Top 10 Best Resorts in Maldives for Honeymoon

10 Best Resorts in Maldives for Honeymoon - 10 Best Hotels in Maldives for Honeymoon

Honeymoon in Maldives is one of the best activities in your life. This article provides Top 10 Best Resorts in Maldives for Honeymoon.

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Maritim Resort & Spa Mauritius Hotel Review

Maritim Resort Spa Mauritius - Swimming Pool Facilities

Maritim Resort & Spa Mauritius

Mauritius Hotel Reviews – Maritim Resort & Spa is a 5-star hotel located in Mauritius, an island which became the world’s attention because of its natural beauty. The hotel is famous because of its location and a choice for couples who want to make honeymoon.

Previous articles have discussed, Maritim Resort is suitable for honeymoon, Maritim Resort & Spa occupies the number one choice based on my survey and sees the review on a reliable source.

Previous articles have discussed, Maritim Resort is one of the best honeymoon hotels in Mauritius. Maritim Resort & Spa occupies the number one choice based on my survey and sees the review on a reliable source.

Furthermore, the authors turn to be reviewing this hotel based on real data collected. Happy reading the review of Maritim Resort & Spa Mauritius Hotel Reviews.

Maritim Resort Spa Mauritius Hotel

Maritim Resort & Spa Mauritius Services & Facilities

Every hotel will enforce the system and resolve that guest who visits them find comfortable and happy to be there. Maritim Resort is also the same, those who are already known to the 5-star hotel will treat guests more than their own.

Many facilities and services provided by the hotel, below I will describe some of the features of Maritim Resort & Spa.

1. Maritim Resort has 233 Rooms

Consisting of 215 Elegant Room and 18 Luxury room. Furthermore, whatever you want to enjoy the service for Elegant or Luxury class, certainly these two categories are equally satisfying hotel guests.

2. Large Swimming Pool

The services provided in addition to a pool so vast there is also a pool bar and whirlpool in the pond, a different experience for hotel guests.

3. Fitness or Gym Center

The fitness and gym center has air conditioning and equipment that have advanced for gym activities.

4. 25 Hectare ground for Maritime Tropical Flower Spa

Surrounded by 13 pavilions for beauty treatments, sauna, steam bath, the quiet pool, the relaxation area under a beautiful waterfall and many more interesting places in this area.

5. Honeymoon Special Facilities

These hotels provide many facilities that suitable for a honeymoon celebration, for detail information, please read here: Maritim Resort & Spa Special Honeymoon (Mauritius Hotel).

6. Bride Room & Special for Wedding Couples

The facilities there are in this room is a locker room, center hairdresser, manicure, and pedicure.

7. Spa Treatment

Spa services with local plants and oil become a new way to treat the skin. Spa in space also has an exceptional expert spa and skin care products that have been proven.

8. Free Internet Connection

Available in all hotel rooms and other public, LAN connection is also available but incur additional costs, available in a particular cozy room.

9. Turtle Club, 3 Tennis Field, and the Golf Club

Children’s playground is open every day from 09:00 to 10:00, baby sitter services also present but there is an additional cost. For the golf field, the longest hole is 340 meters, and the tennis fields are made with synthetic turf and have spotlights for evening activities, while for the racket and the ball must be rented.

11. 24-Hour Room Service and in 4 Languages

The hotel has services in four languages, namely, English, German, French, and Chinese for 24-Hours.

15. Lobby (Departures and Arrivals)

With the facility of internet, cable tv, lockers, locker rooms, mini bar, seating area, and shower.

16. Laundry Services & Free Sports Facilities

Which consists of a water skiing session, golf, tennis, surfing, sailing ship, archery, and the snorkeling area reserved for guests free of charge.


Maritim Resort & Spa Mauritius Hotel Awards

As the popular choices of many guests, this hotel gets many professional awards that can be great as one of the best hotels for honeymoon in Mauritius.

Maritim Resort & Spa Mauritius
Maritim Resort & Spa Mauritius
  • TripAdvisor Award

Maritim Resort & Spa received an award exactly at 2016 from a review website for the field of travel is ‘TripAdvisor’ to win Certificate of Excellence in category ‘Top Hotel’ and ‘Best Service’ in Mauritius.

These ratings are given based on the evaluation provided by the TripAdvisor to everyone who has been to the hotel and review on their website.

  • Holiday Check Award

The second award received by the Maritime Resort & Spa, this time, provided by global portal about Mauritius Hotel Reviews, i.e., HolidayCheck.

This award gives for service they are rated by people who’ve been there with a value of 5.4 from 6 are included in the category of ‘Excellent.’

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