5 Amazing Buildings Architecture in Beijing

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Amazing Buildings Architecture in Beijing

Amazing buildings architecture in Beijing – As we know that Beijing is rich with historic buildings, even the building is included in the category of the seven wonders of the world. Yes, this building is the Great Wall of China is the longest building that humans ever created.

This wall has been well-known throughout the entire world. This wall has a height of approximately 21,196,18 meters. In addition to the Great Wall of China, Beijing also has five unique and stunning buildings.

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5 Amazing Buildings Architecture in Beijing

Beijing buildings architecture – What building that we should visit when on holiday to China? Curious, the following information will be given to you.

1. Beijing National Stadium (Giant Bird’s Nest)

Beijing National Stadium 5 Amazing Buildings Architecture In Beijing
Beijing National Stadium

Beijing National Stadium, also known as the National Stadium, or “Bird’s Nest” based on the architecture of the building. This building is a stadium that was built specifically to welcome the Olympics in the green zone of the Olympic Games, the Republic of China and was opened in March 2008. The stadium had to be a place in the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

In addition to the unique shape, which is most necessary for a stadium is a field. Field stadium is made by considering aspects of beauty as well as taking into account the quality of the soil and the grass. Local communities also utilize the stadium area for various activities, such as exercising and walking around.


2. CCTV Headquarters, as Modern Icon in Beijing

CCTV Headquarters 5 Amazing Buildings Architecture In Beijing
CCTV Headquarters

Headquarters of China Central Television or CCTV Headquarters is a skyscraper with 44 floors in the Central Business District of Beijing and into the headquarters of China Central Television. The building area reached 4 square kilometers, with a complicated design of the room, but looks grand and elegant.

This building stands beam-shaped, with the center are removed, but the upper part is connected so that the building looks like two buildings, the roofs are concatenated. Because this building is a very tall so this building can be seen from a radius of 1 kilometer.


3. Tiantan Temple (Temple of Heaven)

Tiantan Temple 5 Amazing Buildings Architecture In Beijing
Tiantan Temple


Temple of Heaven, literally the Altar of Heaven can be said, Tiantan, Abkai Mukden or the Temple of Heaven, is a complex of religious buildings situated in the southeastern part of downtown Beijing.

The complex is used by the emperor of the Ming and Qing dynasties for annual ceremonies of prayer to Heaven for good harvest. Built in the 15th century, and were made on an area of 2,700 square kilometers.

Architectural building symbolizes the earth and sky connection between humans and his God. According to Chinese mythology, it is associated with the emperor as a child of the heavens in their beliefs.

Tiantan Temple is one of the world heritage site, where the park is called the Temple of Heaven or the Temple of Heaven because it is a place to pray to the god of the sky by the Chinese community.


4. National Grand Theatre, a giant egg building in Beijing

National Grand Theatre 5 Amazing Buildings Architecture In Beijing
National Grand Theatre

National Grand Theater stands on an area of 26 hectares, was built since 2001, and in July 2007 has been completed successfully. Designed by an artist as well as a technocrat and scientist, Paul Andreu.

The building is covered with redwood of Brazil, and the ceiling of the bark imported from Africa, the best local granite, the interior of the opera house walls are lined with the finest silk fabrics that are flame resistant.

This building features artwork by details of 30% import and 70% local, and not just as a place to show art performances Opera, but also as a study center.


5. Water Cube, the spectacular giant water bubbles

Water Cube in Beijing China
Water Cube

Beijing National Aquatics Center, also known as the Water Cube, is an Aquatics center that was built alongside Beijing National Stadium for the 2008 Beijing Olympics with a capacity of 17,000 people.

Water Cube is a water sports activity center in Beijing as well as one of the unique building set up by the government, as an attraction for tourists who vacation in Beijing. Ordinary people have called the “Water Cube”.

Built on a land area of 65,000 m2 by PWE Australian architectural firm, with the design of CSCEC, and construction company based in London, Arup. Beijing National Aquatics Center is modeled on a blue water cube. Not far from here there is the Beijing National Stadium which resembles a giant bird charcoal.


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Amazing buildings architecture in Beijing – While you’re in Beijing, also visit Xindongan Market and Silk Market there are also typical Chinese souvenirs. If you feel tired, can enjoy the convenient service of hotels around Beijing.

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