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Whitehaven Beach Australia (Whitsunday Island)


Whitehaven Beach Australia – Whitehaven Beach is a beach lying on the Whitsunday Island, Australia with an area of about 7 KM. Whitsunday Island is accessible by boat towards Airlie Beach and Shute Harbour with a trip from the port. This place is 3607 KM distance from Perth City.

There is an event with the name of Whitehaven Beach Ocean which is open swimming competition held at the beach. This event is usually opened in November, has been running from 2009 as an annual event from Hamilton Island Triathlon. This place is also contained in beautiful Great Barrier Reef.


Whitehaven Beach Australia

Whitehaven Beach Australia
Whitehaven Beach Australia

Whitehaven Beach is known for its white sand is gorgeous. The sand is composed of 98% pure silica with a bright white color. The incredible view was outstanding we can from this beach. The stranger’s thing is this beach not as hot as other beaches, and the sand was very nice so we could walk there barefoot.


Thing to Do Near Whitehaven Beach Australia

Many things we can do in Whitehaven Beach, here are some things you can do.

1. Enjoy the Beautiful Whitehaven Sea View

To get a beautiful view of Whitehaven Beach, you have to go to Tungoe Point, Whitsunday Island. If you been to sea in a state of the low tide and you will be able to see the beautiful fusion of colors in the surrounding maritime area. This experience you can get on Whitehaven Beach Australia.

2. Relax on the Hamilton Island Beach

Probably 9 out of 10 people will spend a time to relax when we traveled to the beach. Whitehaven Beach is the right place if we want to enjoy the beautiful beaches. Besides relaxing you can also swim in the warm water while enjoying a beautiful sea view.

3. Visit the Turtles and Other Marine life.

The Shallows of White Haven Beach became a popular spot because it is frequent to many species of sea turtles and other sea creatures, including Dolphins.

4. Visiting Inlet Hill

If you took a boat trip and got Tongue Beach so they went for a while to the Inlet Hill and you will arrive at the Inlet Hill and get a view from the top of the hill with a great view of Whitehaven Beach Australia.

5. Special Events in Whitehaven Beach Australia

The annual event often held here, such as Whitehaven Beach Whitsunday Island run in June every year and Whitehaven Beach Ocean Swin in November each year. You can follow this event and test your physical fitness, haha.


Did you know about Whitehaven Beach Facts?

  • Silica Sands

Sand of Whitehaven contains a lot of silica, which means it does not absorb heat. So you can run all day and do not use footwear.

  • The Sands can Damage Your Phone

Sand of Whitehaven is very smooth, so if you bring electronic equipment such as mobile phones if it damages the phone goes into it.

  • Pure Beach

Whitehaven sand is very pure that can cause squeal when we walk on it.

  • Beaches that Don’t have Rocks

Stone is a rare thing there, hardly found in the sand of Whitehaven Beach.

  • Sand Can Clean Jewelry

Silica sand can clean your jewelry.

  • Photogenic Spot

Whitehaven Beach became a favorite spot to take pictures, because of its natural beauty.


Whitehaven Beach Australia Awards

Keep Australia Beautiful

In 2008, this beach received an award from the Keep Australia Beautiful with Clean Beach Challenge State Award event for the cleanest beach in Queensland.

Furthermore, in July 2010, Whitehaven Beach was awarded again in the category Eco-Friendly by CNN.


  • Best Beach in Australia – 2016 Travelers Choice Awards.
  • Best Beach in South Pacific – 2016 Travelers Choice Awards.
  • Best Beach in the South Pacific – 2015 Travelers Choice Awards.

Whitehaven Beach Special Rules

Interestingly, at the beach, two special rules must be obeyed by visitors:

  • Not allowed to smoke in the beach area.
  • Dogs are not authorized to roam.

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The Great Barrier Reef Australia

Great Barrier Reef

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The Hidden Treasure of Amazing Maldives Island

(Gallery) The Hidden Truth on Amazing Maldives

Amazing Maldives Island

Amazing Maldives Island – Republic of the Maldives is an archipelagic ruler commonwealth positioned in the Asiatic Ocean. Notably, the Southeastward Dweller Island dry has no counterpart in the total experience in an area of its single geographics and topography.

Maldives Island cover author than 99 % of the sea and fewer than 1% of the shore. The 99% of the sea is placed to one of the most different serviceman treasures of the humankind. Little than 1 % of the get is a work in process gardening.

The Hidden Truth on Amazing Maldives

The Island comprises of 26 undyed atolls consisting of treble island chains. Accidentally the Asian language has the burning feeling of contributory to the English statement “Atoll“, which was plagiarism from the Maldivan language “Cthulhu“.

Maldives Island Location

There are channels of different sizes between the atolls old for employment. For competent administrative functional, the 26 earthy atolls are categorizing into 20 administrative divisions.

Peculiarly the island commonwealth is located in a strategic extent with reach to prime planetary sea routes in the Amerindic OceanMaldives Island is a popular and famous island in the world; you can visit this island for any purposes.

Celebrate honeymoon moments, holiday with your family and so on. So read our latest articles about Maldives Island and I hope our articles will be useful and helpful for you that want to find any reference for Maldives. (Traveling Portals)

Maldives Island Pictures Gallery

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