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London Travel Guide – London is a busy city that is in the region of Greater London, United Kingdom. The city is the capital of the England which very popular among the world to be a dismissal when they hold a trip. Known for the beauty of the city that still blends with two styles of modern building architecture and the architecture of the old building.

It used to be the British capital London but not a Winchester but in 1066 move to London. The city is reputed to be an excellent area for the Metropolitan category in the United Kingdom, even consider as the biggest urban zone in the European Union.

Below we provide the best of London travel guide and provide the attractions and trip ideas for London Vacation.


Best London Travel Guide

Yes, for this article will discuss the London Travel Guide with great detail. Because of so many interesting places there. The following is an index to articles London Travel Guide; please click on the list below if you feel the need to the topic of this article.

London Transportations

London Buses - London Travel Guide
London Buses

If you are on vacation in London, surely you are not just sitting in the hotel, right? Surely we want to walk in the city. What you should know is transportation, because London is very spacious and you can not just rely on the feet.

Most important is the use of public transit, because the public transport is very accessible there. London society prefers to use public transport compared to private vehicles. Here’s a list of public transport in London you should know.

Bus. Easy to find public transportation is, just look at the amount of red-colored buses. The coverage rate was very extensive and included as one of the world’s biggest bus network.

With an operating life of 24 hours, 700 routes, 8,000 buses and 6,000,000 passengers every weekday. Imagine this bus system, widespread everywhere. So, our London travel guide most prefers to use the bus as an easy and economical transport.

Subway. If you prefer to travel by car, there is in London Underground. Better known as the London Underground, this car uses electricity to operate.

London Underground is a combination of several private companies such as City and South London Railway, which was the first subway in the world. Itineraries this car covers almost all the tourist attractions in the UK.

Black Taxi. For those of you who like to travel in person, you could try a Black cab. Taxis can take you to traverse all the tourist attractions in the area London. This cab is more known as Hackney, because of its unique and different from regular taxis in other regions.

Boat. Transport which exists only in certain areas, such as the River Thames. Many ports in the river, if you are interested in traveling with down the river, the boat is the choice.


Where to Stay in London?

London Buses
Where to Stay in London

There are many types of accommodation in the city of London, consider the following explanation:

Hotel. Hotel accommodation move on commercially, this kind of housing is usually quite expensive because the service provided is very complete. But, not all hotels are expensive, depending on class-based, there is a star, and some are unclassified.

In this London Travel Guide, we prefer you to stay in the hotel while your trip to London and we will recommend some hotels are the best in London.

Here are the best hotels to stay in London, and of you are book these hotels through our website and you can claim the discount price of the hotel up to 70% in the link below:

Motel. The motel is a lodging accommodation is more modest but still could be an option for you to settle for a place in London.

Guest House. Usually, this facility is a facility provided by the company but can be pursued in the public interest as well.

Garni. Garni designation exists only in London alone, in our usual place called the Inn.

Private Hotel. Well, for you have more budget for lodging, then this place could be the right choice for you. Usually located in the mountains and the beach.


What to Eat in London?

London has an exciting culinary destination and favorite thing to try while traveling there, what are the typical food of London? Refer to the following explanation and information are based on information in December 2015.

Sourdough Pizza. Sourdough starter dough that makes from water and flour that is left in the open space to expand. Sourdough pizza is baked with wood and has a gentle fragrance.

Beef Bagel. Beigel Bake is a bagel shop is open 24 hours located in Brick Lane, London, England. Beigel contains hot beef, salt with mustard, cream cheese, and salmon. Beigel Bake is the oldest bagel shop in London and produces 7,000 bagels every day.

Lamb Sandwich. The sandwich consists of two slices of bread or more plus a variety of fields such as meat, vegetables, cheese, and sauce. Lamb sandwich sold in Stickybeaks are the delicious sandwich with lamb in it.

Bread Ahead Donat. The donuts made from a dough of flour, sugar, eggs, and butter, round with sweet contents, such as various types of jam, jelly, cream, and custard. The donuts are sold at Bread Ahead has a soft cream-fill and affordable prices

Bao. Bun spherical containing pork or chicken, onions, eggs, mushrooms, and vegetables. Bao was smaller than buns.


Where to Go in London?

There are so many attractions in the city of London, but for this session, we will discuss only five accessible places just in London. For more details will be considered at another time.

Any tourist attractions in London? Read the following review and don’t ask where to go in London because the city has many best tourist attractions and places to visit while your vacation in London.

River Thames

London Travel Guide
River Thames – London Travel Guide

London Travel Guide – Thames River Cruise is the best to enjoy the city of London to explore the River Thames. All the pomp and the major city sights can be seen comfortably from the cruise ship.

If you decide to try to sail, calm down because there is an upper deck that is open on all ships so that the visitors could be there to feel the freshness and gorgeous views of the city center over the maximum. This places can be a perfect place for your London Day Trips.

Tower Bridge

Tourist attractions such as the famous bridge in the capital have been standing since 1894 over the River Thames. The world’s tourist certainly is not foreign to this impressive Tower Bridge.

The attraction not to be missed is the information panel and a mechanism that would explain the technology used to keep the movement of the Tower Bridge over the years.

Charged adult visitors 9 GBP, the visitor ticket for children aged between 5-15 years is charged 4 GBP. For guests who are students with a student card and seniors aged 60 years and overcharge GBP 6.5. While for visitors with disabilities, and children under five years free.

London Eye

London has a tourism which also has plenty of excitement, the London Eye Ferris wheel in the form of big size. Conveniently located across from the Houses of Parliament can be visited when to South Bank. While visiting this site, please be patient because this vehicle has queue is always long.

