The Best Santorini Honeymoon Destinations

Destinations for Santorini Honeymoon – Something about islands in Greek especially Santorini is utterly captivating. Its beauty is simple yet very rich. No wonder there are so many destinations for Santorini Honeymoon options for romantic couples.

This spot is already famous in honeymoon favorites destinations category. Also, nature is the main features for best things in Santorini, Greek, and the city atmosphere is suitable for honeymoon celebration purposes for newly wed couples. So, we recommend considering this city as one of your honeymoon destinations in your plan and bucket list.

The light, the black sandy beach and the whitewashed houses along the coastal line beautifully decorate this island in such a perfect way. These places become one of best destination in Greek, Europe after Athens Vacation.


Santorini Honeymoon Destinations

Best Destination for Santorini Honeymoon
Santorini, Greek

Santorini Greece Honeymoon – With great weather almost all year along, Santorini welcomes couples anytime in a year. The remoteness of Santorini and several other islands have even made this island more inviting.

The natural beauties are not the only things Santorini has. Its rich culture had even dated back many centuries ago. Visit the museum and ancient building to witness how great this island was.

But, we also really recommend you to hire travel agent and choose their best Santorini honeymoon packages that suitable for your budget, in case you don’t want to make your plan by yourself.

And don’t worry about your places to stay in this city, you can book via online with our recommendation link here and if you are making a contract with any travel agent there, they will prepare you the best Santorini honeymoon accommodation.

Actually, they will prefer the best honeymoon hotels in Santorini that suite with your pocket and your comfort, precisely!

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Oia Village with Stunning Santorini Honeymoon Hotels

Best Destination for Santorini Honeymoon
Oia Village

Spending the perfect Santorini Honeymoon is mostly about staying at the beautiful and lovely hotels with scenic views. Of all spots, the Oia Village presents just the best offer. This village is located around 12 kilometers up the coast from the capital of Santorini, Fira.

This small village is picturesque. Anywhere you see, there are beautiful whitewashed houses of which many of them have been converted to romantic boutique hotels. You can enjoy Santorini Hot Springs here.

The hotels are made perfect with a majestic view that overlooks the caldera. Imagine waking up in your room and seeing the beautiful caldera from the window. This view is also breathtaking when seen from the infinity pool in front of the chamber.

It’s like you have your sea and caldera to enjoy anytime in a day. Oia Village is also famous for its stunning sunset. It even attracts millions of tourists to visit Santorini just to see the spectacular sunset in Oia.

During the night, make your honeymoon in Santorini trip perfect by going to the best restaurants and bars in Oia (also refer as Santorini nightlife). Make time to have a nice slow walk through the village. The zigzag footpath is just astonishing.

Stay in Downtown Fira

Best Destination for Santorini Honeymoon
Fira Village (Santorini)

If downtown is preferable to spend the Santorini honeymoon trip, consider staying at one of the hotels in Fira. This little town is perched on above the caldera, about 300 meters above.

It is decorated with whitewashed cubic houses, blue-domed churches, small squares and winding lanes.Fira offers various tourists attractions from rich cultures, night life, best fine dining restaurants and much more else.

For your memorable culinary vacation, this village will be one of your destination lists, write it on your destinations to honeymoon in Santorini!

Fira offers various tourists attractions from rich cultures, nightlife, best fine dining restaurants and much more else. For your memorable culinary vacation, this village will be one of your destination lists, write it on Santorini Greek Restaurant.

It’s the perfect spot for couples looking for vibrant atmosphere. During peak seasons, Fira may be too crowded, so it’s recommended to come during the low season instead.

Best Black Sandy Beaches

Best Destinations for Santorini Honeymoon
Black Sandy Beach

Staying in Santorini is not perfect without experiencing the exotic black sandy beaches. This is what makes Santorini more unique than other islands. The black sand is stunning yet contrasts with the whitewashed cubic house.

The two most famous beaches are Perissa and Perivolos Beach. They have a 6-kilometer long stretch coastal line with the black volcanic sand. Accessing the beaches is considerably easy since they are only 12 kilometers away from Fira.

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With a beautiful scenic view and lovely hotels to stay, Santorini honeymoon trip will always be something irresistible to do and repeat. For your information, Santorini Time Zone use EEST (Eastern Europe Summer Time). High places review by Traveling Portals.

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