Top 3 Best Grand Canyon Sunset Point

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Grand Canyon Sunset Point – Experiencing the wonder of Grand Canyon is simply irresistible. It doesn’t only present majestic natural wonders but also different viewpoint to watch sunrise and sunset with the best views of Grand Canyon.

There is more than just one Grand Canyon Sunset point that should be put on the list and find the best Grand Canyon sunset time by yourself that makes you comfortable to watch the best of the Grand Canyon views in the evening.

Each of the sunset points has different attractions and view. For the first thing and make yourself familiar with this site, you must read the facts and information about this national park in the U.S at 15 Best Grand Canyon Facts.


Top 3 Best Grand Canyon Sunset Point

Grand Canyon Sunset View
Grand Canyon Sunset View

From the South Rim to the North Rim, the various beautiful view point is stretched along the canyon. Even if you are planning just to go camping in this park, the view is extraordinary.

No need to pay thousands of dollars for a hotel room with view to stay. Anytime in a day, from the morning, afternoon until evening, this park has the scenic view to offer. The unique contours also allow various outdoor activities from cycling to riding a motorbike.

Now that you may have planned to visit Grand Canyon put these most recommended Grand Canyon Sunset on your bucket list.


Hopi Point

Grand Canyon Sunset PointThe first position is known as Hopi Point which is locating farther out into South Rim. It is locating along the Hermit Drive that skirts Canyon rims west of the great Grand Canyon village. This viewpoint undoubtedly offers stunning view both to west and east. So, it’s not only perfect for sunset but also sunrise.

This viewpoint is closed from March to November for private vehicles, but you can use free shuttle bus departing from Bright Angel Lodge. To reach this point, take a 2-mile walk from Hermit Drive along the Rim Trail.

Along the way, there are more excellent viewpoints to pass. Hopi Point doesn’t only offer best Grand Canyon at sunset but also majestic rock formations or called as “temples” that arise from the Canyon’s depth.

There are also several temples to visit such as Shiva temple, Isis temple, and Zoroaster Temple across the way to this sunset point.


Mohave Point

Mohade Point Grand Canyon Sunset PointThe second point for sunset at Grand Canyon is Mohave Point which is locating west of the Hopi Point. It has a stunning sunset view thanks to its terrific western exposure. This point is less attractive than Hopi, so there are fewer crowds as well. To reach Mohave, take a one-mile walk along Rim Trail.

This point is also famous for its long rocky promontory often known as the Alligator and the Hermit Rapid which is rock formation forming of debris. Mohave is one of the best Grand Canyon sunset point and many people choose this point to see the best views of Grand Canyon.


Yavapai Point

Yavapai Point Grand Canyon Sunset ViewThe next recommended Grand Canyon sunset viewpoint is Yavapai Point. It offers great views to the east and the west. This point is also a home to the famous Yavapai Geology Museum that allows visitors to learn about the incredible geology of the Grand Canyon.

However, this point is very attractive, so there are always so many crowds to view the sunset. But, it is still less crowd comparing to the Mather Point. Also, Yavapai is the best place to view Grand Canyon at sunset.

With more than one captivating Grand Canyon sunset view point to visit and explore, a quick getaway during the weekend has never been better. The evening is lovely, the view of rocky formations is majestic, and the contour is perfect for outdoor activity.

For the tourist, you can take awesome sunset package from tour agent; they have many special offers that can you take, like Grand Canyon Sunset Tour (Normal Package) and Grand Canyon Sunset Helicopter Tour (Sky Tour). Also, for the best Grand Canyon Sunset Time; you must stay at the view point one hour before sunset coming. (Traveling Portals)


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