Top 6 Most Delicious & Best Vietnamese Foods

The Best Vietnamese Foods

Most Delicious Vietnamese Foods & Cuisines – Having suffered a long war forty years ago and now Vietnam has become one of the developing countries in Southeast Asia that have stability in a variety of sectors.

Tourism is not spared from these developments. Vietnam has a lot of attraction for the tourists, one through the culinary aspects. Unauthorized feels traveling to Vietnam if you have not tasted a variety of typical Vietnamese foods below.


1. Banh Mi

Bahn Mi - 6 Most Delicious Foods in Vietnam Culinary
Bahn Mi – source:

French colonialism in Vietnam was found to influence is high in this country. One of them can you find common food Vietnam called banh mi, a sandwich with the typical taste of Vietnam.

Different from the majority sandwiches using regular white bread, banh mi using bread baguettes. The contents are a mixture of the various ingredients, such as meat, fish balls, pickles, carrots, and radishes. Some banh mi had chunks of chili in it, so check before eating.

2. Pho

Pho - 6 Most Delicious Foods in Vietnam Culinary
Pho – source:

Pho can be called a is typical Vietnamese food which is very popular in Vietnam. Its main components are noodles made from rice, supplemented with sliced meats, veggies, and broth.

Well, usually you can choose to enjoy the food guess what, there is made of beef, chicken, pork, and seafood. Pho has a is a typical savory flavor that can not be separated from mint leaf pieces were sown in them.

3. Goi Cuon

Goi Cuon - 6 Most Delicious Foods in Vietnam Culinary
Goi Cuon – source: Youtube Images

Shaped like a spring roll, Goi Cuon, typical Vietnamese food that has a broad range of content choices, such as shrimp, chicken, pork and various vegetables. The stuffing is wrapped with transparent skin made from rice flour.

At first glance, Goi Cuon will remind you with soggy spring rolls. Just like Pho, some sellers put mint in Goi Cuon. To taste more tasty and enjoyable, do not forget to take Goi Cuon with fish sauce.

4. Banh Xeo

Bahn Xeo - 6 Most Delicious Foods in Vietnam Culinary
Banh Xeo – source:

The majority of pancakes sold in the form of dessert. Uniquely, the pancakes were a typical Vietnamese meal has a savory taste and crunchy.

Banh Xeo has a shape like pancakes or crepes. Basic ingredients made from rice flour, coconut milk, turmeric, then sauteed with bacon, shrimp, and pieces of bean sprouts.

Well suited to the breakfast menu if you’re traveling in Vietnam. Do not forget to add lettuce to taste more delicious food in Vietnam.

5. Chao

Chao - 6 Most Delicious Foods in Vietnam Culinary
Chao – source:

Other than Banh Xeo, you can also eat Chao as a breakfast menu in Vietnam. Chao is a typical food of Vietnam in the form of a slurry which is not so different from the pulp in other places. Chao uses chicken meat, fish meat or offal meat as a side dish.

The thing that distinguishes Chao of porridge elsewhere may lie in its sprouts pieces. The presentation of the Chao also comes with chopped green onion, lime juice, and fish sauce. Banh Xeo is one of the best Vietnamese foods and cuisine in the world.

6. Nom Hoa Chuoi

6 Most Delicious Foods in Vietnam Culinary
Nom Hoa Chuoi – source:

Salad presented in the form of a mixture of pieces of fruit and a splash of mayonnaise. You will not get the same salad if you’re traveling in Vietnam. Vietnamese society has its typical salad called Nom Hoa Chuoi. This regular food that has a main ingredient of the banana flower.

Also, you will find a piece of green papaya, carrots, and chicken at Hoa Chuoi Nom. Do not miss the splash of fish sauce and a sprinkling of nuts. This food is one of the best Vietnamese Cuisine.

This is the article with the topic of the best Vietnamese foods and Vietnamese cuisine. Although many Vietnamese restaurants stand in other places, nothing can beat the thrill enjoy these foods in the country directly. Come on, clear your schedule and immediately traveling to culinary tourism in Vietnam! (Traveling Portals)


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