Best Places to Visit in Bahamas Island

Best Places to Visit in the Bahamas

Best Places to Visit in Bahamas Island – Countries that have a population of 350,000 people has a small island that has white sand. The famous island is Cat Island, Crocked Island and Harbour Island and is located in the Atlantic Ocean, bordering the United States, Cuba, and the Caribbean.

With the beauty of the beach and the location is not far from the US, causing many American citizens who live or have a villa in the Bahamas.

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Best Places to Visit in Bahamas Island

Bahamas Island – For people who like to travel the coast, should have entered the name Bahamas to the waiting list of their destinations.

Because as has been talked about a lot of people, the beauty of the beaches in the Bahamas is indeed worth of diamonds. Well, for you who do not know, these choices may be a travel reference.

1. Cat Island

The first choice that can be used as a tourist destination when visiting the Bahamas is this small island. Cat Island, though not so extensive, has a natural beauty not only from the side of the beach but also has the advantage in the mountainous sector. People who like underwater life, have the option to visit the Gulf Dry Head and enjoy a fun snorkeling tour.

However, if tired of snorkeling at the beach and want a new adventure, can go to Mount Alvernia and feel the adventure of mountain climbing to the top. Once there, the eyes will be spoiled with the views of the islands of Bahamas as far as the eye can see. If that was not enough, take a swim in the sea vertical cave typical Cat Island, Mermaid Holes can be selected.

2. Eleuthera Island

The island earned the nickname as “The Romantic Island” is very fitting used as a honeymoon destination for newly married. Many romantic excursion options were both offered by the manager of the island. Once here, visitors are greeted by a long bridge that stretches from the northern part Gregory City up to the end of the island.

Uniquely, this long bridge made of clear glass that allows the visitors to see the crystal clear sea that leads to the bay of Atlantis Exodus was not far from there.

Besides the amazing scenery that greets your arrival, the island also has a cute diverse selection of villas, ranging from the seaside, to which is in a private area, which can provide privacy to visitors who do not like crowds.

Want to know what a sexy of the island? The island has a horse farm overlooking the sea. So it has been imagined, how the sweetness of the moment vacation on this island?

3. Paradise Island

For those of you who bring your beloved family, Bahamas provides a choice of destinations one of them to the island. Here you and your child can play with dolphins and turtles, in a place called Port Louisiana Marina located on the island.

If your child feels fatigue and feeling unwell, refresh with a special yoga exercise for children. Instructors who would train people with skills and have a certificate.

At the time the child fell asleep after a day of adventure, take advantage of this time to go with your partner. Enjoy the sensation of having fun in a unique club on the island. This club is the only club under water. In addition to its uniqueness, this club also offers food and drinks were delicious and enjoyable time.

4. Long Island

Do you want a vacation even with a mediocre budget? The island could be an option. Offers a culinary tour selling a variety of food, Long Island will not force you to pry deeper pockets. Because of all the activities that can be done on the island is low cost.

Unique activities that could be an option is to visit the museum of Long Island is located in the crowded center of the island. Equally to the other beaches, Long Island also has a vertical cave sea called Dean’s Holes that can be used as a tourist destination under the sea.

5. Nassau

The final choice could be the reference is to the city. Here you can visit the rum-making center which will add to the experience when in the Bahamas. In addition, many choices of restaurants and roadside cafes can be visited to fill holiday time.

Melia Resort, lodges in the city, offers the sensation of staying at the Inn which has three pools at a time. Nassau is one of the best places to visit in Bahamas Island.


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Best Places to Visit in Bahamas Island

How? Already have an appropriate destination for a holiday with the family? Do not forget the safety and comfort. Always complete the journey with emergency supplies and medicines were very helpful when needed. Have a good vacation.


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