Top 6 Best Places to Visit in Uruguay

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Best Places to Visit in Uruguay

Best places to visit in Uruguay – Uruguay is one country that can be made as our next travel destination. Uruguay is one part of the developing countries in the Americas. We need to know that Uruguay only had a population of about four million people. Although Uruguay is one of the developing countries in the Americas, but there metropolitan area coverage is quite extensive.

Uruguay people tradition and culture. We’re going to see a lot of unique things that can not be found in other countries. The traditions of Uruguay were impressed artistic and literal a particular appeal to make this country as a tourist destination in foreign countries.

The State Capital is located in Montevideo where the majority of the population uses Spanish and Portuguese languages. The currency used as the exchange rate in the country is the Uruguay Peso. For those of you who love the sea world, Uruguay is a paradise for the lovely fish and stunning views of the coastline.

Uruguay rich with natural hot water pool. In addition, Uruguay will also have regions or areas to hunt in the wild. There we can find several natural hot water in Uruguay which is used for medical therapy. Uruguay is a country on the American continent whose people have oxen and horse farms.

So that when the tourists visiting this country, visitors are allowed to enter the field of horses and cows. Along the way, we can find a lot of small towns rich in shades of colonial architecture in the early nationhood.

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Top 6 Best Places To Visit In Uruguay ( Content

Top 6 Best Places to Visit in Uruguay

Best Places to Visit in Uruguay – In general, developing countries in the Americas have a tradition that is not much different. Likewise Uruguay which has some similarities in terms of culture and tradition in Argentina. Apart from that, the language used by the two countries are the same.

Uruguayan society is very loved to dance to the accompaniment of folk music, polkas, waltzes and Tango. As a traveler, you should have to know the ins and outs of the tourist spots or attractions right? Here are some objects interesting sights and popular in Uruguay.

1. Montevideo as a city center in Uruguay

Montevideo As A City Center In Uruguay Best Places To Visit In Uruguay
Montevideo as a city center in Uruguay

Uruguay has the capital that could be used as a tourist destination by local travelers and foreign countries. City of Montevideo is Uruguay’s famous city center has a high level of cleanliness and good level of comfort.

With rows of buildings with a classic feel but still looks strong despite age. We can enjoy the feel of the road very regularly so that congestion is also not found in this city.

In the city Montevideo, we can do sightseeing museums or historic sites, Mount Montevideo, beautiful beaches as well as shopping for souvenirs at the stores that are already available. We can see the remnants of the colonial era fort in the historical places in Uruguay.

Montevideo is a city center that has had a cultural heritage, and is the economic center of Uruguay. In this city we can visit Fabini Plaa that leads to Libertador Avenue. There we can enjoy the works of great architecture but with a classic feel.

World Trade Centers Association In Montevideo Best Places To Visit In Uruguay
World Trade Centers Association in Montevideo

Furthermore, we could visit the castles residual colonial reign in Plaza Independencia. We do not need to use the vehicle to Plaza Independencia if our position is in Montevideo Esplanade. This is because the distance between the two is not too far away and can be reached with a short walk. The Esplanade is one of the districts located in the seaside town and including Ramirez Beach. This place is one of the best places to visit in Uruguay.

Where the venue is home to Mercosur, the headquarters of Pocitos, as well as several similar communities. For the time being even been built Carrasco Airport, which will contribute to Montevideo. It even makes the city of Montevideo into a city of the city as well as quality of life is quite high in Latin America.


2. La Escollera

La Escollera Beach Best Places To Visit In Uruguay
La Escollera Beach

Attractive tourist destinations in Uruguay is La Escollera. This tourist spot is one of the sights that we must visit while in Uruguay. Even La Escollera is also a coastal tourist destinations that have the most number of end. In addition, these sights have the title as the best beach in Montevideo.

Beautiful beach views can be enjoyed with an inexpensive cost. If you have a hobby of fishing then La Escollera is a tourist destination that is perfect for your visit. La Escollera itself is a paradise for lovers of inducement. Typically, people who visit there will take adequate fishing equipment.

But for those of you who are not fond of the fishing, of course, La Escollera also continue to have an attractive tourist side. To just spend leisure time, you can enjoy the scenery by sitting on the beach while waiting for the sunset. At the moment, usually most people will be docked to the edge of the beach to enjoy the beautiful sunset views and a place to honeymoon. This place is one of the best places to visit in Uruguay.


3. Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach In Uruguay ( Best Places To Visit In Uruguay
Atlantic Beach in Uruguay (

Uruguay is included as a country that has many beautiful beaches that can be used as a tourist destination. Although Atalntic Beach in Uruguay has not been used and empowered as good as other beaches, but the purity and the atmosphere far from urban bustle became more distinct values.

