30 Interesting Facts about Germany

30 Fun and Interesting Facts about Germany

Interesting Facts about Germany – Interested in spending some time in Germany during for your vacation? Well, it’s a good idea for you to know about some facts about Germany as mentioned below. Those facts can be helpful for you to understand this country better and thus, you can enjoy your vacation more. So, here they are 30 interesting and fun facts about Germany.

  1. The Second Beer Consumer in the Europe – With the love of drinking beer, (to be honest, Germany is known as the Europe’s second beer consumer), it’s legal to drink anywhere you want. The laws regarding boozing are always loose. It’s even possible for teenagers to buy and drink alcohol freely by the age of 14! The first beer consumer in the EU is Ireland. What cool facts about Germany.
  2. College Education Is Free for Everyone! – Good news for you who want to go to Germany to college and studies in Germany. It’s among the facts about Germany that college education is free even for non-Germans. The government thinks that it’s entirely unjust to ask for tuitions from the students of higher education. So, do you have more urge to get a scholarship there and studies in Germany?

    Germany Student in Collage
    Germany Student in College – Credit: eng.ncfu.ru
  3. Prostitution Is Legal – Yep, similar to boozing, prostitution is legal according to German’s Law. What fun facts about Germany indeed! It’s been legalized since 2002. There are even some spots here and there where you can see sex-related things like drive-through sex boxes (such things do exist!)
  4. Nothing Opens on Sunday – This Germany fact is slightly troublesome for the travelers. Except for the church, a lot of places are closed on Sunday including shops. Therefore, it’s highly recommended for you to prepare everything for your traveling before Sunday comes and it’s a good thing to do your traveling around Germany any day but Sunday.
  5. Never Say “Happy Birthday” in Advance – This may sound strange, but it’s true among Germany facts. Many people in Germany consider such action as a bad one because it’s going to bring bad luck. Germans don’t like to feel sure for something which is still uncertain. Thus, they avoid saying “Happy Birthday” before the day comes because it’s possible for the person having the birthday never to reach that day.
  6. “Thanks” Means “No, Thanks” – I know it’s quite confusing, but it’s definitely among the facts about Germany. If you are offered something, let’s say drink, by a German, and you say “Danke” which means “Thanks.” That German will think you politely reject the offer. If you want to accept the offer, you should say “Bitte” which means “Please” and you’ll get it.
  7. It’s not recommended to open the windows – Another unique fact about Germany is how the people there think that opening the windows will improve the chance to let the illness in the house. That’s why they don’t like it. However, this kind of belief starts to fade away lately.
  8. Know when Oktoberfest begins – German is the official for the Oktoberfest and Oktoberfest is recognized as one of the greatest folk festivals in the world. But, by considering the name, it’s almost always misleading. Many people come to Germany to enjoy such celebration when October happens, and they find out that the festival is over or is going to be over soon. The festival starts 16 days before the first Sunday in October, and it usually finishes on October 2nd or 3rd.
  9. Germany has the world’s second most punctual airport – It’s located in Munich. And according to OAG report, Munich Airport is just under Tokyo Haneda Airport when it comes to the top or large airport regarding punctuality. So, make sure you never go to the Airport at the last minute, or you may miss your flight.
  10. Don’t ever run out of gas at Germany Autobahn – As the part of interesting facts about Germany, although it’s not forbidden, stopping your car on the highway due to running out of gas is not okay. You can only stop your car on the road in the case of emergency. Running out of gas may get you fined by the police and your license may get suspended. What fun facts about Germany, right?
  11. The German capital, Berlin has more bridges than Venice, Italy – Berlin has many bridges and even more than the number of bridges in Venice, Italy. At least, Berlin has about 960 bridges.
  12. Angela Merkel has a Barbie doll – What’s interesting about all the facts is that Angela Merkel who served as chancellor of Germany turned out to have a Barbie doll that he collected. This German fact is interesting, right?

