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Top 17 Free Things to Do in London

Top things to do in London for free – London is the capital of the United Kingdom and it is the most populous city in England. Lots of tourist attractions that can be visited in London, including natural attractions and modern tourist attractions within the city. If you are on holiday to London with sufficient budget, it’s good to read this article and find the top things to do in London for Free.

17 Free Things to Do in London

London – Because this Britain’s capital has tourist attractions and interesting things to do for free. Here are some of the best free tourist attractions in London and some interesting free things to do in London:

1. Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum - Top Free Things to Do in London

Natural History Museum – credits: wikimedia.org

The place that you can visit for free in London is Natural History Museum. This place is a building that has a great architecture and luxurious European style. This museum saves lots of historical collections. The museum located on Cromwell Rd, Kensington, London SW7 5BD and open every day from 10 AM – 5.50 PM. Also, you can learn a lot of English cultures and history like you can see skeletons and dinosaur fossils, and also the museum is also equipped with the Free Wi-Fi.

2. Westminister Abbey

Westminister Abbey - 17 Beautiful places to visit in London for free

Westminister Abbey – credits: getyourguide.com

The building is included as one of the UNESCO Cultural Heritage sites that established since 1066 which is a place for the coronation of the King and Queen of England. Besides, this place is also often used as a place to get married by the nobility and Prince Wills and Kate nuptials in Westminister Abbey in 2011. Also, here is the funeral of 17 Queen and King.

3. Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum - 17 Beautiful places to visit in London for free

Victoria and Albert Museum – groupofminds.com

The next free tourist attractions that you can visit in London is Victoria and Albert Museum. This place is one of the best art museums in the world that has an extensive collection of arts since 3000 years ago. Here you can see the sculptures and paintings created by famous artists in the world.

4. Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace - 17 Beautiful places to visit in London for free

Kensington Palace – credits: michelebergh.wordpress.com

This building is an ancient historical place in London with a beautiful design and worth to visit. Kensington Palace already existed in the 17th century is famous around the world as one of Princess Diana’s residence. Here you can see lots of tourist attractions such as Kensington Garden, which is one of the eight royal parks that located in London. Kensington Palace is a private place for the queen and king, but now this palace is open for a public visit and free. The palace is often used as running or cycling area by residents.

5. Tower of London

Tower of London - 17 Beautiful places to visit in London for free

View on Tower of London from the Thames – credits: londontopia.net

The next place that you can visit for free in London is Tower of London. The building is magnificent with a relic of the British superpower civilizations in the past. The tower has two historic building was once the legacy of Majesty of Royal Palace and Fortress. As a free attraction, this tower always crowded with the tourists every day. You can come in the morning to enjoy the beauty of architectural accents dominated by white color.

6. Guard ceremony event at Buckingham Palace

Changing the guard ceremony in Buckingham Palace - 17 Beautiful places to visit in London for free

Changing the guard ceremony in Buckingham Palace – credits: bordermail.com

You certainly are familiar to hear the name of the Buckingham Palace. Buckingham Palace is always guards by the guard with red uniforms and typical fur hats. The interesting part is the palace hold a changing guard ceremony that free to watch by the public. The ceremony of changing the guard at Buckingham Palace started around 11.00 – 11.45 AM on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday in January to March. If you want to see the event, this ceremony able to watch from the front gates of Buckingham Palace.

7. Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus - 17 Beautiful places to visit in London for free

Piccadilly Circus – credits: wikimedia.org

Piccadilly Circus is a very crowded area by the citizens of London. Every day from morning until night, the place is always full of people or tourists which want a enjoy a relaxing walk. There are exist much shopping places, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and a beautiful fountain with a statue in the middle. Exciting, right? Also, the circus is one of the free things to do in London.

8. Sir John Soane’s Museum

Sir John Soane's Museum - 17 Beautiful places to visit in London for free

Sir John Soane’s Museum – credits: soane.org

The building that exists since the early of the 19th century has generated much curiosity. Both related to architecture and philosophy in each spatial planning. Therefore, no wonder if the museum is including as the most impressive buildings in London. The tourist can visit the museum on the first Tuesday of each month when light candles filled most of the room.

9. St. Paul’s Church

St. Paul's Church - 17 Beautiful places to visit in London for free

St. Paul’s Church – credits: stpaulspc.org

The church is located in the west of Covent Garden Piazza is a place where Punch and Judy did the first show in 1662. Charlie Chaplin and Vivien Leigh are other names which filled the shows in the building now and known as the church actor. The church is one of the beautiful free tourist attractions in London.

10. Tate Britain

Tate Britain - 17 Beautiful places to visit in London for free

Tate Britain – credits: standard.co.uk

With the unique layout and design, Tate Britain is a free attraction that you can visit in London. You can see lots of the work of artists from the United Kingdom in the span of the 16th – 20th century. Just do a tour for an hour and talk with painter for 15 minutes is a bit of fun and free things to do in London, especially in the Tate Britain.

11. Whitechapel Gallery

17 Beautiful places to visit in London for free

Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, England – credits; grahamfoundation.org

Whitechapel Gallery is a place with ten galleries of art nouveau is open for the first time in 1899. Whitechapel is building that saves many artworks by the artists from various schools. Picasso’s Guernica is a work that was first exhibited in 1939. Enjoy a chant music, read books and watch movies on a Thursday become a row of the free activities that can you do in Whitechapel Gallery.

12. Temple Church

Temple Church - Top Free Things to Do in London

Temple Church – credits: melitahotel.com

The place which famous through a scene from the ‘Da Vinci Code’ is a building that has existed since the 12th century. For some tourist, the place is included as their things to do lists in London for free.

13. Borough Market

Borough Market - Top Free Things to Do in London

Borough Market daily routines – credits: bloglmn.com

Despite the fact that this attraction is a market, but several major European cities often imposing entrance tickets in a row of shopping centers of the period, such as Borough Market. Sothis market is the best place to hunt for local food, the market that has existed since the 13th century is open every Thursday until Saturday. The market is one of the free attractions in London.

14. Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament - Top Free Things to Do in London

Houses of Parliament – credits: bbook.com

As a home for Big Ben, this place becomes one of the most iconic buildings in London. Not only has a major role, but the Houses of Parliament was also riveting as a typical gothic architecture of Europe. It has been established since the middle of 19th century, this building still gallants stand if inviting anyone to enjoy the charm immediately.

15. Science Museum

Science Museum - Top Free Things to Do in London

Science Museum – credits: artfund.org

Science Museum is the other free places to go in London. Science Museum is a very informative and entertaining with interactive exhibits. The building that was built in 1892 is a home to the thousand collections that gathered discovery technology for over 100 years.

16. British Museum

British Museum - Top Free Things to Do in London

Great Court at the British Museum – credits: fosterandpartners.com

British Museum in London is one of the largest and most important museums in the history and culture of people in the world. More than 7 million historical collections saved in this museum, came from all over the continent in all over the world. Everything was describing and documenting the history of human culture from the beginning until now. You can see a collection of human civilization in this museum for free without the admission price.

17. Museum of London

Museum of London - Top Free Things to Do in London

Museum of London – credits: archpaper.com

Museum of London is a museum that has lots of history documenting of London from prehistoric times to the present. This museum is part of the Barbican Estate has been officially opened in 1964. For those of you which are interested in visiting the Museum of London, this place is not charged for entry, because the museum is free for public visit. The museum is one of the free things to do in London. (Traveling Portals)