The Best of Kuta Beach in Bali

Kuta Beach Bali – Do not tell me you’ve been to Bali, if not visit Kuta. Sights that has become an icon of tourism in Bali, Indonesia. Kuta Beach Bali is known not only by domestic tourists but is also very well known by foreign tourists.

Tourist attractions discovered on the southern coast of Bali Island has extraordinary beauty. The coastline has 2 km length and curves like a crescent moon. The white sand waves typical of the south coast and coconut trees a sight that you must capture with your camera.

Become an icon of tourism in Bali; this beach gets particular attention from the local government. Various support facilities build here, range from restaurants, lodging, bars, souvenir shops until the rental of equipment for water sports.


Best of Kuta Beach in Bali

Kuta Beach – When entering into the area of Kuta, you’ll see many of tourists passing by carrying a surfboard. This tourist spot is famous as one of the best locations for water sports, both for professional & beginners surfers. Not infrequently, Kuta Beach Bali is also using as surfing competitions, national and international level.

Kuta Beach Bali Indonesia Information
Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia

At dusk, this places more crowd by the tourists. It is said that Kuta Beach earns the nickname ‘Sunset Beach’ as a rival of Sanur beach called ‘Sunrise Beach.’ The scene of the sunset at Kuta Beach Bali has been recognized by many tourists who come here.

To feel and enjoy the beauty of these places, you are free. Only if you bring your vehicle, you need to pay the parking fee. The price is very low for the size of the beautiful beach of Kuta.


The History of Kuta Beach

Who thought that if tourist travelers who never deserted it first is a settlement that is quiet and away from the crowds. The beach in Kuta was originally only a trading port and a haven of fishing boats after fishing.

Of the traders who come, the beauty of this beach is starting to sound knowledgeable. People who initially came for sale began utilizing his arrival for all relax and enjoy the beauty of this beach in South Bali.

Hugh Macbeth, a writer, has published a book entitled Praise to Kuta. This book is about the beauty of nature in Kuta and calls on people around Kuta to build all the supporting facilities at this beach. According to him, Kuta Beach will become a favorite tourist destination for many people because of its beauty. Excellent Kuta Beach History huh?


Best Things to Do at Kuta Beach Bali

There are lots of activities and interesting things you can do in Kuta Beach. Here are some things that you should not miss while in these places:

Enjoy a sunset

Kuta Beach Bali Sunset
Kuta Beach Bali Sunset

The scenic charm of the sunset at Kuta Beach Bali is no doubt about it. Enjoy a time of the evening while accompanied by coconut ice and corn would be an exciting experience. Be sure to have a camera to capture the moment, yes.

Sunbathing & masseuse

Sunbathing at Kuta Beach is certainly not a stranger things for the tourists. Along the coast, you will see a lot of people doing ‘sunbath’ is either lying on the chaise beach or even on a pedestal that held a potluck in the sand beach. If the sun is not enough for you, then try calling the masseuse had prepared around the coast.

Hairstyles services

In addition to massage, there are other interesting things for you to try, braid and temporary tattoos. While relaxing to enjoy the beach, you can let your hair to braiding by the Balinese Women that sell their services braid. While on your holiday, it could not hurt to try different hairstyles, right?

Try the contemporary tattoo

Want to know what it feels to have a tattoo? In these places, you can tattoo your body without fear of regret later. The ink used for tattoos is only temporary and could disappear within a few days.

There are a lot of patterns and images on offer ranging from calligraphy your name up with pictures of animals and flowers. Feel Kuta Beach Bali Tattoo experience to enjoy your vacation much better.

Surfing time

Kuta Beach Bali Surfing
Kuta Beach Bali Surfing

Do not waste the opportunity when you are in one of the best surfing locations in the world. Immediately surfing equipment rental and start conquering the waves of the famous Kuta Beach Surfing.

If you’re not good at surfing, you can hire the services of a coach as well. In addition to surfing, other extreme sports that you can try is bungy jumping.

Culinary tour in Kuta Beach

Culinary Tourism Bali has always been a part of the fun of the holiday. Here, you can enjoy a unique culinary sea in a place according to your wishes. There are many places to eat around Kuta Beach, ranging from expensive restaurants to food stalls at a more affordable price.

The menu? Of course, seafood specialties ranging from crab, shrimp to a variety of processed fish. The coconut ice must be very fit to be enjoyed in the heat of this beach.

Souvenirs hunting

Kuta Beach around there are many souvenir shops. Several gorgeous trinkets made of shells and starfish can you get here. Locally-made souvenirs are apparently already global, you know. Already many of Kuta Beach Bali Souvenir and unique handicrafts are exported to other continents such as Europe and America.

Turtle Conservation Bali

Besides being a popular tourist spot, it turns out in this coastal region also contained a turtle breeding in Turtle Conservation Kuta Beach Bali. Not far from Kuta Beach Bali, there is a giant turtle-shaped building in which there’s a sand turtle eggs hatch. Species of turtles that exist here are olive ridley or Ridley turtles that are currently unique.

The most interesting is the activity of the announcement of hatchlings or baby turtles into the sea. This activity is no strict schedule, whenever the eggs hatch, it will soon be released into the sea.

This includes the release of hatchlings traveler anyone who wants to join. Each participant will be lined up, and each is carrying a plastic box containing a hatchling. Then simultaneously, they take off the hatchling hatchlings. Interested in joining?

Time release of hatchlings is usually done at 16:45. It is on the basis that birds which are the main predator hatchlings will be difficult to see the hatchlings at that hour.

Visit Ground Zero Monument Bali

Ground Zero Monument Kuta Beach Bali
Ground Zero Monument Kuta Beach Bali

Not far from Kuta Beach Bali, there is a monument that was familiar. The original name Ground Zero Monument is a memorial Five Continent, but many have called Ground Zero Monument. This monument built to commemorate the victims of the Bali bomb blast that occurred in the first on October 12, 2002. The statue is unveiling exactly two years after the tragedy.

At the bottom of the figure, there is a list of names of victims. Every October 12, the memorial is visited by many families and friends of the victims for commemorations and sow flowers. The monument located in the land Paddy’s Café formerly the site of the explosion, precisely on Jalan Legian which is the center of entertainment in Kuta Beach.


Transportation and Accommodations

This beach is located on the southern coast of Bali, or administratively located in Badung regency. This tourist place is about 12 km from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali and is accessible by taxi.

There are a lot of Kuta Beach Bali Accommodation, ranging from hostel used by backpackers to the 5-star hotel with the best service quality.

This article will help you to know about Bali Island and give information to be easier in Bali, Indonesia Trip. And I very appreciate you that visit and read our article in this Travel Blog.

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