Top Best Floating Hotel in Venice, Italy

Best Floating Hotel Venice – Venice is not a city like any other town in the world. Because the city is not like the usual continental, but a combination of 117 small islands.

Island is separating by canals and connected by bridges. If observed, this city looks like a city that floats on the ocean. This town is one of the best destinations in Italy for your future vacation list.

With such geographical conditions, it is almost impossible for the land vehicle to operate here. Highways and cars milling can’t find in Venice Attractions. Existing transportation average is a water bus or gondola with the manual paddle.

However, that’s where the charm of this city. The romantic atmosphere will be inhaled vigorously in its environment, especially when you visit this city together with your mate.

To better enjoy the sensation of floating city, one of the anti-mainstream ideas that you can try is to find a floating hotel Venice as well. In this town, many hotels also know that sort of thing.


Top 6 Best Floating Hotel Venice, Italy

Floating Hotel Venice is a boat or yacht renting cabins daily with facilities like a hotel. This unique concept of accommodation includes popular among tourists.

Generally, where else can you get a unique experience like this? Hotel boat in Venice there is a lot of choices. Starting from a relatively frugal until super luxurious like a princess also exist.

Judging from the concept was different. There is a concept Boat & Breakfast, which was similar to the concept BnB (Bed & Breakfast).

There is also operating as the usual hotel. And there is also a mini boat for hire as a whole. Typically, such a boat hotel could accommodate several people, suitable for a family or group of friends.


1. Venezia Boat & Breakfast Caicco Freedom

Venezia Boat Breakfast Caicco Freedom - Top 6 Best Floating Hotel Venice, Italy
Venezia Boat Breakfast Caicco Freedom

Floating Hotel Venice Location

Campo Chiesa 1, Castello, 30132 Venice, Italy

If you are looking for the most economical lodging in the entire floating city of Venice, perhaps Venezia Boat & Breakfast Caicco Freedom is the answer.

The hotel is located in a boat named Caicco Freedom moored in Saint Elena Marina. One of the famous sights are quite close to Saint Mark’s Square is accessible within a 30-minute walk.

There is also the Venice Biennale art gallery within a 5-minute walk away. Moreover, in this region, there are also many museums, art galleries, as well as various valuable objects of cultural and historical.

Freedom Caicco boat cruise opens only a short distance to the island of Murano and Burano. This ship can also sail to the Isle of Certosa Fido and also when there are guests who request it.

Although it sounded simple enough, this ship received many positive reviews from the traveler who stayed there.

Venezia Boat Breakfast Caicco Freedom - Top 6 Best Floating Hotel Venice, Italy
Venezia Boat Breakfast Caicco Freedom

Overall, there are ten cabins are offered for accommodation with a variety of shapes from a single room, twin, double, and triple. The average cabin did not have a spacious room.

However, all cabins have been facilitated with mini safes, heated room, closet, private bathroom, and complimentary toiletries. The floor is carpeted and has been equipped with a heating system to ensure your feet will not get cold.

Overnight rates already include breakfast dish that the menu was tempting variations, among others such as juices, hot drinks, bread, fruit, and yogurt. On the deck of the ship, there is a sort of terrace to relax while enjoying a view of the sea and the canal. Internet access is also available for free in the form of wifi that you can use throughout the ship.

Compared to other vessels Hotel, Venezia Boat & Breakfast Caicco Freedom does have an interior design that is much more simple and the facilities are quite rudimentary.

That’s why the charge is quite frugal. However, its friendly staff and cleanliness are always awake to make this floating hotel Venice was quite pleasant to stay.


2. Sarah Sun Island Hotel

Sarah Sun Island Hotel - Top 6 Best Floating Hotel Venice, Italy
Sarah Sun Island Hotel

Floating Hotel Venice Location

Fondamenta Beata Giuliana Collalto 1, Isola di Saccafisola, Giudecca, 30100 Venice, Italy

Sarah Sun Island Hotel consists of two cruise ships that size is not too large. Both ships moored right in the middle of the city of Venice. More precisely is in a Fisola Sacca Lagoon, a small island connected with Giudecca Island.

