The Best Places for Shopping in Maldives

Best Places for Shopping in Maldives

Best Places for Shopping in Maldives – Extensively understood and enjoyed for its sparkling white sand and azure waters of the views of the Indian Ocean, Maldives Island needs to be on every leisure hunter’s list. Sightseeing, there are famous and myriad things to do in the country island and shopping in Maldives is one of them.

If you are eager to have bags filled with memories on a more real aircraft, the bazaars and stores in Maldives have plenty for you. There are markets in the capital city Male that are famous for selling a diverse variety of short articles that are best for moments and can likewise get you some new, modish diving equipment!

Many things you can get from the specific markets in Maldives or the people say that with the special word ‘Maldives Shopping Places’ for every shopper or every souvenirs hunter. Below listed some famous markets in Maldives and popular shopping places in Maldives Island.

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Best Places for Shopping in Maldives

5 Best Places for Shopping in Maldives

Know more and find more about Maldives by visiting its shopping centers, reclaim some memories House and present souvenirs to your good friends. Follow the list:

1. Dive Shop and Water World

The Water World & Dive Shop are two of the very best stores to purchase the most recent diving equipment in Maldives. Both the stores lie rather close to each other, offering authentic products of well-known brand names and are thus quite famous and popular.

If you have hobby and diving high on your mind and have diving as your hobby, provided the crystal clear waters of the island, that are the places you should not skip a check out too.

2. STO Trade Centre

Understood for fresh vegetables and fruits, the STO Trade Centre is one of the more popular places to shop. It is the biggest supermarket of Male that offers numerous household items. Be it some fresh food, groceries or everyday fundamentals; this is simply the location for you.

3. Male Local Market

The markets in Male are quite well-known among tourists for offering mementos. A delight for photographers, this site sells cool things such as little boats, slippers made of palm leaves, mats, and decorative brooms!

Ornamental pieces made of seashells and wood flower vases are a few other leading selling items that you can bag in. While you are here and visit here, do not forget to make a pig of over local specialized, primarily snacks.

Coconut milk is offered here in abundance, one reward that is equally healthy as well as delicious. Bring local currency, for you would not many currency exchange offices here. Male Local Market is one of the best places for shopping in Maldives.

4. Majeedhee Magu

The Majeedhee Magu is one of the most famous streets for shopping in Maldives. From textiles and clothes to electronic devices, it has whatever for the shopaholics scouring for current offers. A series of locally-made accessories is offered as well, quite a lure for all the fashionistas out there.

5. Chaandhanee Magu

The Chaandanee Magu is another famous street market in the island country; it brings in consumers with its existing stores, locally-made tee shirts, small boats and other craft products and mats.

The miniature version of Maldivian sailboats, called dhonis, is quite popular among the tourists. Do not forget to bring some back home, for these would tempt you back to the island soon once again.

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Shopping Places in Maldives – There are 5 of the best places for shopping in Maldives island and find your best Maldives souvenirs at that places listed above. We hope that article will be helpful for you that want to buy the things or souvenirs from Maldives for your family, parents, friends, or your couple. You may find many items to bring home from Maldives at that

You may find many items to bring home from Maldives at that Maldives shopping places. Don’t forget bookmark our travel magazine ( on your browser as your travel reference.

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