Despite the long wait in line, after to enjoy the rides, it is a guarantee you will not regret. Panorama beautiful city of London was the one who offers to ride this ride; even the Thames would find by your eyes as well. This places can be a perfect place for your trip to London.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace - London Travel Guide
Buckingham Palace

This place should have been rank first on the list of holiday destinations to London. Became the residence of the British royal family, of course, tourism is so important to visit. The most fantastic attractions in London and demand for foreign tourists watch the changing of the guard is a palace.

Remember that in this palace of the palace guards wearing red uniforms follows high hats made of bear fur that makes them unique and into the limelight. Changing of the Guard ceremony at the palace will be performing with accompaniment musical kingdom so that more exciting to watch.

For the curious, the service can find from the front gates of Buckingham Palace. In Germany, they have Germany Neuschwanstein Castle.

Kensington Palace

Other recommend places for tourists who want a vacation home in London is Kensington Palace whose creation has been a very long time. It is said that generations of royal women who make up this place, from Queen Mary then Victoria and Diana, that is Princess of Wales.

Some parks can be traced, such as Sunken Garden with an exquisite style. Sunken Garden itself is an oasis that provides comfort and a sense of calm for the people who were there.

Windsor Castle

Setting foot in London will not complete without exploring the castles there. Windsor Castle is a castle in the form of travel of the oldest and biggest in the world. Make no mistake, the average of the castle would have been uninhabited, but for this castle apparently still inhabit.

Once used as a residence for 39 kings/queens of England, the castle is in Berkshire this is a house favor by the Queen of England so quite often function as a receiver other than the state visit at Buckingham Palace.

Windsor Castle has more than 500 people who work and live in it. Just like Buckingham Palace, the castle was open to all tourists from anywhere. Even visitors are allowed entry to see a grand and luxurious room following his garden.

Also, the souvenir shop that offers a variety of souvenirs typical of Windsor Castle, as well as household appliances, ceramics, clothing, jewelry, or even small items such as toys, books, and postcards.

Everything is in place so that visitors do not have to worry about not had time to buy souvenirs. This places can be a perfect place for your trip to London and enjoy our best London Travel Guide.

British Museum

Like with it reeks of history? If so, do not forget to visit the British Museum which is the oldest museum in the world. The number of collections owned by the museum is expected to reach 6 million more, including 1.8 million years of civilization.

There Parthenon sculptures are known as a charming decor and spectacular in the 5th century BC Parthenon where manufacturing is in the reign of Pericles; This can find on the ground floor. Also, there are also mummified cats that came from Abydos from time immemorial.

Tower of London

Tower of London - London Travel Guide
Tower of London

Other locations are no less fun to explore a massive fortress that was once used as a prison. Although supposedly functioned as a prison, the castle is not showing the impression of cold and horrible because grandeur is to be the first time you catch when you get to this place. This building can be your next places to visit in London.

Tower of London is the place where Henry VIII gives death sentence to two of his wife, Anne Boleyn (1536) and Katharine Howard (1542). There are at least six crows found in the fort and maintained by Ravenmaster.

It believes that when the ravens leave the castle/tower this one, it will mark the collapse of the monarchy.


When traveled with family let alone bring the kids, of course, the most fun is to go to a zoo. ZSL Zoo open in 1828, so do not be a surprise if the place is said to be a scientific zoo oldest in the world. Already there are over 650 species of animals that are own by these sights and very varied.

Let the kids have fun at this location, especially gain valuable experience with large-sized animals such as gorillas and giraffes. Some animals alone we can see, there are about 12,000 animals.

Science Museum

Vacationing with family is the most appropriate course to bring the children to educate location. Science Museum London is the most suitable for your kids are interest in science. Let them explore in this place, and you as a parent are automatically also will be able to add valuable insight.

Technological developments are present in the museum is very diverse, covering the lender along with the first satellite, Sputnik, Launchpad (exclusive gallery of children who want to learn easy and fun), space probes, satellites, and rockets.

National History Museum

National History Museum - London Travel Guide
National History Museum

Another highly recommended museum to visit is the Natural History Museum with more than 70 million specimens on display. Traveler knowledge will increase through all the items collected by the museum, including goods carried by Joseph Banks, Captain Cook, and Charles Darwin.

The museum is not only suitable for adults, but children will find an extensive collection of dinosaur and unique attractions delightful child. With all the classic sides and grandeur of the building, the museum building with traditional European-style structure is the most popular in London.

Historical collections ranging from blue whale skeleton up dinosaur fossils can find when visited this location. So, no wonder why this site is one of the best to be the object of your vacation destination as well. The historical places are also in our posting about Historical Places in Athens.


Additional London Travel Guide Tips

Use Oyster Card

Oyster card is a rechargeable smart card used to make electronic payments in the transport system in Greater London. This card is the production of Transport for London and usable for transportation services, such as Docklands Light Railway, London Buses, a vessel services in the River Thames, London Overground, London Underground and some other public transport services. With an estimated cost of 3.50 £, you can visit a variety of exotic and beautiful locations in the city of London using public transport.

Eat with My Voucher Codes

One more tip for the traveler who does not carry more money. When hungry, the restaurant must have first place in coming. In order not to pay for expensive, you can visit a website that provides coupons for free on the internet, namely My Voucher Codes. This method is very helpful customer to buy goods at a lower price.

Shopping in London

For you who like shopping so much, here are some places that to visit in London. Among the most favorite is the Convent Garden, Kings Road, and Regent Street. In these locations, you can get a much lower price, with high-quality products as well. (London Travel Guide by Traveling Portals)

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