Top 10 Most Popular Foods in Hawaii

Most Popular Foods in Hawaii

Most Popular Foods in Hawaii – The Hawaiian Islands is one of the United States regions where the indigenous population is Polynesian Ethnicity. Hawaii has become one of the top tourist islands in the world that have the potential of natural beauty and wonderful marine tourism.

Hawaii amazing charm makes a lot of tourists from all over the world who stop there. Maybe that is what makes a variety of dishes typical of Hawaii as a result of the cultural crossroads.

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Top 10 Most Popular Foods in Hawaii

Hawaii – Well, for those of you who entering Hawaii as one of the must-visit vacation destination worth knowing some of their signature dishes. Here are ten dishes you must taste:


1. Hawaiian foods

Hawaiian Food Most Popular Foods In Hawaii
Hawaiian foods

Eating a variety of foods on the table is one of the traditions of the people of Hawaii. They are used to eating chicken rice along with side dishes such as kalua pig, squid luau, Poi, lomilomi salmon, and laulau. Dishes are also an authentic Hawaiian food that can be found in various places in Hawaii.


2. Spam musubi

Spam Musubi Most Popular Foods In Hawaii
Spam musubi

This one has inspired dishes of typical Japanese sushi. Spam musubi is composed of a handful of rice which is formed by a rectangle and fried bacon and dried seaweed on top. Although using rice, but the local people eat them as a snack.


3. Manapua

Manapua Most Popular Foods In Hawaii

Manapua is a kind of Hawaiian buns cooked by steaming or baking. The contents can vary from char siu, chicken, beans and so on.


4. Loco moco

Loco Moco Most Popular Foods In Hawaii
Loco moco

It is also a favorite food of Hawaii community. Loco moco consists of rice, meat patty burger, fried eggs and brown gravy.


5. Shave ice

Shave Ice Most Popular Foods In Hawaii
Shave ice in Hawaii – photo: @DonutsCookiesAndCream

Not only in other tropical countries that have a mixed ice, Hawaii also had a dessert called shave ice. Usually the ice by toppings such as fruit syrup, lilikoi, grated coconut, li hing mui, ice cream, cake mochi, azuki beans or sweet condensed milk.


6. Acai bowl

Acai Bowl Most Popular Foods In Hawaii
Acai bowl

Hawaii is famous for its fruits were fresh. No wonder if the local people often eat fruit as a substitute for savory foods. Usually, they eat a bowl of berries or other fruits were given extra granola and honey for breakfast.


7. Lunch plate

Lunch Plate Most Popular Foods In Hawaii
Lunch plate

For lunch, the Hawaiian people like to eat rice with a variety of side dishes such as macaroni salad, mahi-mahi, teriyaki chicken meat to veal.


8. Malasadas

Malasadas Most Popular Foods In Hawaii

Malasadas is fried bread taste resembles the taste of donuts. However, the shape is round, and the exterior is coated sugar. You can find sellers Malasadas on the roadside or beaches in Hawaii.


9. Poke

Poke Most Popular Foods In Hawaii

Almost similar to sashimi, poke is a dish consisting of meat served raw seafood. However, fish fillets, shrimp, octopus or squid marinated in a sauce of choice. Taste so fresh.


10. Saimin

Saimin Most Popular Foods In Hawaii

Saimin is the Hawaiian version Asian Noodle dishes. The villagers adapting dishes from Japan, China, and the Philippines to create saimin. The noodles served with meat and various vegetables.


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Most Popular Foods in Hawaii – That’s ten most popular food in Hawaii and if you come to Hawaii do not forget to try the tasty meals typical Hawaiian.

And I hope this article helps you to find good food in Hawaii. Thank you for visiting our travel blog.


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