15 Best Places to Visit in Sweden

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Best Places to Visit in Sweden

Best places to visit in Sweden – Sweden is one of the beautiful European country and a major tourist destination in the Scandinavian region. Attractions in countries that have a long winter are quite diverse starting from natural attractions, city tours and cultural tours which we can see from the architecture of the building and museum.

Here is a collection of tourist attractions in Sweden. Surely it would not hurt when the holidays, you can visit the Swedish state to prove to yourself the beauty of a rural feel, nature, lakes, ancient building architecture and different cultural festival there.

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15 Best Places to Visit in Sweden

Best places to visit in Sweden – Below listed top 15 best places to visit in Sweden. Pay your time to visit following destinations if you were traveling to Sweden. Check it out.

1. Gothenburg City

Gothenburg City - Best Places To Visit In Sweden
Gothenburg City

The second largest city in Sweden has a beautiful land and sea. In this place there is also a Museum of Culture worldwide can expand your horizons. You who love shopping can visit the fish market Feskekorka to look for antiques, or you are simply enjoying a romantic atmosphere, can visit the Opera Gothenburg.

The city is often held Metal tone Festival, a summer festival for music lovers of music metal flow. More places must be visited if you are in Gothenburg, i.e., there is a Southern Gothenburg, Archipelago, Slottsskogen and Volvo Museum.


2. Kiruna City

Kiruna City - Best Places To Visit In Sweden
Kiruna City

Many of the activities that can be done in Kiruna for the adventurous outdoors and urban tourist. Because adjacent to the arctic circle, Kiruna is a fun winter getaway for skiing, snowboarding and dog sleds, ice fishing and snowmobile jumping.

The location promises nonstop sunlight in June and July as well as easy access to Kebnekaise, Sweden’s highest mountain. The old church in this town, Kiruna Kyrka, is one of the largest buildings in Sweden.


3. Malmo City

Malmo City - Best Places To Visit In Sweden
Malmo City

Malmo is the third largest city in Sweden. Here you will see many places that can give an impression of the Middle Ages. Is This bridge is connecting Sweden and Denmark were limited by the Øresund strait?

In addition to this bridge, in the city of Malmo also has other bridges, the Oresund Bridge. For those of the Christian, you can pray in the Church of St. Peter. Also, you can also admire the buildings that are environmentally friendly.

Why so? because many of the buildings there have plants that are on the wall or the roof. It can be an inspiration to you apply after coming home from Malmo later.


4. Royal Palace

Swedish Royal Palace - Best Places To Visit In Sweden
Swedish Royal Palace

Royal Palace is the official residence of the Swedish royal family which also functions as the office of the King and the Royal Court. Palace located in the old town of Gamla Stan area is open to the public and is equipped with five museums.

The most interesting around the Italian Baroque-style building that was built in the 18th century it was the turn of the procession of the palace guards (royal guard). The procession lasted 40 minutes on the clock 12:15 or 13:15 pm, depending on the day and the month.

Even if being there to coincide with the birthday of the king, you will be able to watch the parade of equestrians.

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5. Drottninggatan

Drottninggatan - Best Places To Visit In Sweden

Drottninggatan or Queen Street is the street that runs from Riksbron Bridge until Observatorielunden. The street is free of cars and only intended for pedestrians.

On the side of the road, there is a row of shops, cafes, and restaurants. Although you are not a fan of shopping, you will enjoy walking here because Queen Street surrounded by ancient buildings that were constructed in 1630-1640.


6. Stockholm City

Stockholm City 15 Best Places To Visit In Sweden
Stockholm City

Stockholm’s Old Town is famous crowded by tourists, but the narrow streets still fun to discover. Make sure you try the waffle cones are hand rolled premises. I would also recommend you to visit the Vasa Museum (Vasamusset).

This museum is the place to see the Vasa, massive warship that sank on its maiden voyage in 1628, and finds out how removed from the port of Stockholm. Do not miss other places in the city, like The Old Town, Drottningholm Palace, and Court Theater.


7. Visby City

Visby City - Best Places To Visit In Sweden
Visby City

Visby is one of the principal medieval towns in Sweden. Every August, the city hosts a medieval weekend. There will be many typical dresses, parties, as well as martial arts competition on horseback.

But you do not need to visit Visby in August to get a sense medieval. You simply search the cobblestone streets winding in around town, you can tour the city of Ta, and you can visit the ancient church which was built in the 13th century.

Which becomes interesting features of this church are the walls that extend over 13 kilometers which were once a stronghold. This place is one of the best places to visit in Sweden.


