Best 5 Popular Nude Beaches in the World

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Best & Popular Nude Beaches in the World

Popular Nude Beaches in the World – As we hear the beach, what’s on your mind? Yes, view of the beach with the waves, the sight of tourists who were sunbathing. Most beaches are prohibited from imposing naked on the beach area.

But there are also beaches that allow visitors to get naked; maybe many tourists did not wear a shirt and beach apparel. Yes, many beaches in countries that allow the visitor to naked without shame. How come?

Could be, because this beach is functioned for the nudist or naturist. People who want to live and blends with nature without using apparel deemed intrusive nature.

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Best 5 Popular Nude Beaches In The World For Content

Best 5 Popular Nude Beaches in the World

Favorite nude beaches – Well, if curious, try to see any beaches that visitors do not wear even sunburned. Below are five popular nude beaches in the world that recommended for you who want to enjoy the nature without wearing clothes. Here we go:

1. La Centro Helio Marin, France

La Centro Helio Marin is one of the nudist beaches with visitors of the largest in the world. Even at this beach is also a nudist movement that blends with nature begins to spread to many regions in France and Europe. La Centro Helio Marin was first opened in 1950 in conjunction with a very luxurious resort.

The beach is not a beach suitable for children and families. Usually, that comes is a couple of honeymooners or people who happen to crave excitement. This beach is open to the public, and the camera and video are allowed entry. So anybody here ready recorded on camera.

2. Plakias Beach, Greece

Greece is the world’s most famous tourist destinations. Even most of the country’s revenue comes from the tourism sector that is very intriguing. One of the leading attractions of Greece is a breathtaking beach with a unique location. Inevitably, Greece became the target of a lot of people around the world to spend the holiday in peace.

One of the most famous beach in Greece is Plakias. On this beach, everyone must undress completely. In contrast to the other in Greece are only allowed to undress the top only. On the beach a lot of nudist movement which campaigns integrated with nature’s life. So do not wonder if wearing it looks strange here.

3. Haulover Beach, Miami, Florida, USA

Haulover Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Miami. Rarely Clean because there was trash on the beach sand is very soft. Clean because of using clothes is something that is optional.

So it is not surprising that on this beach, men and women, young and old perform activities on the beach with no clothes. Local authorities allow this because it is also part of the nudist lifestyle emerging in America.

Haulover Beach is very well managed by the local people and the government. Standard facilities here, even the coast guard is also provided. Some police also patrolled if it gets no rude things happen.

Haulover Beach is now one of the nudist beach destination for who want to enjoy life without having reviled by others.

4. Es Cavallet, Spain

Es Cavallet is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area of Spain. This beach has soft sand, clean and very well run. The beach is also very friendly with the nudist who prefers to live without clothes on the beach until they were not wearing any clothes.

Oh yeah, the beach is also not prohibited same-sex (gay or lesbian) to come to enjoy the beauty. The beach is usually visited by young people who want to party and also enjoyed the bachelor.

So do not be surprised if, in Es Cavallet, beaches activities can run from morning to morning. As there is no time to rest. Coming to Es Cavallet considered like coming to paradise the real world.

5. Lokrum Island, Croatia

In recent years, Croatia became one of the highly developed countries regarding tourism. In this place a lot of beaches that will pamper anyone who would come. Including beaches on the island of Lokrum which is known to be friendly with the nudist and naturist from various parts of the world. In fact, until there are 15 groups of nudist and naturist standing here.

Lokrum Island is still relatively new. However, management can work well. The security forces also provided here for added comfort. Here, cameras and other image capture any form is strictly prohibited. So come here safely.


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Popular nude beaches in the world – Here are five super beautiful beaches and only visited by tourists who do not wear clothes. In this place, wearing clothes is a very strange thing and like to break the rules. Well, there are plans for a vacation to this nude beach?


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