Top 12 Best Street Foods in South Korea

Best Street Foods in South Korea – Discussing the street food, certainly, many who agree if street food becomes one of the things that should be attempted and made the experience for the traveler in Korea.

Perhaps many will get the experience of a fun moment when you walk in the streets of Myeongdong, Dongdaemun or Hongdae.

The options are endless, and you certainly do not want to miss a single one. Street food scattered everywhere, there every day, and spacious, you can find anywhere in Korea. But the materials and appearance are slightly different from area to area.


The Best South Korean Food

Korean Foods – Jeonju selected as “Creative City of Gastronomy” in 2012, under the UNESCO Creative City Network Project. Why? Because we believe that it is obtained from a recipe derived from the hereditary, so the taste does not change. If you ask, what can be done in Jeonju, the answer is hunting the street food. Because it was fun!

Here’s 12 Best Street Food in South Korea, precisely in Jeonju Hanok Village is one of the places to visit in South Korea that recommend when you are visiting South Korea.


1. Strawberry Red Beans Mochi

Strawberry Red Beans - Top 12 Best Street Foods in South Korea
Strawberry Red Beans – source:

Soft and luxurious dessert is one of the many desserts that you must try. Strawberries are fresh and slightly sweet red bean mochi wrapped in a soft thin layer. The sweet taste of red beans are not too loud, so the blend is fitted with grains of strawberry created.

Price: 2,000 Won


2. Persimmon Mochi

Persimmon Mochi - Top 12 Best Street Foods in South Korea
Persimmon Mochi – source:

Winter is the best season for ripe persimmon and in stores ranging sold a lot of mochi persimmon. Price mochi persimmon is the same with strawberry mochi, but the difference is becoming mochi persimmon that does not appear at any time.

That’s why this is worth a peach mochi you try! Korean persimmon was dense and contains more water than usual persimmon imported from China. Well, if you like the persimmon fruit, you will surely like this one mochi.

Price: 2,000 Won


3. Macaroon Ice Cream

Macaroon Ice Cream - Top 12 Best Street Foods in South Korea
Macaroon Ice Cream – source:

For those of you who’ve been to Korea, perhaps one ever tried macaroon ice cream. But, let you try macaroon ice cream in Jeonju. The society itself was there just love macaroon ice cream! Macaroon ice cream in Jeonju has super delicious flavor.

For example, dark chocolate ice cream with orange macaroon, this could be a blend of sweet dessert combination. You should try it!

Price: 2,000 Won

4. Meatballs Satay

Meatballs Satay - Top 12 Best Street Foods in South Korea
Meatballs Satay – source:

We believe if you paid a visit to Korea and went to the area of Jeonju, and you find a meatball skewer of “Chon-nom-eui-Sonmat“, you will instantly fall in love with this one dessert. Marinated with fitting, size is large, juicy and creamy dessert with acid taste make this become the best street food in Jeonju.

Price: 3,500 Won


5. Beverages Sense of Grapes

Drink sense of grapes - Top 12 Best Street Foods in South Korea
Drink sense of grapes – source: Google Plus Images

Drinks with fruit flavors can you usually find in stores that sell satay meatballs. Although this drink is a drink sweet wine or beer can be regarded as a local but can be a refreshing drink your throat after enjoying a variety of the street food.

Price: 3,500 Won


6. Grill Cheese Satay

Grill Cheese Satay in South Korea - Top 12 Best Street Foods in South Korea
Grill Cheese Satay in South Korea

Another Korean street food that shall you try in Jeonju Hanok Village is satay grilled cheese. Cheese in food made from the milk of non-rum. Then burned to obtain a yellowish color with a slightly crispy, then served with yogurt smeared. Just imagine, it’s delicious, is not it!

Price: 3,000 Won


7. Handmade Ice Cream

Handmade Ice Cream - Top 12 Best Street Foods in South Korea
Handmade Ice Cream – source: Youtube Images

Handmade ice cream from Chuzme in Jeonju this could be one of the famous ice cream. This store is a store that sells ice cream and churros. Ice cream is sold here plenty of choices was great, and everything is made with natural ingredients. There was ice cream with flavors of mango, strawberry, grape, kiwi, orange, green tea, and the type of fruit yogurt flavors.

Price: 3,000 Won


8. Shrimp Dumplings

Shrimp Dumplings - Top 12 Best Street Foods in South Korea
Shrimp Dumplings – source: Youtube Images

Daewoo-Rang is the most famous shops selling all kinds of dumplings. Because of the famous and delicious dumplings in this shop, to get a pack of dumplings you have to queue, the queue started at 9:30 am local time. Try any of its shrimp dumplings. It felt quite tasty. Anyway, if you are looking for dumplings in Jeonju, Store Daewoo-Rang can be chosen, because well known in Hanok Village.

Price: 2,000 Won


9. King Barbecue Satay

Top 12 Best Street Foods in South Korea
King Barbecue Satay – source:

King Barbecue Satay also be an option to try street food. Their large size makes the street food is tasty and delicious all the way Jeonju Hanok Village. Its size is great.

Price: 4,000 Won


10. Baguette Gilgoria

Baguette Gilgoria - Top 12 Best Street Foods in South Korea
Baguette Gilgoria

The street food which is most popular in social media. This meal is a regular meal turned baguette stuffed with pureed tomatoes, cheese, and some peas and carrots.

Price: 3,800 Won

11. Rainbow Slushie

Rainbow Slushie - Top 12 Best Street Foods in South Korea
Rainbow Slushie – source:

See the street food this one reminds us of the past, did not? These drinks also can be found everywhere. And that makes interesting are the refreshing colors.

Price: 3,500 Won


12. Octopus Satay

Octopus Satay - Top 12 Best Street Foods in South Korea
Octopus Satay – source:

Do you like seafood? Well, if you go to the streets to Jeonju Hanok Village whose name you should try Octopus Satay. Stores that sell food is always crowded and queues. According to some the street food hunter there, so octopus skewers most delicious food.

Price: 3,000 Won


South Korean Food – Here’s 12 Best The Street Food in South Korea should try when visiting here. I hope this article helps you find famous street foods while you traveling to South Korea. (Traveling Portals)

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