13 Expert GoPro Tips for Beginner while Traveling

Best GoPro Tips and Tricks – The camera is a device that you should bring if you want to travel. Why? Because this tool is very useful for capturing beautiful moments when you’re going, especially the place you want to go is an interesting and beautiful the place.

You need a camera for shooting the natural beauty of the places you visit, as well as proof that you have to go to those locations.

Today, many cameras that have the features a sophisticated and modern. Moreover, the presence of 4K functions that produce images with excellent clarity, color, and life. At least, when you’re traveling there any tools to shoot, although only with a smartphone alone. But my advice, for you that has more budget, only buy a DSLR camera or action camera.

For today’s topic, I will discuss something about GoPro, which is an action camera that has been very popular among the traveler. GoPro already has the latest products GoPro 4 and GoPro Hero 5, which has professional features.

Especially with the 4K feature that can take a picture with a very clearly and crisply. You no longer need to carry a DSLR if you already have a GoPro in your pocket during the trip.


Best GoPro Tips for Beginner

13 Important GoPro Tips When Traveling For Beginner
Important GoPro tips for beginner

GoPro tips for the beginner – Below I will discuss some tips for using GoPro to the maximum during your travels. Consider the following tips for you that make the GoPro as the mainstay when taking pictures as long as you do the traveling. Here is an article on the topic ‘GoPro Tips for Beginner while traveling’ and happy reading how to use GoPro while traveling.


1. Choose the right equipment

13 Important GoPro Tips When Traveling For Beginner
Most important things you need for your GoPro – Credits: Go Pool

The first tips are to use a GoPro for the maximum result is to select the right equipment to support the GoPro when it takes a picture. An example is when you are going to take underwater photos then you should use a waterproof case (but this is not required for GoPro Hero 5). As another example, you must use the Stabilization when taking pictures in motion.

Here is a list of GoPro equipment which you can buy

13 Important GoPro Tips When Traveling For Beginner

  • Stabilization. Tools to stabilize images captured in motion.
  • Drone. Tools for taking pictures from above.
  • Mono-Pod. Tools for taking selfies & groovy.
  • Waterproof. GoPro support device to be used for underwater photographs.
  • Dive filter. Clarify decision-support tools for underwater photos or when diving.
  • Mount. GoPro supports tools to put the appropriate circumstances when it takes a picture.
  • Housing. Tools to put the GoPro if it is pairing with a Mount or Mono-Pod.
  • Floaty. Often used for taking pictures with the surfboard in the water.
  • Remo. Tools to enable sounds when underwater GoPro was functioning.

2. Find and utilized a different angle

Often the image results are best obtained from an unusual angle. Let your imagination run by themselves to produce photos and video with better results. For example, when you want to take videos of people playing skateboard, just leave your GoPro on the floor.

GoPro will capture every movement of the skateboarder who is eager to glide with the boards. Well, from here we could see that usually, people prefer taking pictures from the top angles. In fact, the image of the bottom angles could also produce good pictures.


3. Set the photos settings to be sharp

How to use GoPro to get the best results is to record video with a duration which is not too long, but you have to sharpen the object that is being recorded. Not a problem to make a video with a long run. However, it can be annoying for the viewer.

Try to capture video from GoPro no more than 3 minutes. However, try to sharpen the object that is being recorded to grab the attention of people who watched the video. When you want the best GoPro pictures then you must know what the best GoPro settings for you.


4. Place the GoPro camera in mouth

13 Important GoPro Tips When Traveling For Beginner
Make GoPro as fast as he got.

This way is another option if you want to record video while doing extreme things that does not allow you to hold the camera. Just put a GoPro in the mouth. This tip is done by many surfers who were surfing.

Nowadays, you can find the tools to put the GoPro in the mouth. This tool is specifically designed so that users can bite the tool. You certainly would not think that this instrument can produce images from the best vantage point you may have never seen before.


5. Try to take underwater photos with GoPro

One of the GoPro function is to record in a place that can not be reached by a regular camera. Lose if you have a GoPro but never use it to record the natural beauty under the sea.

For some people who are already good at diving, they would not hesitate to hold the camera with a monopod. However, if you are not too adept at diving should embed GoPro near your snorkel goggles. That way GoPro will record everything you see with your eyes.


