The Perfect Maldives Vacation Destinations

Maldives Vacation – Who doesn’t know Maldives Islands? Maldives is a tropical country of Southeast which is located in Indian oceans. Before early 1970, the tourists do not know about it. It only becomes home for the inhabitants and now travel to Maldives is one of the best choices for travel destinations in 2017.

However, after the first resort was built there, the economic life of Maldives changed and grew rapidly. Even, tourism has become the primary income. This destination also one of the best honeymoon island in the world and one of the best travel destinations in Asia.


Maldives Islands Vacation

Maldives Vacation
One of the best amazing resort in Maldives

If you want to have a great Maldives Islands vacation, then you might have to read this. Here are places to visit in Maldives.

Biyadhoo Island Resort

One of the interesting places to visit when traveling to Maldives is Biyadhoo Island Resort. It is one of the best resorts that are believed as the best house of reef in Maldives and this resort also usually included in the choices resort of the Maldives travel packages.

If you stay in the resort, you can do some sports activities such as snorkeling, diving, and much more.

Maldives Vacation
Enjoy Sunset in Maldives Resort

Besides, it also can be used as a place to refresh and relax your mind. This is because this resort provides us the beautiful scenery with white sands and blue sky. What a perfect Maldives vacation!


Vaadhoo Island

Next destination is Vaadhoo Island. This island which has more than 500 people in 2007, is famous of its natural attraction called ‘’Sea of Stars.’’ it is a natural phenomenon when the sea water looks like sparkling stars.

Actually, it is produced by the plankton that makes the wave glows like the stars. Some people say that this creature can create the most romantic lighting that glows naturally. Unfortunately, not every people can see the sea of stars in the Vaadhoo Island as one of the attractions when traveling to the Maldives.


Landaa Giraavaru

Third, Landaa Giraavaru locating in the northeast of Island Baa. The island is surrounded by clear beaches with white sand, blue sky, and beautiful wide and coral reef. It is also reserved by UNESCO as a world biosphere.

If you plan to scuba diving or swim with whale sharks or turtle in your Maldives vacation, Landa Giraavaru is the best place to visit. The water is not deep and quite calm, so you can freely swim with the animal creature.


Maldives Manta Point Create

The other interesting place for diving in Maldives vacation is Manta Point Create. Whether you are a professional diver or beginner, this location is worth to visit. In this place, you can dive while seeing the manta rays that eat a small fish. It is usually hidden among the big rocks while waiting for its prey.


National Museum Maldives

Besides natural attractions, there is National Museum Maldives which provides a historic heritage Kingdom of Budha. It would be great if the tourist is not only enjoying the beautiful scenery of Maldives but also learning the historical story of Maldives.

Maldives Vacation
Maldives Tropical Bungalow

This museum builds in 1972 by the prime minister at the time. It is incredibly interesting to know that the museum provides the historical artifacts from the Buddhist era to Islamic monarchs such as a throne, clothes, shoes, and even furniture from the era.

In addition, we can surely say that Maldives provides many beautiful places to visit. Choose the destinations you want to visit there and pack your bag for your vacation in Maldives Islands. Also, read and see beautiful Maldives Islands Photos in that post as one of the Beautiful Places to Visit in Asia.

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