Top 5 of the Best Ecuador Travel Destinations

Best Ecuador Travel Destinations – Where is Ecuador? Ecuador is a small country located in the area of South America and located at the earth’s equator. This country is taking the Spanish language as their primary language.

Ecuador has the meaning as the ‘equatorial’ in Spanish. This country has a lot of beautiful places, and a must visit before you die. Ecuador is divided into four areas, namely: Jungle, Andes, Coast and the Galapagos.

Tourism in Ecuador is one of the best tourism sectors in America continent, this country has many best places to visit and tourist attractions that worth to visit on your holiday. These Ecuador destinations have more natural than other destinations in this continent.


Top Attractions in Ecuador Destinations

Ecuador attractions – This article will help you look for a good place when you are in Ecuador to celebrate your holiday. Keep reading, and we hope this article helps you to find Ecuador travel information that related with a trip to Ecuador vacation.


1. Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands - Top 5 Best Ecuador Travel Destinations
Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands are one of the world heritage listed as species that are rare and will not encounter in other places. The island is an island that has a magical value, being one of the places that you should visit Ecuador travel.

Galapagos Islands Animals
Finch Bird - Top 5 Best Ecuador Travel Destinations
Finch Bird

Finch is an endangered species and only on this island, this bird is the basis of the theory of evolution made by Charles Darwin. The island is a national park that is very clean and is not allowed to litter.

Galapagos Islands Vacation

To explore the entire island you can use the land and sea transportation. Galapagos consists of many islands, one of the islands can be a place of visit is Isabela (Largest Galapagos Island), San Cristobal (Airport & Military Base) and Santa Cruz (Main Island).

Many things you can do in these islands like kayaking, hiking, diving, volunteering, biking, snorkeling, fishing, and surfing.


2. Baños

Banos City - Top 5 Best Ecuador Travel Destinations
Banos City

La Casa Del Arbol is a magical place that has the swing from the end of the world and is well known throughout the world. This place is in Baños, Ecuador which became one of the favorite locations in the country.

When you climb this swing, you will certainly see the gorgeous active Ecuador volcano, Tungurahua. This place is one of the best places to visit in Ecuador Travel.

Suggested time for travel in Baños is the morning because morning time is allowing you to see many unique experiences in Baños and probably will not find anywhere else. As candies were delicious, tasty and, typical Baños is Melcocha.

Banos City - Top 5 Best Ecuador Travel Destinations
One of Best Banos Waterfalls

The place that you should visit in Baños is the Church of the Virgin of the Holy Water and Waterfall. Baños has three best waterfalls landscape that is Cascada de La Virgen, Manto de la Novia, and Pailon de Diablo. Make sure you visit the places mentioned above so that you do not regret’ve been to this country.

Many Thing to do in Baños you can also enjoy such as massage, ayurvedic treatments, hiking, biking, rafting, dirt bikes, jungle tours, bungee jumping, La Casa del Arbol, Chiva, rappelling, canopying, paradigling, and much more thing to do in Baños.



3. Cotopaxi

In 2015, the volcano erupted in Cotopaxi. Now volcanoes travel was opened again to the public. Volcanoes in Cotopaxi is one of the largest active volcanoes in the world. Do not miss the exciting experience in Cotopaxi to witness and explore active Ecuador volcanoes.

Cotopaxi Volcano - Top 5 Best Ecuador Travel Destinations
Cotopaxi Volcano

The volcano is located in a national park, and you can walk to volcano heading to the first shelter. The proper time to get there is early days and to estimate until just before sunrise. Because you can witness an exciting experience to see all the volcanoes without covered by clouds and snowstorms.

Required things that must prepare: When traveling there clothing that is required to use is scarves, gloves, beanie, waterproof boots, waterproof jacket and sunscreen to protect your skin. The clothes you must wear despite being around the volcano.

To get there, you can take a bus or ask for help the Ecuador travel agency and choose one of Equador travel packages to help you enjoy the beauty of this Ecuador volcano.


4. Laguna Quilotoa

One more place that attracts in Ecuador is Laguna Quilotoa. This place is the natural place that gives you interesting and amazing scenery. You may visit this Ecuador tourist attraction because this place is worth to visit and will fulfill your travel to Ecuador with their best attractions.

Laguna Quilotoa formed due to volcanic eruptions, and now the place is flooded if you see this place looks like a blue lake.

Quilotoa Lagoon - Top 5 Best Ecuador Travel Destinations
Quilotoa Lagoon

Laguna is a circle that allows you to walk around the entire lagoon. You can also walk into the area to the water in the lake; the most stunning is the color of the water that is in this crater. If the skies are clear and, you will find the beauty that you will not regret.

The clothes should you wear to get there is by supplies such as warm clothes, hiking boots, beanie, gloves, and scarves. And it is recommended to use sunscreen for more protection for your skin.


5. Otavalo Market

Otovalo Market - Top 5 Best Ecuador Travel Destinations
Otavalo Market

It is not complete doing holiday to Ecuador without getting into the shopping area and shop for unique local specialty which we visit for the Ecuador vacation. Well, in Ecuador there is a market with the name of Otavalo.

This market is selling all sorts of souvenirs traditional Ecuadorian State. Various items you can take home for gifts to your family and the people you love.

Otovalo Market - Top 5 Best Ecuador Travel Destinations
Ecuador Typical Souvenir

To get to this area, you can ride the bus when you are riding the bus; you should tell the driver that your destination is the Otavalo Market.

Best Ecuador travel destinations final word

It was 5 points of interest in Ecuador destinations, I hope this article helps you find the best place to spend vacation time in Ecuador.

Also, you can find the best Ecuador travel guide and Equador travel agency, if you want travel information and guide you to the places above.

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