10 Interesting Mauritius Facts as Best Honeymoon Destinations

Interesting Mauritius FactsMauritius is an island nation located in the southwest of the Indian Ocean and about 900 KM to the east of Madagascar. Mauritius is part of Mascarene islands formed by volcanic explosions under the sea when the African Plate moves toward hot spots Reunion.

Mauritius People use English and French as their everyday language. However, their original language is Creole. Mauritius Tourism may sound entirely unfamiliar. However, the countries that located in Africa is an island country that offers a view of not least with the other beautiful islands in the world.

So, no wonder that the island is also a bustling haven for tourists from all over the world. So many Mauritius Attractions that can you visit while visiting Mauritius on your Holidays. Also, you can taste the delicious Mauritius Foods and see the beautiful Mauritius Girl in that amazing island.

10 About Interesting Mauritius Facts, Best Honeymoon Places
Mauritius, Best Romance Place to Enjoy Your Honeymoon Moment

Okay, I’ll reveal ten reasons why Mauritius is the destination of your next travel destination, but before I will tell how high is Mauritius in the eyes of the public.

Mauritius is a destination for newly married couples because this place is gorgeous and suitable for a romantic place for both of you as Mauritius Vacation. Travelers who come to this site can enjoy the beautiful exotic beach with blue sea charming, to create the sensation of a nice holiday.

This article all about Mauritius facts that can be the reason for you to visit on your honeymoon.


10 of Interesting Mauritius Facts

Mind as fresh as they watched the white sandy beaches, lush sugar cane plantations, green mountains, and abundant wildlife attractions. Ease, for travelers heading to Mauritius, will not find a problem which is difficult because the country has a flight path from Mumbai, New Delhi, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Perth, and Melbourne.

Best Time to Visit Mauritius: The best time to visit Mauritius is from July to September, at which time the moisture and heat slightly lower, compared to other months. Here are ten reasons why Mauritius is a very fit for you who like a vacation, spend the holidays and honeymoon. Below we will provide the facts about Mauritius that interesting to read.


Mauritius Army

Mauritius is a country that does not have an army, just as Switzerland that as far as I know, they did not have a particular unit for military activities. Then, for the security functions as well as the army is under the leadership of Police Commissioner.


Dodo Bird as National Endemic Animal

Dodo bird, a bird that has a very long extinct from the world, is a national endemic animal and animals in this country. In the past, many Dodo birds are believed to have hunted for meat tasty and very easy prey.

In fact, history records that this bird became extinct in a relatively short time. Just imagine, it took eight years for this bird to live after they are discovered by humans.


National Interest in Bostonian Trochetia

In addition to the national animal, Mauritius also has a national interest Trochetia Bostonian named or referred to as Bouble Oreille by the surrounding community. This flower is a flower endemic to Mauritius Island.

In size, this flower can grow up to 3 meters high. This flower also included as interest that’s hard to grow in the wild. Bostonian Trochetia is also usually blooming in the range from June to October.


Historical Records

According to historical records, Mauritius was first visited by sailors from Arab named Dina Arobi in the days of middle age (the fifth century until the 15th century AD). Furthermore, the Portuguese come to this place in 1507 and follow by the Dutch.

The first time you set foot, did not find signs of human habitation on the island. Even this house at that point can be described as the home of the Dodo bird. This is the history of Mauritius country.


17th Most Populous Island

When first discovered, indeed this island is uninhabited islands; however, when this condition has been very different. In fact, the island is a populated area in Africa. In the world, the island ranks 17th most populous. This point can be the interesting Mauritius facts.


Mauritius as the Special Country

Mauritius, although it is in Africa, have had an average life expectancy is high, especially in the category of developing countries. This point can be the interesting Mauritius facts.


The City Population

Problems population distribution was also a serious problem in Mauritius. And the primary purpose of a society is Mauritius capital, Port Louis. Even noted there was 40 percent of the population of Mauritius to stay in this town.


Best Mauritius Beaches

The world’s best beaches are in this country. The beaches included the Grand Bay, Pereybere, Belle Mare, Blue Bay, La Morne, Tamarin and Flic en Flac. No wonder if the beach is often used as a location to spend a romantic time in the hold honeymoon.

Meanwhile, Le Morne Cultural Landscape, also known as Le Morne Brabant is a peninsula which is on the southern island of Mauritius. This peninsula has peaked as high as 556 meters above sea level. This peninsula was once used as a refuge for slaves.


Mauritius Language

English is the official language in this country. However, English is not the danger that is widely used in Mauritius. Instead of crowds wearing THAT France. In 1715, Mauritius became a part of the French colony. At that time, the island is named as Isle de France.

Subsequently, in 1810, the United Kingdom took over the country from the hands of the French. And, on March 12, 1968, Mauritius officially became the independent state which entered the British Commonwealth. This point can be the interesting Mauritius facts.


The World Heritage Site

Mauritius has two world heritage sites that have been recognized by the United Nations since 24 April 1968. Two places were Aapravasi Ghat and Le Morne Cultural Landscape.

Aapravasi Ghat is a complex of buildings that are in Port Louis. This building once functioned as a sort of immigration from 1849 to 1923, and nearly half also the Indians have been brought to this place.

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