5 of the Best Places to Visit In Turkey

The Best Places to Visit in Turkey – Turkey is a country that located in European Continent that has many interesting places to visit by us especially for you who like to travel a lot. Not surprisingly, when many local and international tourists are willing to spend a lot of their money just for a visit to Recep Tayyip Erdogan country and the cities in Turkey.

Turkey has a lot of tourist destinations that are famous in all around the world. For example, Istanbul. Who doesn’t know about the beautiful places in Istanbul that have a great city design and a lot of historical places to visit. Also become one of the must place to visit in Turkey and many popular destinations to visit in Turkey.

Where’s Istanbul? read the article below and we listed some best Turkey tourist attractions, that was a beautiful destination and we listed also the recommend hotel below to stay in Turkey area and also, Turkey is one of the most interesting places in the world or most exotic places to visit.

The Best Places to Visit in Turkey

Traveling Portals – Here we will review five popular tourist spot in Turkey and well worth a visit in the country of Turkey, following our review and below listed some of the best places to visit in Turkey destinations for holiday. Check our list out and write on your bucket list now!

1. Istanbul City

Istanbul - Best Places to Visit in Turkey

In the first place, We choose the nation’s capital as a place that must visit in the Turkish state and one of the largest city in Turkey, because the city has much building with an architecture that is gorgeous and unspoiled historical heritage as well as buildings with modern architecture.

The city is already known in foreign countries as it includes the most desirable destination to be used as one of the best tourist attractions in Turkey. Topkapi Palace is one of the existing buildings in Istanbul, this place is home to the Ottoman emperor.

Next, there is a place by the name of Aya Sophia. This building is a church which was transformed into a place of worship of Muslims. This site is one of the beautiful and best places to visit in Turkey.

Blue Mosque also has curious things, because this mosque has an interior design and exterior with shades of blue that attract the eyes of tourists. That city is one of the best Turkey cities and you must visit this city if you are in visiting Turkey.



2. Cappadocia


Next is the city of Cappadocia because this place is a historic place for the citizens of Turkey. The town has a different beauty than anywhere else because the beauty of this place is one of the famous locations and one of the major cities in Turkey.

Here you can find beautiful and unique rocks, suitable for you who like to rock to be a collection. The most interesting are Cappadocia has beautiful places in Turkey. We can use to ride a hot air balloon to enjoy the view from above Cappadocia.


3. Pamukkale


Pamukkale is a naturally occurring as a result of a natural phenomenon that a lot of attention of visitors. If you look, this place sounds like a palace cotton because of all white place because this place is composed of white rocks.

People who never go to Pamukkale said that when they set foot on the rock face just as we set foot on the surface of the snow so soft. Moreover, Pamukkale has many pools of hot water that occurs naturally with benefits in the health sector if we bathe there. One of the most famous swimming pool is Hierapolis. One of the places to visit in Turkey isn’t it?


4. Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia
Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia is one of the beautiful landmarks in Turkey and a museum that holds a lot of historical objects in Turkey and one of the best places to visit in Turkey. Where it has been changed founding three times, the church was transformed into a mosque and now converted again into a museum.

So do not be a surprise if this place has two styles of buildings that church style and the style of the mosque. Hagia Sophia converted into a museum after another to establish a mosque that is the Blue Mosque. Is beautiful places it and this place is one of the places to see in Turkey.



5. Konya


For the latter option, we chose Konya as a must-visit tourist destination in Turkey. Because this place is a religious destination which owns the building but has a simple architectural design that is not simple.  This place where the famous Muslim poet in Turkey buried that Jalaluddin Rumi.

Jalaluddin Rumi is the creator of the play are typical dances of Turkey. This dance famous in many countries around the world. This site is one of the beautiful places to visit in Turkey.

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