6 Important Eating Rules in Japan

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Important Eating Rules in Japan

Important Eating Rules in Japan – How many kinds of places to eat in Japan? There are several types of eating places that you should try when you visit in Japan.

Before we discuss the eating rules in Japan, we should know some food places in Japan. Here are the types of places to eat in Japan.

Important Eating Rules In Japan

Type of eating places in Japan

Café. The cafes in Japan have always had a unique idea to attract the attention of visitors. When visiting Tokyo, then we will see many cafes that have an assortment of themes. There is a club that hosts themed serving his guests like a queen or king. The waiters wear uniforms maid or butler with a handsome face and sweet.

There is also a cafe-themed haunted house, as to make us discouraged to stop by the cafe toilet. Then there is the cat-themed cafe, and we will find knickknacks cat, cat ornaments, even cats that roam inside the cafe.

Fast food restaurants. No different to other countries, some fast food restaurants could recognize here. Several fast food restaurants add some other menus on their food list, one of which dishes containing pork.

In fast food restaurants in Japan or usually there is also Family Restaurant (Family Restaurant), we can mark the seating we wanted to occupy in advance by placing some stuff on the bench. Indeed, so far no cases of missing items, but it never hurts to be careful.

The thing that made the difference with Japan, we should throw out the garbage themselves and put the dirty dishes and glasses into the space provided.

Cake Shop. We must try cakes and pastries in Japan! We recommend again; it should be! Is a little bit exaggerated, but it does not hurt to try a variety of delicious cakes and cake in several pastry shops in Japan. The sweetness of soft, thick cream, but with a mild flavor, flavor variety.

The form is an exciting and diverse tongue will tempt us to stop at one of the stores and try it out. We could eat on the spot or wrap or take home. Typically, water or green tea are provided for free if you eat at the venue.

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6 Important Eating Rules In Japan For Content

6 Important Eating Rules in Japan

For those of us that are often associated with things Japanese, certainly not strange and already know the habits of the Japanese people while eating. Usually, at the beginning want to eat Japanese people will say “Itadakimasu” which means “I eat“, this phrase usually uttered when food was made by someone to us, or when we are treated to eat by someone.

If paying on their own, the term is rarely used. Similarly, when finished eating, usually Japanese people will say “Gochisousama despite” which means “Thank you for the food” The term is also used when we are treated to by others.

There is some ordinances meal that must be considered when eaten in Japan or at dinner with the Japanese, are:

1. The rule when eating soup between men and women. Allowed for men to sip soup, noodles or other thin foods until you hear a “slurp” when eating.

This means the person supposed to enjoy the food and the food was delicious. While women still eating soup quietly without sounds.

2. Do not take food from chopstick to chopstick. When using chopsticks when I want to make the food provided by others do not take them directly from the chopsticks with chopsticks.

Why? For the Japanese take a meal of chopsticks with chopsticks more like taking a bone when collecting bones corpse after cremation. It certainly should not be done while eating.

3. Do not put the chopsticks in a state stuck on food vertically. Prohibited putting chopsticks stuck with a position on the food in the bowl vertically. It is also concerned with death because the position of chopsticks stuck vertically in foods such as making offerings (hio trapped in ash in the bowl) for a deceased person.

4. Place the chopsticks in place. If in a restaurant or at home provided a place to put down the chopsticks, put chopsticks in place when not in use, do not place elsewhere.

Place The Chopsticks In Place Important Eating Rules In Japan
Place the chopsticks in place

5. The rules when eating regularly. Usually, Japanese people do not eat by mixing a side dish with rice. Usually, they eat one by one, either in advance or side dishes of rice in advance, usually indirectly in unison.

6. The rules when drinking in Japan. The Japanese are famous for the pleasure of enjoying beverages such as tea, sake or other typical drinks together. While enjoying a drink, usually other people who will be poured into our glasses, and so did we have to do on their glasses. When toasting, often Japanese people will shout “Kampai!”.


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Important eating rules in Japan – There are the article that tells the important eating rules in Japan. You must know this rules before travel to Japan. I hope this article will useful for you that plan for vacation to Japan.


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