Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Spain

10 Spain Tourist Attractions

Best Tourist Attractions in Spain – Spain is known as one of the most interesting countries to visit in Europe. Spain has many tourist attractions that have fantastic performing arts and beautiful architecture building. The state is often referred to as ‘Sun Drenched and Wild Land’ is also very thick with nuances of splendor and beauty of the architecture of the building.

Spain Tourism becomes one of the best in Europe for the beautiful Spain landmarks and Spain tourist attractions. For those of you who want to feel the beauty of holiday atmosphere in Spain, here we recommend some tourist locations that you can try to visit.

1. Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor - Best Tourist Attractions in Spain
Plaza Mayor – Credit:

This place is like a square located in the center of Madrid, Spain. This site is viral among local and foreign tourists. The Plaza Mayor building consists of 4 floors occupied by outdoor cafes and shops on the ground floor. The upper part of this place contains hotels, apartments, and other residences that are usually offered for tourists. So if you are on holiday in Spain, do not miss this site.

2. Gran Via

Gran Via - Best Tourist Attractions in Spain
Gran Via – Credit:

Gran Via is the name of a street that is a shopping center and entertainment center in the City of Madrid. Theaters, cinemas, and malls have neatly lined the street with typical Spanish architecture. You can also observe the art of 20th-century building that stands along the way such as Edificio Grassy, Edificio Espana, and Torre de Madrid. Gran Via is one of the best landmarks in Spain that give you a beautiful architecture view.

3. La Concha

La Concha - Best Tourist Attractions in Spain
La Concha – Credit:

La Concha has transformed into one of the best beaches in Spain and also in Europe. The beach is located in San Sebastian and is surrounded by cliffs and islands. On this beach, you can do surfing activities or just take a walk to enjoy the atmosphere of the green and shady trees on the beach. La Concha is one of the best points of interest in Spain.

4. Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia - Best Tourist Attractions in Spain
Sagrada Familia – Credit:

Sagrada Familia is the name of a large Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, Spain. This church became very spectacular as it was designed by a famous architect, Antoni Gaudi, and was built for nearly 40 years. Antoni Gaudi died in 1926 and is buried in the dungeon of this church. You can take a walk to the tower using the lift and see the beautiful view at the top of the tower.

5. Casa de la Panaderia

Casa de la Panaderia - Best Tourist Attractions in Spain
Casa de la Panaderia – Credit:

The other best tourist spot in Spain is Casa de la Panaderia. This resort is located in the Plaza Mayor which is included in the area of Madrid. This four-tiered building is attractive to visit because there is a beautiful large painting. This place used to be used as a gathering place for trade union organizations in Madrid. This site is a historic place because the price of wheat at that time is specified in this area. You can climb to this building and see the sights of Plaza de Mayor.

6. Torres de Quart

Torres de Quart - Best Tourist Attractions in Spain
Torres de Quart – Credit:

For the next tourist spots in Spain is Torres de Quart. This place is in the Placa de Santa area of Valencia. This tourist building is a relic from medieval. This place has a typical gothic architecture style of European buildings in those days. Formerly this place is a fortress that protects this city of Valencia. This building becomes the pride of the city of Valencia which became one of the tourist icons of this city. These Spain attractions is one of the famous points of interest in this beautiful country.

7. Parque del Buen Retiro

Parque del Buen - Best Tourist Attractions in Spain
Parque del Buen Retiro – Credit:

Parque del Buen Retiro is the most extensive park in Spain. This beautiful park is located in Madrid and is often referred to as the heart of Madrid. On weekends, this park can be very crowded by local visitors and foreign tourists. El Retiro Park is also famous for its many exciting outdoor events and activities. You can also enjoy performances from street artists who are ready to entertain all visitors to the park.

8. Las Ventas

Las Ventas - Best Tourist Attractions in Spain
Las Ventas – Credit:

The matador show from Spain is very famous throughout the world. One of the arena matadores you can visit is Las Ventas. This stadium was built in 1923 and can accommodate up to 20 thousands more spectators. In addition to watching the show, you can also see historical objects relating to the art of bullfights ranging from property and matador clothes, paintings, and sculptures.

9. Alhondiga

Alhondiga - Best Tourist Attractions in Spain
Alhondiga – Credit:

Next is the Alhondiga which is in Arriquibar which still belongs to the area of Bizkaia. This place is a quality liquor and wine producer in Spain. This building has been built since 1905. The building was renovated to beautify this building in 1994. The facilities that provided in this place is like a cinema, theater, exhibition hall, recreation area or also shops that sell foods and souvenirs. Alhondiga also has a unique swimming pool with an invincible floor. Interesting right? The building has a modern and unique architectural design. For those of you that asked what to do in Spain? The best and fun answer is to visit Plaza de Toros in Alhondiga.

10. The Palacio Real

The Palacio Real - Best Tourist Attractions in Spain
The Palacio Real – Credit:

If England has a Buckingham Palace, then Spain has Royal Palace Of Madrid. The Royal Palace of Madrid or Palacio Real is the palace where the royal residence of Spain in Madrid. This place is an official residence, but now the Royal Palace is not occupied by the royal family of Spain, but only used when there is a reception event like a state ceremony.  Besides enjoying the luxurious furnishings, you can also enjoy the splendid beauty of the park.

This is the end of the best tourist attractions in Spain article, noted that attractions and you know what to do when visiting Spain. (Traveling Portals)


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