Gianicolo Hill Rome – The Best Night Attractions in Rome, Italy

Gianicolo Hill Rome – The Best Night Attractions in Rome, Italy

Gianicolo Hill Rome – For those of you who want to fee the other side of the city of Rome in Italy, then visit the Gianicolo Hill. This place offers the best views of Rome from the top of the hill. Located between the Vatican and the old town area of Trastevere, Gianicolo is one of the favorite destinations of tourists when visiting the capital of Italy.

Gianicolo Hill Rome - The Best Night Destination in Rome, Italy
Gianicolo Hill, Rome – The Best Night Destination in Rome, Italy –

Because, this beautiful place is located in one of the highest points in Rome, Gianicolo has several historic buildings erected for religious purposes. Some churches of Pagan religious relic that was built on this hill, because there is a belief that the higher the location of a place of worship, the more carefully the human and God is believed by the community of Rome. For many reasons, you must visit and watch many beautiful things in Gianicolo Hill Rome.

How to reach Gianicolo Hill Rome?

To reach the Gianicolo Hill, travelers typically will start the trip from San Angelo Castle on the banks of the Tiber River. The climb starts from Via Urbano VIII through a relatively steep incline. The time needed to get to the top of the hill which is about a 1-hour walk. If you want to save your time and effort, visitors can take a bus or taxi ride which operated until the evening.

Although it is far and tiring journey towards the hill Gianicolo is a very enjoyable trip. You will pass several interesting places like the Bambino Gesu children’s hospital and the vendors that are in the vicinity. Many visitors had come to the Gianicolo Hill to exercise in the afternoon.

Gianicolo Hill Rome sunset view in evening

Gianicolo Hill Rome - The Best Night Destination in Rome, Italy -
Evening view from Gianicolo Hill Rome –

If you choose to walk to the summit, then we will meet several times a group of cycling or jogging toward the top. At some point the crowd, you can see the crowd of visitors who come just to walk around and see the sights before sunset or many people known that moment with Gianicolo Hill sunset.

Each 1 km of travel, there is a monument which is also used as a place to rest if tired of walking. Besides, to unwinding, you can enjoy the view of Rome in the afternoon of this location. Gianicolo Hill is a favorite place for tourists and people of Rome to enjoy the sunset and see the sights of the capital at night.

Best tourist attractions in Gianicolo Hill

At the top of Gianicolo Hill, there is a historic cannon called ‘Cannone del Gianicolo’. Exactly at 12.00 every day, the cannon will be fired as a harbinger for the entire church in Rome to ring the bell simultaneously. This idea was initiated by Pope Pius IX and has done since 1847.

One other place that had always attracted the attention of visitors when it was in this place is the Piazza Garibaldi. Here, we can see some luxury houses belonging ambassadors around the world in a large park called the Piazza Garibaldi. Piazza is never empty of visitors. On holidays, the place is a favorite location of Roma communities to exercise or just chatting with friends.

Gianicolo Hill Rome - The Best Night Destination in Rome, Italy -
Beautiful view from Gianicolo Hill Rome –

Satisfied to go round in Piazza Garibaldi, you also must be visited Fontana dell’Acqua Paola that inspired the construction of the Trevi Fountain. The fountain was built by Giovanni Fontana by using springs near Bracciano River as a water source. Because of the beauty of the architecture and the water is cold. Acqua Paola often used by people to swim. But in 1707 the government issued regulations prohibiting residents to swim in this fountain. Not far from Acqua Paola, there is the church of San Pietro in Montorio, built in the 9th century and dedicated to St. Peter.

According to local belief, this is where Santo Petrus crucified in reverse. Finished enjoying the view from the Gianicolo Hill, visitors can descend a steep staircase that will lead you to the old city of Rome called Trastevere. This area is famous because it has beautiful architecture and romantic atmosphere. Trastevere old streets filled with restaurants, cafes, and street vendors that offer typical Italian cuisine at relatively inexpensive prices.

Recommended hotel and interesting places in Gianicolo Hill Rome

If you visit Rome – Italy, you can stay at some hotels that we recommend as Hotel Manfredi, Sheraton Roma Hotel & Conference Centre, Merulana Star Hotel, Palladium Palace Hotel, Best Western Artdeco Hotel, Hotel Aquarium, Panama Garden Hotel, and Espana Hotel. We can also visit other interesting sites in Rome such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona and the Vatican Museum.


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