Top 15 Fun & Interesting Grand Canyon Facts

Interesting Grand Canyon Facts – Just like the name, Grand Canyon is majestic Canyon that is located in Northern Arizona, United States of America.

Although this natural wonder is so famous, there are many fun Grand Canyon facts that a lot of people are not familiar with. This magnificent Grand Canyon has a worldwide reputation for its size and also colorful landscape.

It measures up to 270 miles long, a mile deep and 18 miles wide. The Earth’s history is hidden inside the rock layers on the canyon walls. The rocks are preserved and exposed the beauty that attracts so many visitors around the world.

Interesting Grand Canyon Facts National Park
Grand Canyon National Park


Top 15 Interesting Grand Canyon Facts

Only in the 1800s that the government had started to explore and mapping. The first official team to study this canyon was the trappers and expeditions.

It’s natural to wonder made the canyon become a Forest Reserve in 1893 and National Park later in 1919. Ancient rocks are not the only attractions here, but there are also unique species habituating this park, giving it more characters.

So, do you think you know about this canyon well? Let’s dig up the Grand Canyon facts. Also if you want to see the sunset in this spots, absolutely must read this > 3 of the Best Grand Canyon Sunset Point.


Grand Canyon Facts Figures

Below are the best and interesting facts about the Grand Canyon that will attract your interest and come here o n your vacation, especially the U.S citizens.

  1. How big is the Grand Canyon? Grand Canyon is 277 miles long chasm with 18 miles wide.
  2. Took 3 to 6 million years for this canyon to form although the erosion keeps altering the contours.
  3. Show that this canyon was formed by the river of Colorado. It flows west through Grand Canyon. Its width is around 300 feet while the depth is 100 feet.
  4. The Yavapai Point altitude is 2.400 feet about the sea level while the South Rim is 4.500 feet below and the North Rim is 5.400 feet below.
  5. How deep is the Grand Canyon? The deepest point is over than a mile deep.
  6. Is a home to 250 species of bird, five species of amphibians, 25 species of reptiles and 70 species of mammals.
  7. How wide is the Grand Canyon? The total area coverage reaches up to 1.900 square in miles.
  8. Grand Canyon is visited by 5 million tourists every year and that’s a surprising fact about the Grand Canyon, right? And this is what makes Grand Canyon famous.
  9. Spanish were the first Europeans visiting Grand Canyon 473 years ago according to Grand Canyon facts.
  10. The first Native American tribe living in Canyon was Paleo-Indian 12.000 years ago, and they left some tools behind.
  11. Woodrow Wilson was the one establishing Grand Canyon National Park in 1919.
  12. Five Indian tribes are living along 277 miles of Colorado River. They are Paiute, Hualapai, Navajo, Havasupai, and Hopi.
  13. The first post office is Grand Canyon was opened near the Grandview Point. The first postmaster was J. Hi Tolfree.
  14. The mules are chosen from Missouri and Tennessee. They use to pack the supplies to Phantom Ranch and trail miles.
  15. When living in Grand Canyon, the Native Americans used the barks of Juniper tree as diapers because they are soft and can absorb a lot of moisture.

As one of the best vacation destinations for year-round, Grand Canyon becomes a great place to spend time. Learning the best, interesting, impressive and fun facts about the Grand Canyon in America can be a great way to study and explore this fantastic natural wonder during the holiday.

The unusual landscape makes Grand Canyon famous for the tourist for outside and inside the United States precisely. You can also read about other beautiful places in the United States besides the Grand Canyon National Park, that is Niagara Falls and you may find when the Best Time Visiting Niagara Falls.

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