The Atlantic coast and even become a source of tourism in Uruguay. We can find the most isolated beaches in the State of Rocha office. The layout of the site covers the most eastern area of the Atlantic coast of Uruguay. There we can find a tourist destination that covers the waterfront community life ranging from Cabo Polonio, La Paloma, and Punta Del Diablo.

Atlantic Beach In Uruguay Best Places To Visit In Uruguay
Atlantic Beach in Uruguay

Three types of beach in Uruguay can be used as a tourist destination that encompasses the traditions and lifestyle of coastal communities. In the 1990s, the waterfront community in Uruguay has been attracting tourists from local and foreign countries. This beach is one of the best places to visit in Uruguay.


4. Punta Del Este (Uruguay Ruta Riviera)

Punte Del Este Beach ( Best Places To Visit In Uruguay
Punte Del Este Beach (

Uruguay is a country that has a great reputation for beach tourism. We can find Uruguay Malnanado Department which serve as a home or a prime location for tourists who hunt feel of beach in Uruguay. Some of the renowned beach resort in Uruguay namely Piriapolis, Punta Colorada, Isla de Lobos and Punta Del Este.

Among the four tourist destinations in the Uruguayan coast, a place that has the highest level of polularitas is Punta Del Este. Where these beaches have been recast and developed by those responsible for the affairs of the beach in Uruguay.

Starting in 1896, Punta Del Este has developed in the form of their botanical garden Antonio Lussich’s and Punta Del Este Host increasingly attract travelers. Even today, the number of visitors to Punta Del Este in the summer can reach one million visitors.

When we visited the place in the summer, the beginning of the month of December to February then we will see the crowds there. In Uruguay, we can also find interest Caspueblo located near the statue of Carlos Paez Vilaro. This place is one of the best places to visit in Uruguay.


5. Laguna del Sauce

Laguna Del Sauce Best Places To Visit In Uruguay
Laguna del Sauce

Uruguay is not only famous for its row of old buildings are lined up neatly in urban centers alone, but the other side of the Uruguay can be encountered in different shades. Natural rustic feel in the interior of Uruguay has become center attention of tourists lately. We can see the city along the river Uruguay from Salto, Fray Bentos and Paysandu.

Travelers can see directly the activities of the community as well as the inland boating reserved for exploring nature Uruguay. We could even disepanjag river while fishing while enjoying the scenery on the boat. The number of visitors in the Laguna del sauce from year to year increase. This is because the value and popularity of tourist destinations are intensively conducted by the government.

Therefore, the vast expanse that is outside the airport area to the west end also increased the number of tourists every year. Some reservoirs or natural lakes such as Laguna Del Sos also subjected to visit when in Uruguay. Laguna Del So there itself is one of the sites most favored by anglers and players windsurfing. This place is one of the best places to visit in Uruguay.

Many tourist also visit Uruguay Rio Negro
Uruguay Rio Negro Best Places To Visit In Uruguay
Uruguay Rio Negro

Whereas the sports lovers of rowing will usually be more than happy to visit Uruguay Rio Negro. Rural tourist spots and other rivers is still a lot, but the level of popularity are not increased.

Uruguay inland communities generally have livelihoods as farmers or ranchers. Therefore, we can see the spread of agriculture and animal husbandry are open to local and foreign tourists who visit the country.

Even expanse of fields which were previously only used pertenakan and agricultural land by the surrounding community, has now built several inns and restaurants that facilitate the tourists.

In general, the resto in Uruguay serve food that comes from dairy products such as cheese, meat, and even wine. Wine industry in Uruguay is a benchmark for developing countries which also elaborates the wine industry.

The tourists from local and foreign countries can enjoy views of the unspoilt countryside inland. Besides the tourists, the experts who visited Uruguay also interested to do research or study there.


6. El Aguila Church

El Aguila Church Best Places To Visit In Uruguay
El Aguila Church

The next travel destinations in Uruguay namely El Aguila which is a church with a unique building architecture. Al Aguila church construction is going on since August 11, 1945 by Juan Torres (an Argentinean architect).

El Aguila church building is located in the coastal Atlandia. When we were in the capital of Uruguay, then on towards Calle 3, Villa Argentina, Atlantida we will cover a distance of approximately 45 km of Montevideo.

El Aguila means Eagle or Hawk. El Aguila is also the language of Uruguay which, when translated had meaning ‘eagle’. Therefore, no wonder the church building form the outside look like a hawk.

El Aguila property is currently in the hands of a successful businessman from Italy who live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The name of the entrepreneur that Natalio Michelizzi. This church is one of the best places to visit in Uruguay.


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Best places to visit in Uruguay – Food is typical in Uruguay namely Steak Parilla is usually served with a drink of tea or Mate. So, many places to visit in Uruguay. Don’t waste your time, pack your bag, and visit this beautiful country.


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