The Best & Famous Germany Tourist Attractions

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Best Germany Tourist Attractions – When talking about the Germany, the favorite thing there were Nazis, football, and technology. Many people don’t know there are many interesting places to visit in Germany.

Many people don’t know there are many interesting places to visit in Germany. If you’re planning a vacation trip or business trip to Germany.

It would be a great idea and better if you know popular tourist attractions in German and the favorite of the domestic and foreign tourists in the country of Germany.


8 of the Best Germany Tourist Attractions

Attractions in Germany – Here are the some of the beautiful landmarks in Germany and the best Germany tourist attractions also the Germany famous places, among others, we happily to mention and tell our visitor below.


1. Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle - Germany Tourist Attractions
Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle is the most famous in the world and located at the top of a steep hill, located in the Alps near Fussen in southwest Bavaria. The castle builds by King Ludwig II of Bavaria. This castle was the inspiration for the castle daughter slept in the park Disneyland.

This castle was the inspiration for the castle daughter slept in the park Disneyland. This building is also known as one of the best German landmarks that famous in all around Europe and many tourists that will happily want pay a visit to this beautiful castle.

Now the castle is one of the popular tourist attractions in Germany, and many are taking photos in this building. For this places, we have reviewed it before in the post: Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany that list as one of the beautiful castles in Germany.


2. Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate - Germany Tourist Attractions
Brandenburg Gate, Germany

Brandenburg Gate is one of the popular tourist attractions in Germany and Europe that became a symbol of peace and freedom in Germany as well as a silent witness to the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

The grandeur and allure of the very long history to attract visitors from around the world to visit. Brandenburg Gate is popular when night comes and this landmark is lot visited by the local tourist and also favorited by the tourist in outside Germany, precisely.


3. Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest - Beer Festival - Germany Tourist Attractions
Oktoberfest – Beer Festival

This festival is one of Germany Tourist Attractions. Oktoberfest, a beer festival in the world. If you are interested in this festival, visit the Hofbrauhaus in Munich, the famous beer hall in the world. This festival starts the last week of September to the first week of October.

Oktoberfest has been held since 1810 and is an important part of Bavarian culture. Visitors can enjoy a variety of traditional beers such as Hendl, Schweinebraten, Wurst, Knödel and a large number of other German beer at an affordable rate.

Oktober Fest is a fest that held in Germany and this event is worth to visit and things to see in Germany.


4. Weimar City

Weimar City - Germany Tourist Attractions
Weimar City, Germany

The City of Weimar, a city of culture, art and literature in Thuringia, in eastern Germany. Weimar is also the birthplace of the Bauhaus movement, which created a revolution in design, art, and architecture in the early 20th century.

This city is popular with many famous landmarks in Germany and with their historical place that worth to visit when you are going vacation to German.


5. Cliffs Rugen

Cliffs Rugen - Germany Tourist Attractions
Cliffs Rugen, Germany

Cliffs Rugen, a high cliff 118 meters (387 feet) with natural forest behind and still awake, located in the Jasmund National Park in the northeast of the island of Rugen. The attractions of Rugen Cliffs became one of the best sights in Germany and this place has a beautiful nature that suitable for the calm soul also quite a popular place in Germany.


6. Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral - Germany Tourist Attractions
Cologne Cathedral

The Cologne Cathedral is the largest Gothic cathedral in Germany and the third highest in the world. To build this cathedral spent about 600 years beginning in 1248.

For centuries, the cathedral has become a symbol of Cologne and became one tourist destination in Germany are popular. This cathedral is one of the Germany tourist attractions that has many historical moments in the past and referred as one of the best places to visit in Germany.


7. Schwarzwald

Schwarzwald - Germany Tourist Attractions
Schwarzwald, Germany

Schwarzwald (The Black Forest), a vast expanse of hills, valleys, and forests stretching from the town of Baden to the Swiss border, covering an area of 4,600 square miles.

If you are walking or cycling, you will find beautiful scenery during the journey into the small villages, vineyards and old monasteries world. A visit to the Black Forest is not complete without enjoying a slice of Black Forest cake with chocolate, cherry, and cream.


8. The Chrismas Market

Christmas Market - Best Germany Tourist Attractions
Christmas Market

The Christmas Market in Nuremberg, the famous Christmas market in the Numberg City and into a wonderland during the winter. Open market with 180 wooden huts decorated with red and white fabrics, lamps and a bouquet of fresh flowers.

The Christmas market was started in November and became one of the most popular & best Germany Tourist Attractions.

Final Word – Germany Tourist Attractions

That is 8 Best Tourist Attractions in Germany that you should visit while paying a visit to Germany, do not miss the beauty of the place. Hopefully, this article helps you who have plans for a vacation to this beautiful country. (Traveling Portals)


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