The Best of Andalusia Spain

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The Best of Andalusia Spain – Andalusia or usually refer as Andalucia is one part of Spain where Moorish mosques, Christian churches, and Jewish synagogues are scattered across the place.

Several famous festivals and traditional Flamenco dance are performed on the tourist attractions of the city. Cobbled streets connect those tourist attractions.

Besides the historical building, enchanting natural scenes can also be found in Andalusia. Small villages surrounded by the mountain range with snowcap on top of it.

Andalusia also has the green lush valley with unspoiled rivers on it. You can take advantage of Andalusia tours to visit all of those places.


The Best of Andalusia Spain

Andalusia Spain – The tour comes in tour packages that you can choose according to your taste or budget. This place will be your next destination to visit before you die.

Andalusia has many famous tourist attractions and becomes one of the historic sites in the world, almost the same with Florence Italy. If you are on holiday to Andalusia, the place that you must visit is Seville, Granada, Cordoba, and Marbella.

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Seville Andalusia Spain

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Andalusia is Seville. Tour packages of Andalusia tours usually offer a trip to several landmarks of the city. This city is famous due to the historic building in the form of churches.

During the Moors occupations, there is a cathedral convert into a grand mosque. Along the street of this city, numerous fountains are surrounding by orange trees. You will be able to feel the enchanting atmosphere of Seville.

For those of you who do not like to walk far, you can take boat ride instead. The boat ride is available in the park canal.



Granada Andalusia Spain

During the Moors occupation, they build some great building that lasts until these days. Andalusia tours will take you to Granada. It is the last stronghold ever builds by Moors before the empire is the collapse. Despite the Moors occupation is the end, this building is somehow surviving.

Granada is locating at right in the foot of natural mountain range of Sierra Nevada. From the stronghold, you can enjoy the unique architecture left by Moors regime with the background of a stunning mountain range.

Judged from what it is now, it is safe to assume that Granada was a beautiful place. The Catholic Monarch occupies the place after Moors Empire preserves its historical buildings.



Cordoba Andalusia Spain

Thick Islamic atmosphere surrounds the city of Cordoba. The Great Mosque of Cordoba is the famous landmark in the city. It is preserving under the protection of UNESCO as world heritage.

The package of Andalusia tours also includes this place to visit. The grand mosque itself is well known for Arabesque architecture. Stripped arc decorated the interior of the mosque. The ceiling is supporting by stone column.

While Europa was still in dark ages, Islamic civilization turns in Cordoba into a beacon of knowledge. Back then, all scholars from around the world come to Cordoba to study.



Marbella Andalusia Spain

As mentioning before, Andalusia is not only offering its historical building, but also nature scenery. Aside from mountain range of Sierra Nevada, Andalusia tours will help you to reach the glamorous coastal area of Marbella.

This resort is located in the coastal area of Costa del Sol, a place where the sun shines much in the beach. Aside from visiting its enchanting beaches, you can also visit several museums and monuments in Marbella.

As it goes with another part of Andalusia Spain, historical building such as churches and mosques are scattered along the city.


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