10 Free Things to Do in Perth Australia

Free Things to Do in Perth Australia

Free Things to Do in Perth Australia – For you who have traveling hobbies but have a limit budget, don’t afraid to make Perth a traveling destination or your next vacation.

Because one of Australia’s cities offer a lot of activities that can do without having to spend a budget or free. Interesting? Here are ten free things to do in Perth Australia.


Walking Tours in Perth Australia

Australia is one of the best places in the world, there are many activities can do for free. There are free things to do in Perth Australia.
Walking Tours in Perth

While enjoying streets of Perth, this one activity at a time can also help you to keep your energy levels with exercise. Do not worry you will get lost, because there will be volunteer guides who will be happy to guide you to enjoy the other side of the city of Perth.

However, this voluntary guide only there every day from Monday to Friday so you can not find them if you are traveling during the weekend and was a force to rely on maps which can download from the internet. To be eligible for this volunteer guide you must go into a stall that locating in Murray Street Mall.

This exciting trip takes about 2 hours, but if you feel tired or enough to walk around you can stop wherever you want and come back again to Murray Street. This activity can be the best free things to do in Perth Australia.


Exploring Fremantle with Bicycles

free things to do in Perth Australia
Explore the City of Perth

Healthy, fun and does not cost a cent. One activity is also worth checking out while you are in Perth. Fremantle has many interesting places that can visit. As Convict Trail, which becomes the center of 20th-century buildings, some of which are buildings that are characterized by impressive architecture.

CY O’Connor, who became one of the historic sites are visible from several classical sculptures there. Try also to the waterfront trail; this place is visited by many walkers. Cycling along the bank of the Swan River from the start until heading to the Cockburn Beach.

If you are already pretty tired, taking a break while enjoying the cold air at the edge of this beach, after that you can carry on your cycling trip.

Free Entertainment in Northbridge

free things to do in Perth Australia
Entertainment in Northbridge Perth Australia

You will certainly not want to miss this one activity, free entertainment you can get in Northbridge Piazza. Here is one open place by tourists. Moreover, in every afternoon, you can watch for free with a relatively large LED screen.

Things that free is not always simple, just come to Northbridge Piazza, without exiting the fund was able to enjoy films shown on the big screen is almost the same as watching at Cinema, but it certainly is better if in the open space.


Take a Look for Awesome Perth Cultural Centre

free things to do in Perth Australia
Perth Cultural Centre in Australia

Visit a place without studying how culture, surely as still missing. To be a little familiar with the culture Perth Australia, it still free. The place must be easily affordable because their Perth Cultural Centre is still in the heart of the city so if asked sure many people know this place.

Here you can also go deeper into the lives of aboriginals in a museum. Of course, you do not have to pay for tickets to get into this museum. More exciting, right?


Cottesloe Beach

free things to do in Perth Australia
Cottesloe Beach in Perth Australia

In Perth Australia, there have 19 white sand beaches are the relatively easy target from the city center. However, the beach is one of the most famous beaches visited by tourists. Like water sports such as surfing and snorkeling.

If you are on holiday in March, then you can also enjoy outdoor art gallery and can get a statue for free. This beach activity can be the best free things to do in Perth Australia.


Enjoy a Picnic in Perth City

free things to do in Perth Australia
Enjoy Free Cinema Picnic in Perth

Who likes picnics same activity? Could add to the intimacy of enjoying fine dining for open space while seeing the sights. You can bring food enough and go to a place that is famous for its beauty and often used as a destination for a picnic.

King’s Park, this area has also been little discussing in the previous post about Perth. No doubt beauty, 400 hectares has a lot of charm to offer, plus the beauty of the Swan River who are here. Admittedly picnic here more enjoyable.


Try The Homemade Beer of Perth

free things to do in Perth Australia
Perth Homemade Beer

If this one is worth a try for those of you who like to drink beer, but if for Muslims seem Beer drinking is not allowed so for this one activity may skip this event. But, if you want to see the process of making beer all that is fine. Try the homemade beer is one of the free activities in Perth.

Little Creatures Brewery is a point made in a ship is located exactly in the fishing vessel. You are permitted to tour around this place and see how the process of making beer.

However, not every time only at 1 pm until 3 pm. So, plan the date of your visit to this place that does not want to miss a tour in a great beer factory.


Feel the beauty of Swan Valley

free things to do in Perth Australia
Swan Valley in Perth

When speaking of the activities relating to nature, most of the free or certainly does not have to cost. However, the name of life will always present the beauty that will never be boring for sure.

Agree, right? This place calls with Swan Valley. Despite the name of the valley. But you can walk in the surrounding area and find many places that offer chocolate, wine, cheese and even ice cream.

If you want just to taste, they will give it for free. But, if you want this beer for the souvenir, you must pay it.

Learn to Play the Didgeridoo

free things to do in Perth Australia
Didgeridoo Music Instrument by Aborigin in Perth

Just a typical musical instrument that you can find in Perth will be a pity to miss if you do not try to play it. A special place where you can get free courses ranging from beginner to advanced is in Fremantle.

So this activity could be activities that you can do at a time when you walk in Fremantle earlier. This activity can be the best free things to do in Perth Australia.


Tour Around the Perth City for Free

free things to do in Perth Australia
Perth Free Bus

If you’ve heard the word ‘free’ indeed we would interesting. Moreover, could surround or see the beauty of the city of Perth. You can use the facilities Bus CAT (Central Area Transit). But that must consider is three lines that will guide you around the city at the start of Northbridge to East Perth and West Perth.

If you want to stop at one moment to get to know the area attractions that exist in the area, don’t worry because you can either get off at a bus stop. Do not fear you can not go back because you can travel for free by bus to another. However, not all buses.

You must look for the red logo bearing the FTZ so that you will know that the buses still belong to one of the CAT buses. There are top ten of the fun and free things to do in Perth Australia. (Traveling Portals)

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