13 Best Places for Honeymoon in Indonesia

Best Destinations for Honeymoon in Indonesia – Honeymoon for the newly married couple is one of the romantic activities in a marriage. Many people make the honeymoon as a moment to enjoy their wedding.

In this article, Traveling Portals will suggest some place for you that want to celebrate your Honeymoon in IndonesiaMany interesting places can be visited.

As a reference, there are some the most beautiful islands in Indonesia for honeymoon mandatory for you to try both for the newly married couple or the couples who have been married a long time because they want to feel the second honeymoon.


13 of the Best Honeymoon Places in Indonesia

Indonesia Honeymoon Places– For the easier plan, you can choose many Indonesia Honeymoon packages from such of tour agent and Indonesia honeymoon resorts. Here are some of the most beautiful places that choice for the Honeymoon in Indonesia.


1. Derawan Island, East Kalimantan

Best Places for Honeymoon in Indonesia
Maratua Resort in Derawan Island

Enjoy the charm of jellyfish without the sting that exists only in two locations in the world as well as the teams play each other turtles; you will only find in Derawan, Berau.

We decided Derawan as one of the best honeymoon destinations in Indonesia because the nature of Derawan is very natural and still. Moreover, this island has many resorts that fit for your honeymoon purpose.

Fly to Berau and crossed over to Derawan Island. Then order a specialty in Derawan Dive Lodge, Nabucco Island Resort or Derawan Dive Resort. Enjoy the trip provided by the hotel and your honeymoon become unique than others!


2. Ora Island, Maluku

Best Places for Honeymoon in Indonesia
Ora Island (Maluku, Indonesia)

Ora is one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia which has similarities with the islands of the Maldives. This place is real with beauty in Island of the Maldives. This place is perfect for couples or a new bride wedding couples who want a honeymoon again. The place is far, the journey to get there takes a long time.

But when it arrived at the place, the beauty of nature makes you amazed with the tourist sights. The sea is so beautiful, including the underwater scenery is so amazing. Ora island is very popular with the resort made of wood.

The resort locating on the mainland, but the resort in Ora Island is above the seawater. The view presented is fascinating, a lot of beautiful saltwater fish that we can see from the honeymoon resort on the water. The place is very suitable to serve as a Honeymoon in Indonesia.


3. Moyo Island, West Nusa Tenggara

Best Places for Honeymoon in Indonesia
Moyo Island

Moyo Island has become more famous after the visit of Princess Diana from the United Kingdom to avoid the paparazzi. The main attraction of the Isle is locating below the sea surface. Moyo is still one of our favorites as the best places to visit in Indonesia for honeymoon celebration.

Moyo is surrounded by a natural coral reef is ideal for snorkeling. Swimming with white sharks, diving near the stingray, find a swarm of tropical fish. Experience in the tropical waters of Indonesia will not be forgotten. The days on the Moyo Island could you spend with your partner on the seafront.


4. Tidung, Kepulauan Seribu

Best Places for Honeymoon in Indonesia
Tidung Island Beach

Tidung Island is one of the beach resorts in Jakarta. One of the advantages of beach resorts in Java has a relatively quiet and calm atmosphere, very suitable as relaxation for the daily business.

Honeymoon vacations are also very appropriate to do on this island. Tourist can perform diving activities and enjoy the beauty of the coral reefs in Pulau Tidung.

This place is a potential for you as a place to spend your Honeymoon in Indonesia. Tidung Island is capable to handle your honeymoon celebration and suitable for your destinations for honeymoon in Indonesia.


5. Gili Nanggu, West Nusa Tenggara

Best Places for Honeymoon in Indonesia
Gili Nanggu Romantic Places

Lombok Island not only has only three Gili (Trawangan, Meno, and Air). On the island of Lombok still has a lot of Gili, beautiful and fascinating for the honeymoon places in Indonesia.

One of these is Gili Nanggu. The island is trending in talking with the state of the isle still Virgin and private for the tourists. Gili Nanggu tastes beautiful private island.

Fine white sand, clear blue ocean degradation. So it is very suitable if we call the island Gili Nanggu become one of the most beautiful islands for Indonesia Honeymoon.


6. Raja Ampat, West Papua

Best Places for Honeymoon in Indonesia
Raja Ampat

Well, Maldives Island is a wonderful place for a honeymoon, but need a high budget. In Indonesia, there is also a place that is no less interesting than the Maldives is Raja Ampat. Only come to Raja Ampat, you can feel like a similar experience in the Maldives islands.

There is one place that is similar to Misool Island in Maldives. Even when compared regarding price, stay a week on the Misool Island same as stay two days in the Maldives. Raja Ampat is one of the best honeymoon places in Indonesia.


7. Ubud, Bali

Best Places for Honeymoon in Indonesia
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Tourist attractions in Ubud Bali are very well known, both in Indonesia and abroad, districts that have a location in between rice fields and forest are enclosed by cliff and rivers, describe a breathtaking nature.

