5 Important Snorkeling Rules That You Must Respect

Important snorkeling rules that you must respect
Important snorkeling rules that you must respect

5 Important Snorkeling Rules That You Must Respect

Important Snorkeling Rules – Do not admit sea lovers if they ruin it. The sea is not only enjoyed without thinking about the preservation of organisms that live in it. The sea also not benefit from the sweetness of sugar cane after junk then discarded. The following are some restrictions shall you know before deciding to get into the sea.

Important snorkeling rules
Important snorkeling rules that you must respect
Important snorkeling rules that you must respect

Snorkeling is a very fun water activities. At this moment traveler could see the beauty of coral reefs and colorful fish that is beautiful. Snorkeling is usually done in the shallow waters with natural calm waves. But not much of traveler that is understands the rules. Here’s an article that will explain important rules which must be obeyed when snorkeling and do not’s when snorkeling in the sea.


5 Important Snorkeling Rules That You Must Respect


1. Don’t stepping on coral reefs

Important snorkeling rules that you must respect
Split-level image of native fisherman with young son in outrigger from a village on the Willaumez Peninsula on New Britain Island, Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea. – source: nationalgeographic.com

The biggest risk encountered by coral reefs are the legs of the snorkeler. How not almost any traveler who swim in the sea, either intentionally or unintentionally never stepping on coral reefs. Especially those beginners who just snorkeling as it went along the trend, they do not care or do not want to care about the preservation of the underwater world.

Stepping on or hit a reef the same as killing them. These collisions can occur either when making a stroke with flippers or standing to take a breather. Stepping on or hit a reef is two very unlawful do when snorkeling. So, you should be more careful while swimming over the reef.


2. Don’t touching or hit the coral reefs

Rows of coral reefs that grow in shallow waters will look attractive, especially when exposed to sunlight beam. Colorful coral reefs are very tempting to touch. Most snorkeler wondered how it feels to hit the coral on the sea floor until finally whether intentional or not they reach the coral reefs.

Though a human touch on coral reefs may increase the potential death of the species. If the coral is dead, it will turn brown and no longer beautiful. So, when you snorkel should suffice to enjoy the reefs to see or taking a photo without touching it directly.



3. Don’t feed the reef fish

Perhaps you have noticed how the tourists that do snorkeling fishing to want to approach. Exactly, they bring food such as bread or noodles and spread in the region, the dives. Activity feed these fish are fun, the fish will come swarming around us and when it is the best time to take pictures.

However, keep in mind that feeding fish will have adverse effects on the aquatic animals. They will be familiar with the provision of food, and at worst they would have a dependency that led to the loss of their appetite for natural foods. The result they will die of hunger because of it.


4. Don’t holding the marine life

Important Snorkeling Rulses That You Must Respect
Nemo fish – source: cebufundivers.com

Sometimes to indicate the most cross-eyed expression is snorkeling someone willing to do things that are prohibited. Friends can see photos with cute fish make us motivated to compete and do more one with not only fish, but holding pictures were taken together anyway.

It is very dangerous for the fish itself. Many cases of dead fish at the snorkeling spot caused by humans that catch and play. It should not need to touch the fish let alone find and play with these animals. Quite approached from a safe distance and took great pictures with your camera.


5. Don’t throw garbage into the sea

Usually, tourists that swim while feeding the fish will throw away their garbage at sea. This waste comes from plastic bottles used as a container of bread or other snacks to feed the fish. They are reluctant to bring it up again until all the results live the only waterfront in the middle of the sea.

No wonder if some of the waters of the world that becoming more and more snorkeling spot are filled with plastic waste. Garbage piled up this would make the underwater world is severely damaged, and there is nothing left for the generations that live after us. So, enjoy the beaches but do not spoil it, guys! And this point is the end article with topic important snorkeling rules that you must respect!


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