    Angela Markel
    Angela Markel – Credit: studybreaks.com
  13. The fall of the Berlin Wall – It has an interesting history of the country. Do you remember the Berlin Wall? The wall that separates East Germany from West Germany, or the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic. This distinction arose as a result of World War II. In 1989, the Berlin Wall was demolished.
  14. Very much in love with art – Germany highly appreciates the culture of creativity with high appreciation. In Germany, there are 300 fixed theater, 130 international orchestras with international standard, and 630 fine arts museum also stand in Germany. Judging from the number of art venues in Germany, the German population is very appreciative of their own culture and deeply in love with German art and culture.
  15. Fanta came from Germany as a result of World War II – In the past, when World War II occurred, the German people could not get Coca-Cola, they could only find the lid and named it Fanta. Therefore, Fanta is an original product originating from Germany and is the result of events that occurred during World War II. This fact is one of the cool Germany facts.
  16. Has a unique language – If we notice, Germany has a unique language, namely German Language. And the language and vocabulary that is in the German Language are very different when compared with other European languages. And German Language is the third most important languages in the world.
  17. Berlin is the city with the largest population – Berlin is the capital of Germany, the most populous city with a community of 3.4 million. Following Berlin, Hamburg has a community of 1.74 million, and Munich reached 1.26 million.

    Berlin Population
    Berlin Population – Credit: cherylhoward.com
  18. Munich have the most parks in Germany – Germany has a lot of city parks to walk around and experience the fresh air in the morning or afternoon. Munich is the city with the most parks. The number of the park reached 60 parks in various corners of Munich.
  19. Albert Einstein is from Germany – Albert Einstein, a renowned scientist and influential on the science that we learn and apply now comes from Germany. Einstein was born in Ulm.
  20. Jelly Donut – One of the American Presidents had spoken wrong in German. When JF. Kennedy visited Berlin, he poorly said ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ which means ‘I’m a jelly donut.’ Berliner which also translates ‘I’m a jelly doughnut’ in the German Language.
  21. Adidas is from Germany – Brand Adidas was founded by the Germans, precisely Bavaria. The founder of Adidas is Adolf Adi Dassler.

    Adidas Brand
    Adidas Brand – Credit: reviewjournal.com
  22. Paris is smaller than Berlin – Did you know? That the city of Berlin is nine times wider than the city of Paris. Berlin has an area of about 891.8 km², and Paris has an area of approximately 105.4 km ². What an interesting fact about Germany.
  23. German is very popular in Europe – German is the official language of 5 countries, namely Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxemburg, and Liechtenstein. German is also used in Northern Italy and the provinces of Alsace and Lorraine in France.
  24. There are many castles in Germany – The castle, which is a palace with a classical building like the one in a fairy tale, is still widely found in Germany. The average of the buildings became historical sites, museums and some are always being used correctly. About 150 castles you can meet in Germany.
  25. Germany has many branches of world-renowned companies – More than 500 of the 45,000 foreign and major companies in the world have offices in Germany. This is because Germany has a robust economic stability, so it is considered promising for foreign capital investment. 
  26. Nine Neighboring Countries – Germany is surrounded by nine neighboring countries, namely Austria, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Poland.
  27. The country with the largest population in Europe – Germany is the most populous country in Europe, reaching 82 million people. To make Germany as a country with the largest population in Europe.
  28. Producer of the most types of bread – Germany has many kinds of bread, which is the main ingredient of the population. There are approximately 300 kinds of bread in Germany.
  29. Smoking in public is prohibited in Germany – If you smoke, do not ever smoke in public in Germany because smoking in society is one of the things that is not permitted in Germany. Meanwhile, drinking beer in public is legal, as the fact of Germany at number #1. That’s one of the Germany fun facts.

    Don't Smoking in Public Places in Germany
    Don’t Smoke in Public Places in Germany – Credit: scmp.com
  30. Müller is a popular name in Germany – Of the many names that exist in Germany, the most famous name in Germany is Müller. And it’s an interesting fact about Germany if you’re a football fan because there are a lot of German footballers who have the Müller name. This Müller is one of the interesting facts about Germany.

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