The Best Tourist Attractions in Busan

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Best Busan Tourist AttractionsSouth Korea is a country that holds many beautiful tourist attractions in Asia, both natural and artificial tourism travel. This city is one of the famous cities in South Korea that worth to visit while you are traveling to South Korea.

These countries including in the list of favorite countries to visit when on vacation. Moreover, a very well known to foreign countries is Seoul and Busan.

In this article, I will discuss the favorite Busan tourist attractions as one of the best cities to visit in South Korea. (Traveling Portals)


7 of the Best Tourist Attractions in Busan

Things to do in Busan – As the second largest town in South Korea after Seoul, Busan city presents an attractive tourist place to visit. If you plan to vacation in Busan, here are the places that must visit while you were there if you want your holiday impressed.


Busan Cinema Center

Busan Cinema Center - Top 7 Best Busan Tourist Attraction Destination
Busan Cinema Center

This place is a new venue in Busan opened since September 2011. Like the name, this venue has a concept of cinema and is at the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), the largest industry in Busan festival performances.

Innovative idea: marrying an open space with a program of cultural, entertainment, and technology in one large roof of 2.6 times the football field. There are three buildings in Busan Cinema Centre, the Cine Mountain, Biff Hill, and Double Cone.

The first building, Cine Mountain has three theaters and a film screening room performing arts theater that will feature the best performances of international standard.

A total of 42600 LED lamp shades ready to create spectacular scenes. Every night at the Busan Cinema Centre played in many world-class films. Group intensifies can special order movies to watch. The capacity of the screening room is 6800 people.


Gamcheon Cultural Village

Gamcheon Cultural Village - Top 7 Best Busan Tourist Attraction Destination
Gamcheon Cultural Village

Gamcheon Cultural Village, initially as a slum area that is a refuge during the Korean War in the 1950s. However, since 2009, the village is transformed into a tourist village beautiful and colorful.

There are many paintings and murals are deliberately created by the artists. Many visitors come here just to seeing the beautiful art that shows the Korean Culture and lists this places as one of the best Busan tourist attraction on their list.


Yonggungsa Temple

Yonggungsa Temple - Top 7 Best Busan Tourist Attraction Destination
Yonggungsa Temple

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple or better by locals as Yonggungsa Temple is a temple that was built in 1376 and situated on the waterfront. Temple has to mean in the East Sea Dragon Palace has 108 stairs, three floors pagodas, Buddhist goddess statue or Haesu Gwaneum Daebul which has a height of up to 10 meters, and springs.


Haeundae Beach

Haeundae Beach - Top 7 Best Busan Tourist Attraction Destination
Haeundae Beach

This beach is the place that most attention of tourists, especially in summer. Various festivals held along the white sandy beaches, as Haeundae Sand Festival, a celebration Jeongwol daeboreum, Busan Sea Festival, and so on. When Haeundae Sand festival, visitors can enjoy a variety of replicas of world-famous monuments that made of sand.

These ornament makers compete for big prizes. Interestingly, visitors can try the “buried” in the hot sand. Not far from the beach, you can visit many attractions like DongBaek Island and Islands Oryukdo. Bexco also located on this beach.

Other attractions of the Suyeong Gu Island and Gwangan beach. On the beach, there are Gwangan Grand Bridge that connects Haeundae-gu toward Suyeong-gu. Now, this bridge became an icon of the Busan City. The beauty of the bridge is visible at night.

The colors of the lights look so attractive. On the beaches of Busan, you can enjoy a variety of activities, such as jet skiing, boating, banana boat and so on.


Igidae Park

Igidae Park - Top 7 Best Busan Tourist Attraction Destination
Igidae Park

Igidae Park is a bouncy bridge-shape path that presents an incredible view from the top of this place. You can see the sights of Busan city and its attractions, such as Gwangan Bridge, DongBaek Island, until Haeundae Beach. Igidae Park is one of the best places to visit in Busan, South Korea.


Busan Aquarium

Busan Aquarium View - Top 7 Best Busan Tourist Attraction Destination
Busan Aquarium View

Based in Haeundae beach, the beauty of the surrounding nature. Busan Aquarium undoubtedly it’s beauty spots. Especially if you get into the aquarium as this giant marine park, you’ll be surprised of the various types of fish crowding.

It is the largest aquarium in South Korea. Approximately 250 species and 35,000 kinds of marine animals can you see in this aquarium. In fact, if you want a meeting while watching marine animals dancing in the aquarium, there is also the available room.

Meeting all the supporting equipment was ready to be provided. Also provided are also glass bottom boat, shark dive, and 3D rider with audio guide. Visit Busan Aquarium is one of the best things to do in Busan, South Korea.


Busan Tower

Busan Tower - Top 7 Best Busan Tourist Attraction Destination
Busan Tower

Located in Yongdusan Park, Busan Tower is a 118 meters tall tower and located on a hill. The tower is built only as a tourist, not a TV or radio towers. From the top of this tower, you can see the whole beauty of Busan city surrounded by sea and mountains.

This place is visited by many of tourist and become famous Busan tourist attraction. Pay a visit to this tower and watch the landscape of Busan city as one of the popular things to do in Busan, South Korea.


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