This area was once the industrial center, leaving a variety of unique charm there. Now, this region is a perfect destination in the city of Venice for the traveler who wants to admire the art and local culinary.

To be able to reach the hotel, you need to use water buses called Vaporetto from Saint Mark’s Square. The distance is close enough because you only need to pass four stops only. In this lagoon, you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the city of Venice in the form below the bridge.

Every two times a week, this yacht held wading lagoon cruise. Guests who are interesting can follow it at an individual cost.

Sarah Sun Island Hotel - Top 6 Best Floating Hotel Venice, Italy
Sarah Sun Island Hotel

The interior of this vessel furnishes with wood paneling shiny, making it seem warmer and rather luxurious. The bedrooms are available in the form of cabins ranging from simple twin room with bunk beds, a double room, up to luxury suites are quite spacious.

Each room is equipped with a private bathroom, air conditioning, cabinets, and windows overlooking the sea.

Inside the ship, there is such a beautiful, cozy lounge to relax. When the weather is nice, you can also relax on the deck of the ship as comfortable. Breakfast is serving every morning, sometimes on the deck of the ship, at times in the dining room in the ship. Course dinner is provided by the ships with a price.

The stylish and luxurious boat which is also famous for its service very satisfactory, so guests impressed with a unique experience.



3. Motor Yacht Bert – Boat and Breakfast

Motor Yatch Bert - Top 6 Best Floating Hotel Venice, Italy
Motor Yacht Bert

Floating Hotel Venice Location

Nuova Marina di Sant’Elena, Castello, 30132 Venice, Italy

Motor Yacht Bert – Boat and Breakfast is a concept hotel BnB which uses a motorized yacht named Bert Valetta. Ship Hotel is locating in the Castello area. Precisely, this ship is moored in the Marina of St. Helena. The location is quite easy to reach, which is an only 10-minutes walk from Sant Elena Water Bus Stop.

The boat hotel’s location is quite strategic. You can reach Saint Mark’s Square by riding the water bus (Vaporetto) past three stops only. Across the dock where the boat is anchored hotel, there is a Church of Sant Elena that has historical value, cultural, and architectural unyielding.

Another thing that you can enjoy in this region is sipping a cappuccino at one of the cafés around Giardini Publici beautiful.

Motor Yatch Bert - Top 6 Best Floating Hotel Venice, Italy
Motor Yacht Bert

The Ship Hotel is known for having very tasty food dish. Almost every traveler who stayed here would recommend tasting the food. Every morning, breakfast will be served on the deck of the ship when the weather is sunny or in the dining room when the weather is less friendly.

The breakfast menu is quite varied ranging from sweet to savory with all of the typical culinary dominated the Mediterranean. Each guest will also receive a free cocktail when arriving at the hotel as a welcome drink.

The cabin rooms provided by the hotel’s boat has a very elegant interior design and looks like a real hotel. The room is air-conditioned and impressed artistic arrangement of lights. In each chamber, there is also a flat-screen TV, a DVD player, a safe and private bathroom. Some rooms even have a spa bath in the bathroom.

Internet access can enjoy for free in public areas in the form of wifi. Part deck of the ship is also equipping with a cozy sitting area to relax when the weather is sunny.

Hotel ships also using as a place to have a party with guests up to 40 people. Parties are already familiar hotel organizes a broad range of parties on this ship.


4. Houseboats Venice Hotel

Houseboats Venice Hotel - Top 6 Best Floating Hotel Venice, Italy
Houseboats Venice Hotel
Floating Hotel Venice Location

Via Tiro 2 – Isola Le Vignole, 30126 Venice, Italy

Houseboats Hotel Venice offers two boats for rent. Both ships moored in Le Vignole. The place is accessible by Vaporetto (water bus) from Venice to the Venice Lido.

Houseboat provided has an elegant design to the interior cabin. The modern and luxurious impression is very pronounced. Vacationing here will give you the maximum experience. Carpet floor of the ship to feel warm and cozy. Heating systems are installing to increase the warmth in the room further.

One boat has a cabin with three pieces each containing a double-sized bed. In the living room area, there is still one more single bed, so that the entire ship can accommodate up to 7 people. Suitable for family or friends of the gang.

