15 Essential Beach Vacation Packing List

Here 15 Packing List for Your Beach Vacation

Essential beach vacation packing list – The beach is a favorite destination for vacation and release tired from daily activities, either with family or friends. When vacationing to the beach, there is 15 beach vacation packing list should you bring to the beach while on vacation with family or friends. So that your vacation will go smoothly and fun at the same time still looks cool!

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15 Essential Beach Vacation Packing List
15 essential beach vacation packing list.

15 Essential Beach Vacation Packing List

[dropcap size=big]H[/dropcap]ere are 15 extensive beach vacation packing list that you should bring when going on holiday to the beach, do not forget because these items are mandatory status if your vacation to the beach, either with family, couples, or friends.

1. Hats

The air on the beach is certainly more hot and sunny, so you need a hat to protect skin from direct sunlight. Also, the cap is also important to protect your hair that does not look red too. Enjoy the atmosphere and beauty of the beach will be more fun because you are not going to feel glare. We recommend wearing a cap that is designed specifically for the beach or beach hat.

We recommend wearing a cap that is designed specifically for the beach or beach hat. Also, this item is one of the most important checklists from 15 essential beach vacation packing list that you should bring when going and planning for vacation on beaches.

2. Sunglasses

Another item that should be entered into a beach vacation packing list or lists that you must you are sunglasses to complete the look while protecting eyes from the sun, dust, or sand.

Sunglasses serves to ward off the sun blinding eye as long as we do outdoor activities. After that, you will get the comfort to resume activity holidays.

Sunglasses for abeach holiday - 15 Essential Beach Vacation Packing List
Sunglasses for a beach holiday.


3. Sunblock or Sunscreen

Bring sunblock or sunscreen in your bag to be used before and while on the beach. The formula in the two products can protect the skin from ultraviolet rays of the evil that can make skin burns, peeling, or dried. Wear appropriate user needs and repeat if necessary.

Remember always to apply sunblock to the whole body, in particular on the face before doing outside activities when on the beach. Because of tourism activities on the beach with high intensity of the sun can cause skin will flake off after the holidays.

4. Swimwear and Sandal

Another necessary thing that must be taken is clothing or clothing for swimming. If you do not want to be complicated, just make shorts plus T-shirts only. However, try to bring a swimsuit that has an elastic material and not easily torn so convenient to use. Do not forget to bring sandals so much easier when you want to walk along the beach.

5. Snorkeling equipment

Vacation to the beach, then the tool must be taken if you like to explore the beauty of the beach you visit. Moreover, if the beach you visit has a beautiful coral reef. If you are not sure, there who leased around the coast. If a vacation to the beach, it would not hurt to bring this stuff.

Possibly, the beach you visited has underwater beauty who can not be found in other beaches. If you can not dive, you may be a little peek underwater scene with snorkeling. It is also one of the alternative activities you can do while on vacation to the beach.

Snorkeling equipment for a beach vacation - 15 Essential Beach Vacation Packing List
Snorkeling equipment for a beach vacation.


6. Towels and Rug

Most men rather forget to bring a towel when going to the beach. In fact, this necessary holiday equipment you take it for drying off after a swim. Towels can also be used as a base when you want to sunbathe on the beach! However, let me not complicated, take a small carpet as a cushion.

7. Dress for replacing

After exercising the water, of course, your clothes would be wet. So, be sure to provide clean and dry clothes in your bag. Bring a change of clothes that match the atmosphere of the beach, for example, shorts, shirts, or Hawaiian shirt. This item will be one of the valuable items from 15 essential beach vacation packing list in this article.

8. The camera and monopod

Everyone would want to capture the thrill of the holidays. Do not forget to bring a camera or monopod to take pictures with. If this one, probably not only mandatory for a vacation to the beach, but also for a holiday anywhere.

As to the beach, do not miss even a single moment of your precious moments with the people closest to you because there will be lots of objects and activities that can be done on the beach which must be preserved memories.

Best beach vacation camera, camera is an important things for beach vacation.
Best beach vacation camera, the camera is an important thing for the beach vacation.


9. Snacks

Instead of buying snacks at the stalls around the beach, you better bring your own. The advantage, you can make a lunch that is more diverse and personalized with a lower price!

10. Plastic bags and dry bag

Do not forget to bring a plastic bag as well dry bag. Its function is to place garbage, a place to store dirty clothes, saving gadgets you carry, and other emergency situations.

Remember, never litter when you are on the beach because it was not you who would like a vacation to the beach.

11. Mineral water

Of course, the weather was quite hot in coastal areas will make you often feel dry and mineral water is one of the necessary items you bring in goods innate.

Maybe there will be many sellers of the ice around the coast, but it is better to avoid drinks taste sweet because it will only add to thirst. Also, the mineral water is much better than any bottled water because it can replace fluids at max.

12. Book or ball

Vacation at the beach not only have to move the water. There are many things you can do on the beach. You can play beach ball while drying wet clothes after a swim at the beach, or sunbathe while reading a novel and enjoy the natural sound of the waves.

This item will be one of the largest of 15 essential beach vacation packing list when visiting the beaches.

Playing volleyball on the beach.


13. Shampoo and hair moisturizer (conditioner)

Remember, playing the water in the open with public facilities used by many people, will make your hair dirty, especially in coastal areas with plenty of water containing sand. Once satisfied playing the water, wash your hair with shampoo.

Do not forget to always keep the hair moisture to hair moisturizer or conditioner for the hot beach weather can quickly make your hair dry and broken.

14. Fabrics beach

Maybe this is not one of those things that must be taken, but could be used as an alternative substitute goods jacket. Activity in the open in coastal regions may be less comfortable if the outcome had to wear a jacket because the air is quite hot.

You can replace it with a cloth beach because the material is lightweight, thin and cool will not make us too hot. Also, the beach material can also be used for other purposes such as a mat to lie down, or wrapped around the body wet after playing water. Fabrics beach is very easy to dry and easy to clean.

Beach fabric - 15 Essential Beach Vacation Packing List
Beach fabric for easier holiday on beach.


15. Bag

Yep, bring a list of the items above in your bag of course. Bring a bag with a large enough size so that all the items you need can be taken. Also, the bag also serves to store the garbage while you have yet to find a trash can. Maintain cleanliness wherever you are.


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Important beach vacation checklist that you should bring.

There are recommendations beautiful beaches to visit? The article above describes 15 essential beach vacation packing list that you should bring when you are planning a holiday to the beach, save this page and check when you would pack clothes when going on vacation to the beach.

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