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Thailand Culinary

Best street food in Bangkok – One of the most exciting when visiting a new place far from home is tasting good food in these destinations. If you have any chance to travel to Thailand, do not forget to explore the streets for the sake of excursions in the neighborhood street food which is always full of visitors.

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Best Street Food In Bangkok Thailand For Content

Best Street Food in Bangkok

Best street food in Bangkok – Where could hunt street food at a low price, tasty, and safe? Bangkok is a city that must you go for hunting street food. Here are a few recommendations to enjoy a culinary tour of Thailand in Bangkok.

1. Victory Monument (Anusawari Chai Samoraphum)

This monument is massive military monument located in the center of Bangkok and is in the north. Monument is located in the middle of the intersection that many impassable to vehicles and public transport is also a place to look for passengers, so there are a lot of people passing by.

Many people, many street food stalls. Wherever you look, there will always be food vendors, and street food restaurant with an extensive choice of food was varied and tempting faith. One of the most widely hunted is boat noodle restaurant with a diverse selection of noodles.

2. Chinatown (Yaowarat)

Furthermore, culinary tourism in Thailand is in Chinatown where you will find a variety of street food stands on the right and left of the road. Yaowarat is located in the heart of Chinatown in Bangkok with a very diverse selection of food at a cheap price-bargain.

Looking for street food in Yaowarat is a very appropriate action is at night when the streets will be more crowded with traders of food, while during the day this place serves as a market. Not far from Yaowarat, you also find Pahurat which is Little India in Bangkok, here lo can also enjoy a variety of snacks typical Indian spiced.

3. Ratchawat Market and Market Sriyan

Ratchawat Market Best Street Food In Bangkok Thailand
Ratchawat Market

In the street, there are two Nakhon Chaisi market for the legendary street food, and the Ratchawat Sriyan Market. In Ratchawat, you can find a variety of restaurants with Thai street food, and cheap rates with the main dish are a roast duck, noodles with Kobe beef.

While in Sriyan Market you can pamper and satisfied stomach with a variety of noodle dishes, curries, and a variety of snack foods Thai that makes you question your diet.

4. Charoen Krung and Bangkrak

Thailand culinary tour continues into two regions that are the road to the right side packed with smoke billowing from a variety of snacks that are cooked. You who are on a strict diet should not pass this way because once inside you will smell a broad range of delicious aromas that together and calling souls hungry to stop and eat.

It smells like fried onions, roasted duck, assorted fried noodles, and also the aroma of fresh fruit has always been a demon teaser for those who pass this way. In one corner of this street, you can find restaurants that offer the vegetarian menu, the restaurant named Tien Sin.

5. Bang Khun Non

If you want to find a comfortable place to eat and not too in a side street, so there is always a danger you’re hit, Bang Khun Non is the right place. This area is a forum for community street food vendors in Thailand which serves Thai specialties with high quality, cleaner, and can provide Thailand street food experience more enjoyable.

One of the highly recommended restaurants is Som Tam Boo Maa which is a restaurant with a dish of food typical of Thailand.

6. Petchaburi Soi 5

Petchaburi Soi 5 Best Street Food In Bangkok Thailand
Petchaburi Soi 5

The location is quite hidden near the modern shopping district of Siam and Victory Monument, precisely in the area of Phaya Tai, is Petchaburi Soi 5 is a little similar to a road gang with Thai street food vendors on either side.

This road began bustling toward evening; here you can buy some food chosen to be wrapped and find a more comfortable place to eat snacks.

Various snacks suggested here as Tom Yam goong, a variety of noodles, a variety of salads, fresh fruits, and snacks were delicious. Although hidden, to get into the small street is not difficult. The location is also close to downtown Bangkok making it easier for you who do not want away from the city center. This place is one of the

The location is also close to downtown Bangkok making it easier for you who do not want away from the city center. This place is one of the best street food in Bangkok.


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