African Penguins Going Extinct? Here The Reason

African PenguinsDo penguins live in Africa? Of course and What penguins live in Africa? Spheniscus demersus ( the scientific name for African penguin) or known as the Jackass Penguin and Black-Footed Penguin.

Don’t imagine there are penguins in the tropical forests of Africa, especially in the Sahara Desert because it is highly improbable. We shift to the south, precisely at Boulders Beach, South Africa. Perhaps many of us who do not know that South Africa is also the headquarters of some 21,000 penguins, with a kind of African penguin.

This number significantly reduced when compared with the total of African Penguin in 2000, that reached 200.000 penguins. In other words, within a period of about 10 years, the total population of penguins in Africa which lasts only about 10.5%.

Not surprisingly, these animals get into the list of endangered animals on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Researchers also estimate the animal will cease to exist 15 years from now.

What Will African Penguin Be Like In 10 Years?
African Penguins or Jackass Penguin


South African Penguins

The South African government conduct mediations with organizations rescuer of animals that the number of African Penguins or Jackass Penguin could improve, such as monitoring the number of population on a regular basis, do captive breeding and release the children when grown, make artificial nests, as well as officers, mobilized maritime security in a no-fishing fish too.

What Will African Penguin Be Like In 10 Years?


What Will African Penguins Be Like In 10 Years?

The Answer – What Will African Penguin Be Like In 10 Years? The answer is this animal going Extinct. Why? Read below.

The Reason Why African Penguins will Extinct

The reason, among others, many people who hunt penguin eggs to be eaten as a delicacy or sold as collectibles. Also, global climate change and commercialization of fisheries catch fish in the sea near the habitat of African penguins spend their food.

So that makes these animals starve to death. It also forces them to swim further to hunt fish and increase the chances of predators to eat them.

Intake of Guano from their habitats also makes them lose the nest. This is a component of the cage where they put the eggs. Because fertile, guano was taken by many humans to use as fertilizer. Penguin is also susceptible to oil spills at sea pollution.

In 2000, the MV Treasure tanker iron ore carrier sank near the African penguins habitat. This ship spill about thousands of tons of oil and led to 19,000-an adult penguin smeared with oil. Well, take advantage of the opportunity to see African penguins live, Penguin there while helping against their extinction.


African Penguins Habitat

Any other kind of penguin also felt the threat of extinction as the natural African penguin. As well, different types and regions, different characteristics. African penguins have a habit of love to jump into the sea.

Also, they sound like a donkey, so loud and noisy, their body has a unique form of color-segmented body parts.

In Fact, they have a thick black line on the edge of the belly and black spots on the abdomen. Also, the lines and dark spots vary every individual, like fingerprints in humans. This Animal has a black beak with a small vertical white line.


Boulders Beach Location

Boulders Beach locates in the Cape Peninsula, near Cape Town, the capital of the Republic of South Africa. The number of penguins here reached 3,000 tails. In addition to the African penguins habitat, Boulders Beach is also open to beach recreation areas.

So that we can also sunbathe, swim, and surf here. If you want to here, you can use a hire car and go as far as 40 kilometers to the south.

African Penguins
African Penguins

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