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Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Iceland

Popular & Best Places to Visit in Iceland

Best places to visit in Iceland – Iceland is a country that was known for the cold air and the cleanliness of the city and the located of this country is on the Europe continent, precisely in the North Atlantic Ocean. The beautiful of the Sub-Arctic Ocean scenic blends nicely with rugged mountains majestically decorated with glaciers and snow in there.

Take a visit to this country is guaranteed to make you enjoy the charm of natural beauty. This article provides ten places to visit in Iceland when setting your foot in the Land of Ice, Iceland.

Reykjavík City for content Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Iceland

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Iceland

Places to visit in Iceland – This article tells top 10 best places to visit in Iceland. Hope this article useful for you that plan a vacation to Iceland, below listed 10 tourist attractions in Iceland.

1. Thingvellir National Park

Thingvellir National Park Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Iceland

Thingvellir National Park

Thingvellir National Park includes in one of the world heritage site protected by UNESCO, Thingvellir is a silent witness to the forms of the Iceland Country. This national park is located above the tectonic plates that meet with the slab of the Arctic.

The temperature is between 5-10 degrees Celsius during the daytime; this place could turn out to be 0 degrees at night time.

While visiting this place, you will meet with various types of wild birds and mountain sheep that live freely in the beautiful nature. This place is strong recommended visiting when you visit Iceland.


2. Reykjavík City

Reykjavík City for content Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Iceland

Reykjavík City

Reykjavík is the capital of the country as well as the largest city in Iceland. You can enjoy the view of the houses had a colorful paint and became one of the interesting sights in the city.

Also, the business center area of Laugavegur is filled with exciting attractions and diverse parade. In this town, there is also a botanical garden botanical tour called Grasagarour Reykjavik’s.


3. Blue Lagoon Thermal Bath

Blue Lagoon Thermal Bath Iceland Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Iceland

Blue Lagoon Thermal Bath Iceland

The hot spring became one of the tours that lure in Iceland. Hot water baths are becoming destinations of the tourists in a location close to the airport Keflavik.

The place is in the form of a natural pool bare rocks with warm water. This site was deliberately built with nuances that are not modern by the government so that tourists can feel a natural atmosphere.

With the pay of 35 euros, you can feel the sensation of a warm bath in the open. This place is also a favorite of foreign tourists.


4. Dettifoss Waterfall

Dettifoss Waterfall Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Iceland

Dettifoss Waterfall

Dettifoss is the name of the waterfall is located in Vatnajokull National Park in the northeast of Iceland. Precisely, in the Diamond Circle, a popular tourist route in Husavik and Lake Myvatn in northern Iceland. Supposedly, Waterfall Dettifoss is the most powerful in Europe.

Waterfall with a width of 100 meters or approximately of 330 feet it has a trickle of water as high as 45 meters or approximately of 150 feet. Meanwhile, the water flow alone reached 193 cubic meters per second.


5. Hafnarfjörður City

Hafnarfjörður City Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Iceland

Hafnarfjörður City

When we compared with the cities in Europe, Hafnarfjörður included in the category of small towns. However, in this town, you can find a broad range of entertainment and festival which is designed to satisfy the tourists.

One popular festival is Bjartur Dagar Festival featuring various traditional arts of the people of Iceland. Usually, the festival is held every year and is usually held on the first Monday in July.


6. Árbæjarlaug Hot Water Geothermal in Fylkisvegur

Hot Water Geothermal In Fylkisvegur Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Iceland

Hot Water Geothermal In Fylkisvegur

Icelandic people do like to soak in hot tubs. It is also based on the climatic conditions in Iceland’s great cold and often rainy.

Pools of hot spring in Iceland had become so popular for foreign tourists, one of the famous hot springs pool is located in Fylkisvegur.

The sulfur content in hot tubs or geothermal earth in Fylkisvegur has many benefits for humans, especially for skin health problems. For opening hours, this place is open from 7 am to 11 pm.


7. Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Iceland

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Seljalandsfoss is a breathtaking waterfall located in southern Iceland. This waterfall has a height of about 60 meters, around the waterfall grow a lot of flowers or herbs grow wild in the grass, making this waterfall becomes more enchanting.

Not infrequently, this place is often used as objects of photography for its natural beauty. This place is also frequented by filmmakers because it is very suitable to serve as background for the shooting location.


8. Geyser in Strokkur City

Geyser In Strokkur City Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Iceland

Geyser In Strokkur City

The geyser is a phenomenon that occurs as a result of a fountain that comes from geothermal energy. This beautiful natural phenomenon located in the City of Strokkur adjacent to the river Hvítá.

Strokkur geyser erupts every 4 to 5 minutes with a height of approximately 40 meters. This natural phenomenon quite attracts many tourists from various countries due to rare and unique.


9. Skaftafell Ice Cave

Skaftafell Ice Cave Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Iceland

Skaftafell Ice Cave

These caves are formed by ice glacier pressurized. The cave is located in the Vatnajökull National Park in the south of Iceland; the place is enough to attract the attention of tourists because of the beauty of the caves and unique look.

The cave is accessible through the entrance within 22 feet of shoreline. But not many people who can go in there, because it takes skill and specialized equipment to help along the cave.


10. Seeing the aurora in Reykjavik

Seeing The Aurora In Reykjavik Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Iceland

Seeing The Aurora In Reykjavik

Aurora is a natural phenomenon that occurs around the north and south poles, where auroras in the northern regions named as the Aurora Borealis.

Aurora also is interpreted as a natural phenomenon that resembles the light blazing in the ionosphere of a planet as a result of the interaction between the magnetic field of the planet is owned by the charged particles emitted by the Sun.

In Iceland, the place being on enjoying Aurora is in the Reykjavik area, and in the right to see the aurora was in February and November.


Best places to visit in Iceland – Thus the interesting sights you can visit in Iceland. Please realize all the charm of the tour with a trip to Iceland.


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