The Expert Underwater Photography Tips for Beginner

Underwater Photography Tips – The rise of the action camera makes people more creative now. Not just merely scenery photography, nature photography, or anything that is in the land photography, they decided to try something new with taking the pictures of water depth or the term underwater photography.

The method of shooting on this one is unique because it produces images with the feel different. Underwater Photography is essentially the same, but there are some significant differences regarding technique and execution.

For example about the lighting, to adjust the position of the object. Unlike on the ground, when we take pictures in the water many things must be ours considering.


Underwater Photography Tips

Important Underwater Photography Tips

Important Underwater Photography Tips

Underwater Photography Guide – If we say, taking pictures in the water, it is not easy. However, it is to produce good pictures and unique; then we also have to have ‘something’. Well, coincidentally Traveling Portals will give some tips and tricks to get underwater pictures were beautiful and unusual. Check out the full review below.

Choosing the safe places

The important thing about shooting in the water, of course, is their environment. Try to choose the most secure. For example, if the sea does, select a place that is not too much sharp coral or sea urchins.

Aggressive fish also must be considered and consider to be shunned. Find a place that made us comfortable while also pay attention to the beauty.

Prepare sufficient lighting

Light is an important part of the process of taking pictures underwater. Because, down there, the incoming underwater photography lighting will not be as vibrant as on the ground. So, the best advice is to choose the day and in a place exposed to the sun.

If the sun is not so helpful, it is not a problem to use additional lighting. No need to buy, we can rent anyway. Also, we can also take advantage of the features on the camera flash.

Use this underwater photography lighting as your powerful tips to make some good underwater photos, and it’s important tips to do and practice.

Stay at sea level

Best underwater photos are always spotting near the surface. The reason is, there we will get a lot of support so as to make the results of the picture’s brilliant. Sun, water reflections, water ripple effect, things like this will help us create a unique photo. Remains on the surface also allow us to obtain the image split.

Try acrobatic styles

Photography in the water has many styles to preserve. But, it’s good you’re trying to take pictures of acrobatics. Water is a perfect medium to allow us style as we like. Head on down, hovering, everything can be done.

To be able to get a photo of this one, then the person must be willing, not in-frame for taking pictures. We might also use selfie stick even though the result may be less focused.

Take advantage of the property

Photos in the water are not always monotonous. We can do a variety of tricks to obtain good results. One of them is the support of the property. The trick, of course, is easy, just take what you think is okay for a picture in the water. At some sights, this kind is already providing, and we stay put.

Watch the angle

Next tips to get best underwater photography photos need to shoot from the ground or straight ahead. The goal is to get a good backlighting. Photographing from above it is legitimate to do, but the result is guaranteed not too good.

With the right angle, we will get a picture that is okay too. This is one of important underwater photography tips that you need to remember, you need to find the best angle for your picture.

Lastly, tips, exercise as often as probably

Of course, only once noticed tips will not make us experts in something. That is why we must often practice for it. Remember all records about photographing in water and immediately apply. Can also be planned in advance so that the results are as expected. Always remember it, practice makes perfect.

How to take underwater photos? – In addition to those already described above, there is another that is also powerful tips to get excellent underwater images. Yes, always believed in instinct, it also determines the quality.

But, the kind that can not be learned, but because of the influence of flying hours. That is why, more often photographed, usually, instinct and the ability will be formed by itself.

This article is all about useful & important underwater photography tips, all you wanna to do is practice a lot as you can when you in underwater position.

And don’t forget to hold your breath. Thanks for coming and reading our important underwater photography tips article, hope you like it.

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