The ship also allows guests to bring their pets. Guests wishing to bring pets need to submit a request in advance from the beginning and will likely charge a small fee.

Houseboats Venice Hotel - Top 6 Best Floating Hotel Venice, Italy
Houseboats Venice Hotel

Each ship has fairly complete facilities. Since necessary as was the bathroom, until the facilities that are luxurious as relaxing on the boat deck area perfect for relaxing, sunbathing and enjoying the scenery.

When the weather is not conducive to relaxing on the deck, there is still a comfortable living room in the ship. The kitchen and dining room are also beautiful, complete with equipment including cooker and refrigerator.

Moreover, you can cook yourself so that your vacation feel more familiar and if you don’t want to cook, do not worry because around there are many restaurants and cafes that you can go. Most offer typical Mediterranean cuisine. Here’s your chance to taste Italian specialties in addition to pizza and pasta.


5. Gargantua Hotel

Gargantua Hotel - Top 6 Best Floating Hotel Venice, Italy
Gargantua Hotel

Floating Hotel Venice Location

Isola Della Certosa, 30141 Venice, Italy

One more selection of ship leasing a ship intact for personal use is the Hotel Gargantua moored on the island of Certosa.

The hotel’s location is very strategic, which is only about 500 meters away from the Venice Airport. You can reach it by taking the Vaporetto (water bus). Venice city center was not far from the ship’s moorings.

This boat hotel offers a boat designed classic to the interior cabin. The size is not that big. Approximately accommodate about four people. Guests who rent boats are allowed to bring their pets and are not charged extra for it.

Gargantua Hotel - Top 6 Best Floating Hotel Venice, Italy
Gargantua Hotel

The cabins are a little cramp but still very comfortable, and there is a wardrobe as well. There is also a mini kitchen complete with stove, oven, refrigerator, cookware, and dining table. For lounging, provided couches and cozy.

Bathrooms in the vessel to provide a toilet and a sink. If you want a bath, you can shower available at the marina where the boat is moored.

Existing facilities in these vessels are sufficient. Space heating systems have been provided so that guests do not shiver in the winter. Internet access can enjoy in every area in the form of wifi pay.

For those who smoke, there is also a particular area so that the smoke does not spread and disrupt. Packages delicious breakfast is provided each morning for free.

For adventure seekers, in addition to using the Vaporetto can also take advantage of free bicycle rental of the hotel. Shuttle service and laundry needs will also serve by the staff. Around the hotel are numerous cafés and art galleries can add your wealth of experience during a visit to Venice.


6. Venezia Lido House Boat

Venezia Lido House Boat - Top 6 Best Floating Hotel Venice, Italy
Venezia Lido House Boat

Floating Hotel Venice Location

Via Malamocco 28, 30126 Venice-Lido, Italy

Being too close to downtown Venice might make you feel uncomfortable because it was a too crowd. If you are one who prefers silence, may be able to enjoy the hotel ship called Venice’s Lido House Boat.

It is in Venice-Lido Island, which is about 9 km from Saint Mark’s Square. Although a bit far away, access to the hotel is not difficult because you can reach it by taking the Vaporetto (water bus).

Unlike the other boats that provide hotel beds in the cabins are small, here the cabin fits only contain a single bed. Overall there are two cabins with double beds each. In the living room, there is one additional single bed that doubles as a sofa. So in total, the ship can accommodate up to 5 guests.

Venezia Lido House Boat - Top 6 Best Floating Hotel Venice, Italy
Venezia Lido House Boat

In the room, there is also a closet for storing clothes. Although the boat is quite small, the facilities provided are complete enough. There is a full kitchen with a refrigerator, stove, and cooking equipment.

In the bathroom, there is a shower, toilet, towels, and even a hairdryer. On the boat, you can sit back while enjoying the ocean view.

Although not located in the city center of Venice, you can still find many interesting attractions in the region. Historic buildings and art galleries scattered around the hotel. Venice Film Festival is open in this area every year in September.


Best Floating Hotel in Venice – Final Words

In other countries, you also can enjoy accommodation in a ship. However, average accommodation is provided as well as to cruise long distances, such as across the countries in Oceania or so. While the Floating Hotel Venice averages not sail away. (Traveling Portals)

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