 ago.

The extent also reduced to 637 square kilometers for the moment from which the previous 810 square kilometers. And this state of affairs leaves evidence around the lake, which formed large chasms in the ground known as the sinkhole.

The plan to overcome this problem, the Dead Sea will be connected with the Red Sea to supply water availability by building canals to connect the two places which are about 200 km. Thus the drought on the lake is the Dead Sea can be resolved.


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Beautiful Sunset At The Dead Sea, Jordan 10 Interesting Facts About The Dead Sea
Beautiful Sunset at The Dead Sea, Jordan

Interesting facts about the Dead Sea – There are the 10 interesting facts about the dead sea, and I hope you guys enjoyed our article and this article will be useful for you that plan a vacation to Jordan and especially plan a vacation to the Dead Sea. Thanks guys for visiting and reading our article.


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