The Best Honeymoon Destinations in Hawaii

The Best Honeymoon Destinations in Hawaii

Hawaii Honeymoon Destinations – The Hawaiian Islands become the favorite destinations as well select for all couples who want to celebrate the honeymoon moments together. With beautiful beaches and many islands found there will make your honeymoon trip more memorable. Such as the Isle of Maui that has warm weather with dazzling nightlife, and the island of Kaua’i silent with views of hills, waterfalls, and blue sea is captivating.

If you have enough budget, nothing harm in using the Hawaii Islands around the yacht while sailing.


1. The Big Island

The first place we are going to cruise for a honeymoon destination is The Big Island. This island is one of the islands in Hawaii and a popular destination for honeymoon in Hawaii. This Big Island is an island that included a large and spacious compared to other islands in the Hawaiian archipelago.

Popular Hawaii Honeymoon Destinations 2017
Beautiful Big Island Beach

Many interesting and surprising things on this island, all things can be done with a partner and spend some romantic time together. One of the most favorite sights and activities on the Big Island, Hawaii is enjoying the view of the glowing lava at Kilauea. This activity is indeed a unique and challenging event.

Another romantic thing you can do in The Big Island as one of most famous Hawaii honeymoon destinations is:

  • Enjoy the sunset together at the highest peak in Hawaii is Mauna Kea (14,000 feet above sea level)
  • Enjoying romantic sunset sail and dinner cruise
  • Try a relaxing couples massage in one of the best spas in The Big Island
  • Rented a helicopter for a tour of the island of Hawaii from above
  • Romantic snorkeling to explore the underwater beauty of Hawaii as a couple
  • Watching amazing glowing lava in Kilauea


2. Kauai Island

Unlike Oahu Island and Maui Island, Kauai Island was known as the ‘garden island’ of Hawaii. Although it is home to the Mount Waialeale and as the wettest place on earth, Kauai Island still a favorite and popular Hawaii honeymoon destinations. If you are looking for a secluded place, quiet, and romantic, Kauai Island is the right choice for you.

Popular Hawaii Honeymoon Destinations 2017
Waterfall in Kauai Island

Kauai Island is surrounded by sandy shoreline is longer than the other island in Hawaii. And this is home to Alaka’i, the largest swamp in the world. When a honeymoon, you can explore Waimea dubbed ‘The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.’

Many romantic things you can do in Kauai Island as one of most popular Hawaii honeymoon destinations 2017 is:

  • Kayaking the Wailua River together with your partner
  • Catching a Kauai Luau
  • Romantic snorkeling with your partner
  • Try romantic mountain tubing
  • Doing sunset picnic with enjoying your meal
  • Driving around the island to enjoy the waterfalls, valleys, and canyons.
  • Try romantic stroll through tropical gardens


3. Oahu Island

Oahu Island is the third largest island in the Hawaii. The island offers a unique blend of the urban and rural character. In Oahu, there Honolulu, the largest city and capital state of Hawaii. In this place, the visitor able to shop, enjoy the culinary, and explore from morning to night in the various sites like Pearl Harbor, Polynesian cultural center, and the sea life park.

Popular Hawaii Honeymoon Destinations 2017
Urban atmosphere in Oahu Island

Outside of the major cities, Oahu Waikiki Beach offers a rural part of the world famous, dramatic mountains, and remnants of past volcanic. Many people visit Oahu for water sports to Panama Bay, famous snorkeling destinations in the world. Or, visit the Kualoa ranch for Hawaiian waters adventure park.

Many romantic things you can do in Oahu Island as one of most popular Hawaii honeymoon destinations is:

  • Doing watersports with your partner as snorkeling, kayaking, paddling together
  • Enjoy your romantic sunset sail
  • Catch the biggest Luau performance in Hawaii
  • Try the favorite Oahu vacation hikes
  • Take a botanical garden tour then swim in the waterfall
  • Riding a horse with your partner


4. Maui Island

In contrast to Oahu Island, that is a mixture of urban and rural, Maui Island more identical with beauty and luxury. Maui Island is flooding with world-class beach resorts, particularly in the southern end of the island, and offers a relaxing beach vacation and the honeymoon throughout the year.

Popular Hawaii Honeymoon Destinations 2017
Maui Island sky view

In the southern part there Wailea, an area known for sports and activities, especially snorkeling, diving and watching the wildlife. From this spot, you can rent and ride a boat to explore the colorful underwater of Maui Island.

The volcano is the Maui icon. This island was originally formed by six volcanoes and is home to Haleakala, the largest active volcano in the world today.

Many romantic things you can do in Maui Island as one of most popular Hawaii honeymoon destinations 2017 is:

  • Try the best romantic snorkeling tour
  • Enjoy your romantic sunset sails
  • Try the local and unique foods
  • Watching colorful Polynesian dancing show
  • Swim at a waterfall together
  • Watching magical sunrise at Haleakala crater (10.000 feet above sea level)
  • Try a couple of massages
  • Take a tour the road to Hana with beautiful rainforest and coastal scenery

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