8. Gavle City

Gavle City - Best Places To Visit In Sweden
Gavle City

Gavle is the right destination for you who want tranquility. The place is gorgeous and rich in natural charm, ranging from wooden houses of different colors, up to the number of the blue lakes. Fishing and canoeing are some of the outdoor activities are popular in this place.

The whole city can be surrounded comfortably use the bus system, and taxis were splendid, but the most fun way to enjoy the scenery is on foot or riding a bike, while visiting the shops, pubs, and restaurants along the way.

Each winter, students and local merchants will make Glave famous Goat of straw, which is a giant version of the Swedish Yule Goat. It has become a tradition of this place since 1966.

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9. Uppsala City

Uppsala City - Best Places To Visit In Sweden
Uppsala City

Uppsala is the fourth largest city in Sweden. In this town, there are Uppsala University, the oldest educational centers in Sweden. However, that’s not all that makes this city famous, in Uppsala, there is the biggest cathedral in Sweden and a palace built in the 16th century.

Additionally, you can spend time in Uppsala to visit the Museum, Tamna, river tours, as well as a variety of shops and cafes.


10. Nordic Museum

Nordic Museum - Best Places To Visit In Sweden
Nordic Museum

Nordic Museum was built by Artur Hazelius in 1873 is located in the city center of Stockholm. Originally called The Scandinavian Ethnographic Collection, but in 1880 was renamed the Nordic Museum.

The building is super swanky looks like a palace. In the middle of the main hall is a giant statue of the Swedish founder, King Gustav Vasa. The specialty of this museum is a collection that is extraordinary about the Nordic community life of 500 years ago.

Here you can enjoy in detail the Nordic lifestyle changes in society from time to time through the shape of the house, furniture, style of dress and hairstyle, as well as children’s games.

The Even museum also displayed several brands of soap and shampoo from a bygone era. Do not be afraid of this museum has an interesting and interactive way to show off the collection.


11. Nobel Museum

Nobel Museum - Best Places To Visit In Sweden
Nobel Museum

As the name suggests, the Nobel Museum, which opened in 2001 provides detailed information about the Nobel awards ranging from the selection process to the profiles of the winners, since the implementation of the first Nobel prize in 1901 to the present.

Also, of course, presented the profile and life of the initiators, Alfred Nobel, along with the background of this award. Nobel Museum and the library is located in Stortorget Square in the old town of Gamla Stan area.

Equipped with various scientific demonstrations are interactive where you can try it in person so feel like a scientist!


12. Nacka City

Nacka City
Nacka City

Nacka offers two best advantage for tourists: holidays in a beautiful rural area with a vast and bustling city that is so easy to reach. Most of which is named Stockholm. Stockholm is easily reached using bus, car, train, or boat.

Ease of access makes Nacka become a popular weekend getaway for residents of the city, especially during the ski season. Rustic-style houses from the 18th century and houses of the 20th century present Swedish cultural nuances to visitors.

In addition to the countryside, there is also nature reserves and recreation areas Velamsund Hellasgarden for fans of the outdoors.

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13. Linkoping City

Linkoping City 15 Best Places To Visit In Sweden
Linkoping City

Linkoping is a big city with a small-town atmosphere. Everything in this town, ranging from museums and medieval buildings to countryside, lakes, and canals.

Cycling is one of the most popular ways to get around town. The tourist information office and various bike shops in the region provide the best cycling route maps for sightseeing.

Tourist attraction that must be visited include the 12th-century cathedral, the 13th-century castle, Gamla Linkoping or old city, and the museum is open.


14. Kaknas Tower

Kaksas Tower - Best Places to visit in Sweden
quickly Tower

With a height of 170 meters (including antenna), Kaknas Tower which was once the TV and radio transmitting tower, once the highest tower in Scandinavia. This tower is one of the best places to visit in Sweden.

The tower is now open to the public so that we can enjoy a 360 ° Stockholm through the courts located at an altitude of about 150 meters, which also features a gift shop and restaurant. If you are lucky, you will get sunny weather.

You can see the sights of the city as far as 60 km. Kaknas Tower is located in Ladugadsgardet, the most extensive park in Stockholm. To achieve this very quickly because it is available for the public bus that stops just below the tower.


15. Falun

Falun Sweden

Falun that was originally built around a copper mine, now a popular tourist destination. Mine is called Great Copper Mountain was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2001 and can be surrounded with an official guide.

Other tourist places that must be visited is the Great Pit as deep as 95 meters are formed by the collapse of the mine in 1687. Although Falun’s mining history become the most prominent tourist attraction, visitors can also enjoy a variety of traditional events, such as the Swedish Ski match, Falu Party, and Falu Cruising. This place is the last of 15 Best Places to Visit in Sweden.


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