Ubud has a magical power as high for lovers of natural beauty, because of its very private area and environmental circumstances of beautiful and desolate. So perfect if Ubud became a destination for Honeymoon in Indonesia.

Also, this place has beautiful Bali Indonesia honeymoon resorts. For your guide reference, read our Bali Island Guide > Bali Travel Guide.



8. Belitung Island, Bangka Belitung

Best Places for Honeymoon in Indonesia
Belitung Island

So many attractions in Belitung, suitable for a tourist destination. Whether it is located in the Belitung and East Belitung. Belitung Island is more than a place that suitable for honeymoon destinations in Indonesia.

Belitung Island Tourism Object of the most widely liked and most travelers visit is the beach attractions and sights of small islands around the Isle of Belitung.

Tourists are usually coming to Belitung with families, couples, and friends are their goal is to tour, even not a few among them who had come to Belitung to Honeymoon in Indonesia.

Talking about Honeymoon in Belitung, it is often done by a couple who just got married. Yes, because the island of Belitung is very suitable for those who want to have fun while enjoying the beauty of the tourist attractions in Belitung.



9. Tanjung Lesung, Banten

Best Places for Honeymoon in Indonesia
Tanjung Lesung Beach

Tanjung Lesung in Banten worth likened to Bali and Lombok, as a honeymoon destination. There are Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel, the inn in the form of a cottage, away from crowds and excellent amenities.

The world seemed to belong to both of you. Tanjung Lesung is located in Pandeglang, Banten, or within about 170 km from Jakarta.

Received the title of Special Economic Zone by the Indonesian President at the beginning of 2015, Tanjung Lesung will become a tourist destination complete with an area of 1,500 hectares. In addition to the beach, plan to be build museums, zoos, golf courses and more.



10. Weh Island (Sabang Island), Aceh

Best Places for Honeymoon in Indonesia
Weh Island (Sabang Island)

Aceh is one province in Indonesia. This area is famous for their beaches which so beautiful and as a spot that has a lot of beaches in Indonesia. Why? Because Aceh is located in the western part of Indonesia.

One of the attractions that are suitable for Honeymoon in Aceh is Weh Island. Weh Island is also well known and very often called the Sabang Island. However, for foreign citizens, the island more commonly referred to Weh Island.

Why is this island perfect for a honeymoon? Because the island has many beaches are clean and comfortable for adventurous activities. For like a couple of activities on the island, you can do so many activities to strengthen the relationship between you and your partner.

Moreover, Weh Island is very friendly towards guests who come there. Most of the people there can speak English. So, I can confirm Weh Island or Sabang Island as a destination for honeymoon in Indonesia. In 2017, Sabang will host the 2017 Sail Sabang event.


11. Gili Trawangan, West Nusa Tenggara

Best Places for Honeymoon in Indonesia
Ocean Swing in Gili Trawangan

The young couple who just got married usually wants to go holiday together to celebrate the beginning of the moment of togetherness. Gili Trawangan is an ideal place for your honeymoon in Indonesia because the atmosphere is not noisy.

There are also provided various types of accommodation that we can customize to our budget. In Gili Trawangan, we could do various romantic activities together with a partner without any interference from anyone.


12. Karimun Jawa, Jawa Tengah

Best Places for Honeymoon in Indonesia
Karimun Jawa Underwater View

Karimun Jawa is a very suitable place for you and your partner because you will be presented with a stunning natural beauty. We can enjoy the natural atmosphere of the beach, as well as the variety of marine life of the island, is gorgeous and supporting with white sand and blue water is the main attraction.

Many of tourist activities you can do such as, snorkeling in a place that has an excellent coral reef in Karimun Jawa, feed the fish in the small island of Karimun Jawa. Swimming with sharks and see the turtle breeding in Menjangan Besar Island, Karimun Jawa, the late afternoon will showing a beautiful sunset Karimun Jawa.


13. Banyak Island, Aceh

Best Places for Honeymoon in Indonesia
Banyak Island (Aceh Singkil, Indonesia)

Banyak Island is a new destination and becomes very popular in 2015. Tourist in domestic or foreign tourists are already familiar with this place as a place that has a beach with sea water is very clean and bright.

That allows you to see the beauty beneath the sea with the naked eye. The island is located in Indonesia, in Aceh exactly. For those of you which want to honeymoon in Indonesia, the island will be very suitable because it has a private island, though not wide.

I advise going to this place for a honeymoon. Because this place was not too crowded and which specials are a lot of islands consists of dozens of small islands. The island is famous Balai Island (inhabited), Palambak Island (private island), Tailana Island and much more. Suitable for those of you which aim to perfect honeymoon.


Honeymoon in Indonesia – Final Words

Overall, Indonesia has many beautiful places that fit for honeymoon purpose. Because this country has many islands contain big island and small island.

Also, you can plan your Indonesia Honeymoon Itinerary consist for this Indonesia honeymoon places article.

Hope this article will help you for Honeymoon in Indonesia. Also, read more about Indonesia Honeymoon Destinations on Capture Indonesia.

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