Black River Gorges National Park: (An Almost) Real Life Jurassic Park

Black River Gorges National Park – Last time, we’ve shown through a listicle here on Awesome Places Travel Magazine why Mauritius is an amazing honeymoon destination. Today, check out another reason why the island is an epic bucket list addition not just for couples, but for all sorts of travelers, may it be solo or group.

A real-world version of Jurassic Park

Spanning more than 6,700 hectares, the Black River Gorges National Park is a vast expanse of forestry at the south-western part of Mauritius. This famous attraction is among the island’s protected treasures filled with nature’s creations.

Black River Gorges Mauritius

Black River Gorges Mauritius – (Source:

Trekking along its famous trails makes for an experience of a lifetime, but an adventure focused on hiking and activities in the Park only gives you a bite-size portion of the reserve’s overall beauty. To get a glimpse of a land before time, make sure to keep your eyes open for views of seemingly hidden areas undisturbed by tourist trails and hiking markers.

Black River Gorges National Park is often likened to Jurassic Park due to its pristine ambience – it’s as if the area was preserved through time and is like no other region in the world. The only element missing is the presence of the movie’s dinosaurs.

Although as epic as it would be to witness dinosaurs roaming about, unfortunately we all know that isn’t possible. Nevertheless, the wildlife in Black River Gorges National Park is astonishing, thanks to the unspoiled surroundings, which gives off that aforementioned feel of a prehistoric forest. In a Telegraph article featuring Mauritius, it was mentioned how you could see lots of macaque monkeys in the Park.

But primates are not the only animals that survive from the nourishment of the Park’s jungles. A post by Conversant Traveller specified that among the fauna in the Park are nine species of birds which are endemic to the island. Remember the colorful parakeets and parrots shown in the film? They’re similar, although this time; the real ones are more special due to their rarity.

On the other hand, the Huffington Post talked about the geologic wonders of the Park and described the full magnificence of its famous waterfalls. One such location is Mare aux Joncs Waterfall, which still amazes adventurers who are fortunate enough to see it in all its glory up close. Take a look at this shot and you can imagine the familiar scene at the waterfall in the film with the Pterodactyls flying around.

Black River Gorges National Park

Black River Gorges National Park – (Source: Huffington Post)

The Jurassic Park films were full of pristine beauty akin Black River Gorges National Park. The franchise has opened people imaginations on how the world was when it was dominated by giant reptiles, and essentially introduced the infamous T-Rex as well as other dinosaurs into the consciousness of modern society.

The combination of its prehistoric characters and gorgeous natural backdrops has propelled the title into its current status as a cult classic. Jurassic Park has since been immortalised through different tributary forms including other types of visual adaptations like animated shows and video games, although the former sadly never got the chance to get aired, according to Polygon.

Video game iterations have had more success though, with Video Games Republic mentioning that Jurassic Park: The Game joined the available lineup for Gold Members of Xbox Live. The worldwide audience of casual games provider Pocketfruity also gets to enjoy the Jurassic Park slots title which features characters from the original film. In other words, Jurassic Park has gone from the Michael Crichton novel to multiple media stardom. Most importantly, however, the franchise gave audiences a deep sense of appreciation for nature.

As people today long for places similar to the sceneries they saw on the big screen, Black River Gorges National Park is as close as any other preserved natural areas in the world. And while it’s not the actual filming location for the films, the ambience and panoramic views certainly pass as prehistoric habitats. Now, if only dinosaurs were still around…

Someone seemed to have had the same dream as many others, as the Indian Ocean Times reported that a businessman proposed the construction of a dinosaur theme park here in Mauritius. For now the vision still remains in the realm of fiction, but for a realistic taste of Jurassic-like jungles, a trip to Black River Gorges National Park will more than suffice. Awesome Places