The Most Popular Things to Do in Venice, Italy

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The Most Popular Things to Do in Venice, Italy

Most Popular Things to Do in Venice, Italy – You can rightly hope to have a long list of lots must-see sights and tourist attractions if you ask the Venice tourism office. However, some places can be considered as the top priorities when you visit the city.

The following are recommendations for several popular things to do in Venice, Italy.

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Gondolas on Canal and Basilica Santa Maria della Salute - The Most Popular Things to Do in Venice, Italy

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Most Popular Things to Do in Venice

– Visit St. Mark’s Basilica & Doge’s Palace

It is beautiful from the outside with the big domes and marble pillars with various colors. It is one of several Venice things to do. The interiors are scenery for mosaics lovers. And the most important is that this superb place is free. So, after strolled along the city street, you can make this destination as your next stop. Do not forget to enjoy St. Mark’s Square when it’s empty, it’s just handsome to be your things to do in Venice, Italy.

The Doge Palace, or Palazzo Ducale in Italian, is just on the right side to St. Mark’s Basilica and maybe it is the second most significant destination after Basilica. However, this place is not free if you want to have a great moment here with a walk over the famous Bridge of Sighs or Ponte di Sospiri.

– Vaporetto for a Grand Canal Tour & Seeing a Glass-Blowing industry on Murano Island

While the most enjoyable way to enjoy Venice is on foot, you can also take Vaporetto to benefit the city from the canal as one of Venice things to do. It will take you drifting along of the Grand Canal, just like taking a city bus tour, only in a much stylish way via water.

Going to Venice without seeing this most famous glass-blowing industry in Murano island will be useless. Take home some of its finest to testify your journey to the city.

– Top of the Campanile & Rialto Market

Other things of Venice things to do is to buy a ticket for the elevator ride to the campanile (bell tower) top, to have the full view of the Basilica, the Piazza, and the Venice from the top. The views are great, be sure to come when the bell is not ready to strike its big hourly bells if you do not want to get shocked by its great sound and this activity be one of the popular things to do in Venice.

Moreover, if you want to see the real Venetian people get their food supplies, you should go to the most famous Rialto Market. The folks and restaurateurs are all stock of their kitchens. It is known as the fish market, but you can also see lots of fresh veggies and fruit as well.

– Streets of Burano Island & a Hike on Torcello Island

If you want to feel the atmosphere of Venice without too many people around, as one of Venice things to do, you can visit Burano Island. If you want to escape from the gaudy and dark atmosphere of Venice and want to find some new brightly colored buildings, this is a perfect place for a walk.

This Torcello island is not far from Burano Island and less crowded as well. This island is an ideal spot if you want to feel the smooth side of Venice. You can go on a hike and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. There is the 7th-century church with exceptional mosaics in this island you should see. Yes, there are several most popular things to do in Venice, Italy.

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