Top 10 Most Common Honeymoon Mistakes

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Most Common Honeymoon Mistakes

Most common honeymoon mistakesThe honeymoon is a fun moment for couples who got married recently. They would want a time to spend together without being bothered by anyone. The opportunity was also used along with the couple to get a baby.

However, do not let that beautiful honeymoon turned into a nightmare by making small mistakes can be fatal. Here are ten mistakes to avoid when the honeymoon later.

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1. Directly doing a honeymoon after getting married

You abruptly decided to go honeymoon when only a few days of the wedding. You need to rest at least 3 to 4 days to recover body from exhaustion hold a wedding. With a fresh body then you could be excited to go for honeymoon later.

2. Too much to carry luggage

When going for a honeymoon, you should avoid carrying too much luggage. Bring only the essentials, and it is used when the honeymoon later. If indeed there can be bought there should do it in order not to fill the contents of your suitcase.

3. Too Royal shopping at resort

Honeymoon couple should not be too generous while at the resort. Choose a resort that is not too expensive, and the facilities are also affordable. The honeymoon is not limited to spending time at the resort, but you can also stroll in the surrounding area to blend in and look at the lives of local villagers.

4. Make the trip too long

Many thought that the honeymoon it needs a long time. The longer, the better. In fact on the contrary, if it eventually goes honeymoon then it could be boring. We recommend the honeymoon duration is not too long and not too short. It seemed to go honeymoon for 3-4 days is enough for the newly married couple.

5. Do not conduct any activities during honeymoon

Many couples think that the honeymoon is a time for relaxing and does not have to do many activities. Simply lie on the beach all day. We recommend that you do not do that. You can choose other activities such as bungee jumping or riding an ATV fun-call together with your partner.

6. Too much desire when honeymooning

While the honeymoon, there are also couples who want to travel from one place to another. For example, after the honeymoon to Bali continues to Thailand and then to Australia. Of course, if such it can drain the contents of your pockets deeper. Should choose a honeymoon destination only then maximized.

7. Select the events by your characteristic

Each honeymooner has a different character while on vacation. Anyone want to do adventure activities and some that just want to just relaxation. That two things that can be done together. However, you should think the effectiveness and time for your honeymoon again.

8. Forget the work schedule

Because of the fun for a honeymoon, not until you increase the duration of stay when the honeymoon. You have to go back to work and routine as usual. Make honeymoon as a new spirit to live together with a partner.

9. Do not avail the facility of the hotel

Do not forget when the honeymoon advantage of all the facilities in the hotel. No need to hesitate to do so because this is the moment you make indulge with hotel services provided.

10. Suddenly out of money

Because they can not adjust the budget during the honeymoon, you suddenly so broke while on vacation because it was too fun for shopping or consumptive activities. So you should set the budget for the honeymoon well.


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Most common honeymoon mistakes – There is the article that provides ten most common honeymoon mistakes that should you to avoid for happier and memorable honeymoon for you and your couple. I hope this article will help you to make funnier honeymoon moment.


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