10-Days Doing Mount Kilimanjaro Safaris Climb

Mount Kilimanjaro Safaris Climb – Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest summit in mainland of Africa; Kilimanjaro summit has a lot of natural beauty you have seen once in a lifetime.

If you have a plan to Mount Kilimanjaro trips, reading this article is a fortune. Why? Because this article will provide details about Mount Kilimanjaro Safaris in 10-Days, this article comes from a reliable source that National Geographic Expeditions, but I will explain simpler and contain a lot of valuable information that you need to know.

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Mount Kilimanjaro Safaris Climb

Mount Kilimanjaro Safaris Trips
Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa

This article will discuss the natural ways to do the Mount Kilimanjaro Safaris in 10-Days, and the steps should be taken to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro Safaris. How long is Kilimanjaro Safaris? Check our review below.


Kilimanjaro Trips Detail

Before getting into the topic of discussion, we should be aware a little about Mount Kilimanjaro Safaris Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjaro is locating in Tanzania with Kilimanjaro Elevation is 19,340 feet, and the mountain is a volcano with an inactive status, but it has fumaroles located in the central crater summit that is Uhuru/Kibo.

Kilimanjaro Summit known to have three peak that is Uhuru Peak (5,895 m), Mawenzi Peak (5.149 m) and the last is Shira Peak (3.962 m). From the data I get, every year the Kilimanjaro Summit was visited by 15,000 climbers and 40% of them get to the top of Kilimanjaro.

Mount Kilimanjaro Safaris Trips
Kilimanjaro Summit Views

To reach the summit Kilimanjaro, there are several hiking paths and lanes down which makes it easy for climbers to climb and down the mountain. The hiking path consists of six tracks; there are Machame, Marangu, Rongai, Lemosho, Umbwe, and Shira. While for the track down only has one path that is Mweka.

Simply information only, the easiest hiking trail is Marangu, Rongai, and Machame. The trek is accessible by all people without any experience in mountain climbing.


Kilimanjaro Climbing Overview

  1. You will climb the tallest free-standing mountain in the world.
  2. Ascent will pass through the rain forest, lava formations, heather moors, and glacier.
  3. Learn about the flora and fauna that exist on the mountain, if you do the climb with a guide service, ask them.
  4. Wild animals ready to head off on a hiking trail you like: lion, elephant, leopard. So stay alerted and carefully.


Mount Kilimanjaro Safaris Days

Day 1 – Arusha

The first day begins when you arrive at the Kilimanjaro International Airport, when you get there you can ride the vehicle and headed to Arusha National Park which is located at the base of Mount Meru, which is the volcano with an elevation of 14.980 feet.

Nat Geo Kilimanjaro Base Camp is in elevation about 6,200 feet, which can help the climbers to adjust to the altitude. The first day ends, you can relax and enjoy the cold air at this altitude along with other climbers.

Day 2 – Mount Meru

The second day started with the preparing equipment for climbing and gathering together with the guide to discuss hiking paths. You are still in the camp of Mount Meru.

If you see a direction away, then you will see several kinds of animals in the Mount Meru, such as buffalo, monkeys, bushbuck, buffalo, giraffes. If lucky, you can also see wild animals such as elephants and tigers.

Day 3 – Start Trekking

The climb starts on the third day to make the climb and a short drive get to the elevation of 7.000 to 9.500 feet with a journey time of about 3-6 hours of hiking.

This trip will pass through the edge of the rainforest on Mount Kilimanjaro Safaris animal kingdom; monkeys may be the first animals will you find in the forest. They will accompany your journey with beautiful bounding around you.

On the third day, you can learn about flora and fauna from the guide. Unique wildlife can you see at Kilimanjaro mountain forest; there will be many that you have encountered. After passing through the woods, you will get to the tents and meals already set up by the guides.

Day 4 – Shira Plateau

The fourth day you will wake up in a tent and morning tea as well as hot water for bathing already set up by the guides. After breakfast, the trip will continue with a hike through the forest and will cross over to Subalpine Hagenia zone.

Before crossing to Subalpine Hagenia, climbers will rest and enjoy the incredible views, while adjusting to the altitude. This trip will take about 6-8 hours, climbing goals is at the elevation of 11,300 feet.

Day 5 – Moir Camp

After trekking past the Shira Plateau which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the next trip will pass through the western slopes of Kibo Massif. This area is a health upper zone, along the slopes will be snow get toward Moir Camp.

The trip will take about 4-6 hours; Moir Camp located at the elevation about 13,100 feet. At Camp, you can relax and enjoy an afternoon at the top of the mountains while taking pictures some beautiful scenery from up here.

Day 6 – Lava Tower

The sixth day of the trip continued with hiking to alpine zones are composed of rock and moss. A sixth-day trip destination is the Lava Tower, the place where next camp is located, in this location, you’ll find the volcanic plug that has a height of 300 feet jutting into the sky.

This trip will take about 5-7 hours of hiking and to the elevation of 14,300 feet. You have adjusted to the altitude here because the more day, the elevation level will continue to go up.

Day 7 – Glacier

Hiking still continues, the seventh day would pass the Western Breach’s feet to Arrow Glacier where next camp locate. During the hiking, you will find incredible views.

After arriving at the camp, you will be amazed by the incredible view from the Arrow Glacier and prepare your camera to take some pictures and enjoy the beautiful sunset with views above the clouds.

The trip will take about 2-3 hours of hiking and elevation of about 15,700 feet.

Day 8 – Crater

For the eight-day trip, you should prepare a fit condition to your body because this track is the most challenging tracks during the journey.

You will pass through Western Breach, a steep rock wall and climb to the crater rim. The crater will give you a nice view with the edge of the gray hole and beautiful glacier, as well as some ice sculptures formed naturally.

After passing through the Western Breach, you will arrive at the camp located on the crater floor. This trip will take 7-10 hours to about 18,500 feet elevation levels.

Day 9 – Uhuru Peak

You are now able relief because the trip will come to the mountain peak, on the 9th-day trip will go to the top by climbing about 1,000 feet. You will arrive at the precise altitude approximately 19.340 feet above the continent of Africa.

The camera must be ready because this moment should be immortalized. Beautiful scenery will find from Uhuru peak elevation. The trip will take about 8-10 hours of hiking.

Day 10 – End of Trips

Your journey has ended and goes back down via the Mweka. Be Careful! Because this path is very steep and faster decline with an elevation of 4,500 feet to the bottom and back to its point of Arusha.

The trip does not need a long time, which is about 3-5 hours. And finally, the trip is ended of Mount Kilimanjaro safaris.


Overall and the End of Trips

This trip is from National Geographic Expeditions, the real days is 15-days but for the simple guides in this article just about 10-Days. Make this simple and contains information you need to take an interesting Mount Kilimanjaro safaris climb in Tanzania, Africa.

Mount Kilimanjaro Safaris Climb Trips
End of Trips

Kilimanjaro Africa is one of the best destinations in the world that you can visit once before you die! Also, you can visit other beautiful sides of Africa in the Sahara Desert. (Traveling Portals)

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