6. Adjust the settings with a minimum of 60 fps

According to the professionals who have been using GoPro in various qualities, ranging from 4K, 2.4K, 720p. However, 1080p at 60 frames per second (frames per second) is the most optimal settings.

4K allows the video to play well on the computer, but for some cameras are only equipped with 60 fps it’s good enough. Framerate and quality from the camera are crucial. You must pay attention to these settings before you start using the GoPro and find your best GoPro settings and learn this GoPro tips on your friend that mastering GoPro.


7. Try Capture App for GoPro

GoPro has the official application that can be used to connect GoPro to your smartphone. Use this travel app to take on a new perspective or learn how to get a new perspective on your smartphone.

Capture app for GoPro App can be found in PlayStore for Android or the App Store for iOS. For convenience and help you not to bother to look for the application, below I have provided a download link ‘Capture App for GoPro‘ for both types of systems Android and iOS smartphones. Use the link below to download.

iOS App Store Download Button Android Playstore Download Button


8. Connect the GoPro with smartphone

13 Important GoPro Tips When Traveling For Beginner
Connect your GoPro with a smartphone for better views.

Through GoPro, you can not see the camera viewpoint without the help of other tools. Well, take advantage of your smartphone to see the angle GoPro quickly. You can see the camera filming live just by glancing at the screen of your smartphone.

This method is very useful to determine the angle and adjust the settings to make the images or videos can be seen better. To connect GoPro to your smartphone, you can take advantage of Wi-Fi connectivity, this feature is better used when taking a selfie with GoPro.


9. Take multiple pictures

To prevent you from taking the wrong image or mistakes in image capture and image settings then try to take some pictures for a single moment. GoPro camera has features for shooting in large numbers with a single tap namely Burst Shoot.

Burst Shoot can be used to try taking a picture when selfie and groovy. Because, when selfie you will not know how your looks when taking pictures with GoPro, it’s all about GoPro photography.

10. Use timer when taking a selfie with GoPro

The timer is one of the features from GoPro to postpone the photos according to the time when you set. This feature is helpful for you when selfie because it would give more time for you to stylish or customize a style you would when taking a photo.

The timer is also appropriate to be used while attaching the camera to the Mono-Pod. Maximize timer to get the best GoPro pictures and GoPro selfie.


11. Get to know your camera

13 Important GoPro Tips When Traveling For Beginner
Let’s introduce yourself with GoPro.

Lots of mistakes made by beginners when they do not recognize their cameras. Often was rehearsing and fiddling with the photos settings to figure out the right settings for your photos. Because GoPro has many features, that can be used to produce a beautiful picture and find the best GoPro settings that settled for you.

So, if you do not recognize your camera, then you will not know the maximum capacity from your camera to capture the image. These tips are one of the GoPro Important Tips should you mastered for maximum image and beauty.


12. Do not underestimate the fog and water drop

If you are using GoPro in the cold situation, then you should often check the GoPro lens, whether foggy or not. Do not underestimate these tips because this is also one of the Best GoPro Shootings Tips you should check when it will taking a picture.

Likewise, when you’ve finished taking a picture in the water and will take the picture again in another the place, then you have to check the GoPro lens, whether watering or not. Once again, do not ignore these tips so that the pictures you take to have maximum results.


13. Learn from people who are professionals

Do not hesitate to learn techniques to take the best pictures using the GoPro from professionals. For example, you do not ever try to put a GoPro camera to be attached to a helmet when doing dangerous activities, such as biking or mountain climbing.

Meanwhile, the professionals you meet might already try these techniques. Join other GoPro user community to get the best technique in taking pictures. Additionally, you can also learn how to use a GoPro for the best results through articles on the Internet.

13 Important GoPro Tips When Traveling For Beginner

Important GoPro Tips – This way you can correct mistakes or imperfections which looked at the results of your video and fix it so that the video display for the better. By bringing GoPro during practice, you can determine the proper angle to get photos and videos better.

GoPro created to make it easier to take videos when you’re doing a variety of exciting activities, especially when you’re traveling and do extreme sports. GoPro is a premium camera that can produce images and video with a quality display.

However, the quality of the GoPro video is also determined by how to use it. Well, hopefully, the tips on using a GoPro for the best results can be useful for you. (Traveling Portals)

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