Top 7 Anti-Mainstream Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Anti-Mainstream Tourist Attractions in Singapore – Singapore becomes one of the favorite destination for people who love to travel when the holiday season for a vacation.

Singapore has many interesting tourist sites to visit. But, bored too if you had to go to the same place for those who are already going to Singapore.

Even if you have never been to Singapore before, I think we already know the Universal Studio Singapore or Orchard Road because of the many friends who have been there to take pictures and upload them to social media.

Singapore is one of the smallest countries in Southeast Asia and in the world. But, a lot of places that we can visit when traveling to the lion country. For this time, I will discuss some of the anti-mainstream tourist attractions in Singapore to visit.

Why? Because I think Singapore is suitable to serve as relieving fatigue and your everyday problems. Also, Singapore is one of the best destinations in Asia.

Top 7 Anti-Mainstream Tourist Attractions in Singapore
Top 7 anti-mainstream tourist attractions in Singapore

As the anti-mainstream people, you can try to visit the anti-mainstream tourist attractions in Singapore when traveling later. Hopefully, this article helps you to discover new interesting places in Singapore. Happy reading and be a smart reader.


1. Henderson Wave Bridge

Henderson Wave Bridge - Top 7 Anti-Mainstream Tourist Attractions in Singapore
Henderson Wave Bridge – source:

As the name implies, Henderson Wave Bridge has an architectural design in the form of waves that resemble the waves. The material is made of wood and steel, make this bridge looks fascinating and amazing. Inaugurated in 2008, Henderson Wave Bridge is located on Henderson Road.

If you are interested in visiting, you’d better come at night because the most beautiful scenery is guaranteed. Furthermore, you do not have to pay a dime to enjoy the view of Singapore from Henderson Wave Bridge.


2. Tiong Bahru

Tiong Bahru Plaza - Top 7 Anti-Mainstream Tourist Attractions in Singapore
Tiong Bahru Plaza

This tourist attraction is the nicest area for the traveler who likes places that anti-mainstream. Across the Tiong Bahru, you’ll find a lot of cool places to visit. One of them is the ‘Books Actually’, an indie bookstore that sells many literature and cute trinkets.

If you already tired of walking around, you can rest in the ‘Tiong Bahru Bakery’. The cafe is famous for their croissants. Do not let you’re not tasting Kouign Amann’s menu, layered pastry containing butter and caramel. This place can be one of anti-mainstream tourist attractions in Singapore that must write on your list.

3. Wheeler’s Yard

Wheelar's Yard - Top 7 Anti-Mainstream Tourist Attractions in Singapore
Wheeler’s Yard

There is nothing more than a mix of vintage warehouse, café with a unique interior, and handmade bicycles in one room. This thing is what will you find when visiting Wheeler’s Yard. Initially, Wheeler’s Yard is a warehouse, then transformed into a cafe and shop fixed gear bikes.

While admiring the works of the bike, you might as well enjoy coffee that you order. Wheeler’s Yard also sells accessories for bicycles. Do not be surprised if you find mini bikes were put on the table cafe.


4. The Projector

The Projector - Top 7 Anti-Mainstream Tourist Attractions in Singapore
The Projector

If you belong to the traveler who has the old soul, try to stop by The Projector is currently in Singapore later. The Projector is a cinema with a pretty retro design. Films that played was not the usual you encountered in a conventional movie, but the film festival, and old.

Chair models also tend to be old school; retro reinforces the impression that carried. But, to be able to watch movies on the projector, you must come quickly because there is no numbering system on the seats in the theater.


5. Museum of Toys

Museum of Toys - Top 7 Anti-Mainstream Tourist Attractions in Singapore
Museum of Toys – source:

Let remembering our childhood with a visit to Museum of Toys or Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia With Toys (MINT) at 26 Seah Street. It is not too far from the Bugis area. In MINT, you will meet with a variety of games collection.

Approximately there are about 50,000 kinds of traditional toys coming from forty countries, as well as international children’s characters such as Mickey Mouse, Teddy Bear, or Ultraman. You only need to pay $15 just to go there.


6. Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa - Top 7 Anti-Mainstream Tourist Attractions in Singapore
Haw Par Villa – source:

Have never heard of these places? Haw Par Villa is not too well known, so it fits with the goal of anti-mainstream guys. Haw Par Villa is a Chinese cultural tour in Singapore. The appeal of Haw Par Villa is at 150 dioramas that tell the story of the Chinese people.

There is also 1000 typical Chinese sculpture that you can meet. So, while on vacation, you might as well learn Chinese culture. For admission to Haw Par Villa, you do not charge a penny! It’s free!

7. Haji Lane

Haji Lane - Top 7 Anti-Mainstream Tourist Attractions in Singapore
Haji Lane – source:

Among the magnificent beauty of the buildings and shopping centers in Singapore turned out to be tucked into a different corridor, namely Haji Lane.

This hall is in the Kampong Glam area not far from the area of Arab Street where the region is quite very famous with many cafes nuanced the Middle East. If you have visited this unique corridor, you can follow it by walking about 10 minutes from Bugis MRT station, heading towards Raffles Hospital and Kampong Glam.

Region Haji Lane is the coolest visited during the afternoon, and for those of you who like the photos, the place is very suitable for building highly Instagram-able. Be sure to have your camera!

Final Words

Anti-Mainstream Attractions in Singapore – It looks pretty exciting, is not it? Because it is a place that anti-mainstream, most likely will not be a too thick atmosphere. You can move freely roam these areas. Do not forget to prepare a budget that is sufficient for traveling activity you can run smoothly.

Hope this article helps you to find new destinations and anti-mainstream tourist attractions in Singapore, to make you not bored with the Lion Country. Have some suggestions, take benefits of the comment box below. (Traveling Portals)


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