Phi Phi Islands Tour Guide with Recommended Hotels

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Phi Phi Islands Tour Guide with Recommended Hotels

Phi Phi Islands Tour Guide – One of the most beautiful beaches in the world is the beach at Phi Phi Islands, Thailand located on the island of Phuket and the mainland of Thailand in the Andaman Sea. Phi Phi island is a part of the Hat Noppharat Thara National Park.

The island became a popular tourist destination for the stunning beach, and the island also has a layered rock and included cave contains beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Around the island is surrounded by beautiful white sand and clean. The natives around the island called the island of Phi Phi with the name “Piapi”.

Piapi mean sea tree (mangrove), which was then known as “Phi Phi”. The atmosphere on the island is very calm and harmony, sea water can amaze the tourists who come here. The islands that stretch around the main island of Phi Phi provide exceptional beauty that’s hard to tell.

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Phi Phi Islands For Content Phi Phi Islands Tour Guide
Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Islands Tour Guide with Recommended Hotels

Phi Phi island is visited by many travelers who spend time on the beach for diving, see the coral reefs, enjoy the view of water plants and marine animals. Phi Phi archipelago consists of six islands, namely Koh Peepeedon, Koh Peepeele, Koh Pidahnai, Koh Pidahnook, Koh Yung and Koh Mai-Pai.

How to get to Phi Phi Islands? The islands are located about 42 km from Krabi Beach. If we look at the Phi Phi Island from above, then this island resembles a bay surrounded by steep hills.

For most travelers, Phi Phi Island is a fascinating and beautiful place to visit if on holiday to Thailand. If you want to visit the island of Phi Phi, there are two options, namely from Krabi or Phuket.

This article will help you and tell you about Phi Phi Islands tour guide and recommended hotels in Phi Phi Islands.

Phi Phi Islands Wallpaper Phi Phi Islands Tour Guide
Phi Phi Islands

Recommended places to visit in Phi Phi Island

In the language of Thailand called Koh Phi Phi (‘Koh’ means island), consists of two islands most visited: Koh Phi Phi Don is the larger and Koh Phi Phi Leh. Koh Phi Phi Don is a base to stay while Phi Phi Leh is uninhabited but every day can be visited.

Tourists here should return at least the afternoon because there is no infrastructure at all other than a public toilet. Usually, the primary purpose of the tourist heading to Phi Phi Islands is to get to Maya Beach.

Phi Phi Leh

Maya Beach became famous as the site of the filming of ‘The Beach‘ starred by Leonardo di Caprio. A quiet beach and sheltered so resembles a hidden beach. The water is green turquoise which adds to the beauty of this beach.

Phi Phi Leh island is just an area of 6 square kilometers, high limestone which contains calcium carbonate material, and therefore the greenish water here.

Maya Bay At Phi Phi Islands Phi Phi Islands Tour Guide
Maya Bay at Phi Phi Islands – source:

How to get to Maya Beach? To get here, we can rent a boat or long boat from Phi Phi Don. This boat can be hired from dozens of agents were scattered near the ferry pier in Phi Phi Don. So that’s, you can do a search for a partner sharing 8-10 (before going into the agent’s office) or choose a simple boat.

For convenience, you should arrive here before 9 am. The passing from Maya Beach has been invaded by hundreds of tourists coming from Phuket by ferry large size so it can not be free to take a picture.

Practically no infrastructure on the island is in addition to the toilet, so if you just want to take pictures was kind enough to come 30 minutes was finished. For a more memorable, you should swim or snorkel here. So get over here just to take pictures? Bring your snorkel gear, or rent in advance from Phuket or Phi Phi Don.

Completion of the Maya Beach, also a time to stop by boat to the other side called Pi-le Lagoon, the water is bright green, make people want to plunge to swim.

Phi Phi Don

If someone told me to stay on Phi Phi Island, it must be the remain in Phi Phi Don. The extent of approximately 28 km2, mostly hotels, restaurants, and shops. There is no vehicle for the street in pavement width of 1-3 meters.

Swim At Phi Phi Islands Sea Phi Phi Islands Tour Guide
Swim at Phi Phi Islands Sea

Roam the island is only capitalized on foot, want to wear clothes or bare chest is also not a problem. Remember, no one is wearing the trousers except the hotel clerk. So do not let the wrong costume.

Beaches in Phi Phi Don.There are several beaches, but it is known is Ton Sai Beach and Loh Dalam. Ton Sai is a boat dock, and ferry leans if you want to play the water and swim preferably to Loh Dalam.

Loh Dalam coastline is long enough, you can sunbathe (there are naked, you know) or swim until satisfied. If you like hiking, you could go up to the viewpoint at the top of the hill.

Scars of the tsunami have said apparently disappeared when considering the island is washed with water up to 20 meters at the time of the disaster.

Phi Phi Islands Transport Phi Phi Islands Tour Guide
Phi Phi Islands Transport

Once cleaned and rearranged, the remaining residents to rebuild the hotel and facilities for the tourist attractions, the only source of income in the economy of this island.

Foods in Phi Phi Don. The first food in the isle is seafood. However, if you are looking to downtown, there is also a steakhouse or western menu. There is also a buffet restaurant for 300 baht to eat dinner as much.

Recommended Hotels and Resorts in Phi Phi Island

Recommended Hotels in Phi Phi Islands. Nothing luxurious resort on the island. The hotel is managed and owned by residents and local investors. Some hotels will try we recommend to you, below:

  • Phi Phi Cabana Hotel. Recognized as the most luxurious hotels in Phi Phi because it has a large swimming pool and a meeting room (anyone wants a meeting?). Hotel location is in front of the ferry pier.
  • Phi Phi Hotel. Hotels with room most of the island, located in front of the ferry pier.
  • Phi Phi Natural Resort. This hotel is the second largest in the isle. There are 62 rooms with a range of 1500-3000 Baht per night. The hotel is quite spacious, 3-level but no lift. There are gym facilities and free internet in the gym.
  • Andaman Beach Resort. The hotel’s location is quite far from the pier, but so much closer if you want to Long Beach. There bungalow type 2 rooms for family. Prices start at 1000-3000 baht.
Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel Phi Phi Islands Tour Guide
Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel

Guest House in Phi Phi Islands. Guest house very much scattered, generally located rather far called the downtown, not off the coast. Habits of Western tourists usually go-show, no need to book before.

But for the peak season in December-January this island occupancy of 100%, to the extent, there is an overnight stay at the beach. So my advice is to book a hotel before coming.

  • K House
  • JJ Bungalow & Guest House. The lowest rate was 1000 baht in low season.
  • Za Cha Guest House. Rates start from 400-600 baht.


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Tonsai Bay And Loh Dalum Bay Phi Phi Islands Tour Guide
Tonsai Bay and Loh Dalum Bay

Phi Phi Islands Tour Guide – That is the article about Phi Phi Islands Tour Guide with recommended hotels in that island. Hope this article helps you to find the information you need about Phi Phi Islands before you buy a ticket┬áto get there. Thanks for reading our article and visiting our site.


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