20 Interesting Facts about Dolphins

Dolphins Facts & Informations

Interesting Dolphins Facts – Dolphins are marine mammals with very high intelligence and have a complex natural system in their bodies. There are about 43 species of dolphins around the world, with 38 of them are dolphins living in the sea and 5 other species are river dolphins that live in fresh water. Dolphins live and work in groups or called herds. They often play together with the herd. Read more about dolphin, here.

Dolphins Facts - Interesting Facts about Dolphins
Dolphins Facts

Currently, the number of dolphins is greatly reduced due to commercial fishing. If this is not immediately resolved, then in the near future species of dolphins will soon be extinct. So this animal has been included in the category of protected animals. Even the effects of Global Warming have recently made scientists worried about having to adapt quickly to find new places in order to sustain their population.

20 Interesting Facts about Dolphins

Dolphin Facts – If you talk about dolphins, then this will be an interesting discussion. Here are 20 information, fun and interesting facts about dolphins you should know.

  1. The dolphins have pointed teeth. Some types of dolphins have more teeth and are longer than crocodiles. There are types of dolphins that have a long tooth as many as 250 pieces. But the Dolphins do not like to bite humans. But on the Spinner Dolphin type, the teeth are smaller than the other dolphins.
  2. Dolphins love to work together. They prefer to find food in groups with other dolphins. When looking for prey, sometimes dolphins hunt together. They will march around the prey.
  3. There are dolphins that live in fresh water. Most species of dolphins live in the ocean. But there are five types of dolphins that live in watery rivers. River dolphins can be found in South Asia, the Yangtze River (China) and the Amazon River and the Orinoco River (South America).
  4. Dolphins have sophisticated vision systems. If the human eye cannot be clear when in the water, the dolphin eye is like a sophisticated camera that allows them to see clearly on land or in the water. It is indispensable for dolphins. Some types of dolphins should breathe every 20 to 30 seconds. The sensitivity level of vision, hearing, and touch of the dolphins is much different from humans and other mammals.
  5. Dolphins are a reliable swimmer. If you are interested in the uniqueness of dolphins physiologically, the following interesting facts are the most appropriate to note. In everyday life, both sides of the dolphin brain will be conscious simultaneously for 8 hours. Then, the left side will sleep for 8 hours. After the side is awakened, the right side will sleep for 8 hours. And so on. Not only have strong skins holding up the 300-400 pound impulse at high speeds in the water, but the dolphins are also capable of converting around 80% to the power and speed of swimming in the ocean. The ability of these dolphins has equaled five times the energy of the world’s strongest swimmers.
  6. Famous as a reliable diver too. Dolphins are known as great divers. As sea creatures, they can dive up to 1,000 feet underwater. Lots of interesting facts about dolphins, right?
  7. Physically growing rapidly. The size of a small dolphin can reach a weight of 90 kilograms and has a body length of about 4 meters. Some of their species reach 30 feet and weigh about 11 tons. Species of dolphins are diverse and not many who have dimensions of that size. However, the location of waters and certain traits of the habitat environment also play a major role in influencing the physical development of dolphins.

    Dolphins - Interesting Facts about Dolphins
  8. Famous as a friendly mammal. Dolphins live in communities and communicate actively with others. They have the kind of culture, basic emotional ability to communicate, and the concept of thinking to learn and engage with each other. So that each dolphin has a harmony in communicating and hospitality.
  9. Have the ability to recover wounds quickly. They also have very rapid recovery capabilities and can regrow the wounded flesh and skin. In addition, dolphins are also able to swim in the sea water when having wounds infections with no pain.
  10. Dolphins have a weak sense of smell. Dolphins are like toothed whales that have no lobes and olfactory nerves. Because the dolphins do not have the anatomical feature of smell, most likely the sense of smell is less developed.
  11. Baiji is an endangered river dolphin. Baiji has experienced dramatic population declines over the last few decades due to pollution and heavy industrial growth along the Yangtze River, China.
  12. Dolphins can jump more than 20 feet. Often we see dolphins doing attractions jumping into the air. This species is a species of Dusky dolphin and Spinner dolphin that can jump more than 20 feet in the air.
  13. Dolphins are sacred animals. Killing dolphins in Ancient Greece was considered an arbitrary act and would be put to death. Because the Greeks thought the dolphins were a sacred fish. 
  14. Allergic to sea water. Although dolphins live in the oceans, they are very allergic to sea water. If they accidentally drink sea water, then they will be seriously ill.
  15. Has a 360-degree vision. Dolphins can move each eye up, down, forward, backward, giving them almost 360 degrees of vision. This fact is one of the fun facts about dolphins that you must know.
  16. Included in the type of cetacea. Dolphins and whales are a type of mammal often called Cetacea, which comes from the Greek word meaning “sea monster”.
  17. Dolphins have delicate skin. This condition makes dolphins easily injured. However, they have very rapid healing attributes, even the deepest wounds can be cured in a short time.
  18. Animals with a high instinct to help. Dolphins are altruistic animals. They often help other wounded dolphins, even helping them to the surface to breathe. Not only for fellow dolphins, there are also dolphins that help humans and even whales.
  19. Killer whales are the largest species of dolphins. The largest species of dolphins are killer whales, while the smallest species of dolphins are Hector and Maui, which until now only 150 are left.

    The largest dophins type - Interesting Facts about Dolphins
    The largest dolphin type
  20. A mammal with 2 stomachs. Like cows, dolphins have more than 1 stomach. Dolphins have two abdomens, each used as a place to store food that enters through its mouth and is used to digest food derived from the first stomach. What the interesting facts about dolphins, right? (Traveling Portals)

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