5 Popular Souvenirs from Singapore to Buy

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Popular Souvenirs from Singapore to Buy

Popular souvenirs from Singapore to buy – When visiting a tourist area, it is not memorable if not buy souvenirs or hand pieces typical of the area. Moreover, if the areas visited was abroad.

If you are planning to come to Singapore either for tourism or business activities, do not forget to have a souvenir of Singapore for friends or family at home.

Some of the areas that you could explore to look for souvenirs in Singapore such as Bugis Street, Chinatown, or the Mustafa Center in Little India. In these places many vendors selling various souvenirs.

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5 Popular Souvenirs From Singapore To Buy For Content

5 Popular Souvenirs from Singapore to Buy

If you visit the Singapore, don’t forget to bring home the souvenirs. The article tells 5 popular souvenirs from Singapore to buy or purchase.. Here are provided some idea of the typical souvenirs of Singapore that could be purchased.

1. Singapore Keychain

Singapore Keychain 5 Popular Souvenirs From Singapore To Buy
Singapore Keychain

Keychains become souvenirs are required when visiting a tourist area. In Singapore, different forms of typical key chains like Singapore Merlion statue and Marina Bays are very suitable as souvenirs.

In addition to functioning as a keychain that reminds about Singapore, including adequate fruit’s hand. You can obtain this unique hanger was derived from S $ 2-10, depending on the shape and material.


2. Singapore T-Shirt

Singapore T Shirt 5 Popular Souvenirs From Singapore To Buy
Singapore T-Shirt

In addition to key chains, T-shirts typical of Singapore included into souvenirs in Singapore that became a favorite of tourists especially coming from neighboring countries. Models and designs are very diverse, feels like that reads “I Love Singapore” to the design of tourist attractions available in Singapore.

The price is adequate affordable and can be found in many tourist places like Chinatown, Sentosa Island or shopping areas. For a price like this shirt, you can find tasted from a price of $ 10 per shirt to $ 10 for three T-shirts, of course, depend-quality and design.


3. Singapore Perfumes

Singapore Perfumes - 5 Popular Souvenirs from Singapore to Buy
Singapore Perfumes

If you were visiting Bugis area, you could purchase a portion including a bottle of perfume to be used as souvenirs typical of Singapore. In Bugis, contained many outlets that sell aromatic fragrance oils come from various countries like Europe, Arabia, and India.

Although it sounds fancy, the price is adequate, affordable perfume here anyway. For only $ 20- $ 30 you have to have the island five bottles of perfume small for loved ones. In addition to the Bugis, including to getting perfume peddlers of Singapore in the Chinatown area.


4. Merlion Chocolate

Merlion Chocolate 5 Popular Souvenirs From Singapore To Buy
Merlion Chocolate

Everything smelled of Singapore could be the subject of interest to serve as a souvenir. Not if food. Yup, though only a bar of chocolate, if the different shape Merlion statue like this could be typical souvenirs Singapore to fascinate the hearts of children or beloved partner. One area that sells brown typical of Singapore Merlion is the Mustafa Center which is located in Little India.


5. Bak Kwa

Sliced Pork Bak Kwa 5 Popular Souvenirs From Singapore To Buy
Sliced Pork – Bak Kwa

Bak Kwa is jerky (cured meats) are made derived from pork. However, there are also Bak Kwa made come from chickens. Bak Kwa-known brands are Bee Cheng Hiang. Bee Cheng Hiang outlets are widespread throughout the region in Singapore. If you have any problem to get the stores that sell Bak Kwa, you can buy while at Changi Airport.


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Popular souvenirs from Singapore to buy – That is part of the typical souvenirs of Singapore is not expensive festive weeks to your beloved friends and family.

Besides those mentioned above, the fact remains many more souvenirs and souvenirs of Singapore that you can meet like the patch for refrigerator, tiger balm, handbags, and still more. Once again if you want to hunt souvenirs, just come to the area that selling souvenirs like Bugis Street, Mustafa Center, or Chinatown.

One more, you can bargain well before going to buy something in Singapore. The seller can give additional discounts when purchasing in bulk.


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