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Prague Travel Guide – Prague is the largest city in the Czech Republic, located on the edge of the Vitara River, which was founded in the Gothic era. First is the capital of the Holy Roman Empire and now the capital of the Czech Republic. Prague has become a center of politics, culture, and economy of the Czech state for over 1100 years like other capital cities in the world.

Prague widely regards as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and one of the most visited cities in Europe. Since 1992, the historic center of Prague that is including on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city gets the call as the “City of a Hundred Towers” and “City of Gold“.

The city that contains the old bridge, the beautiful cathedral, numerous towers and dome of the church, has been reflected on the surface of the Vltava River which is always flooded with the geese more than ten centuries.


Prague Travel Guide

Prague Travel Guide Detail Informations
One of Beautiful City in Europe, Prague in the Czech Republic

The city is almost not crushing by World War II, the center of this town is thick with the feel of a medieval, Prague remains a beautiful town with cobbled lanes, walled courtyard, cathedrals, and many churches. Prague is a modern city, music, arts/culture, food and special events serve thirst for adventure travelers.

In this post we will give a little information and the Prague Travel Guide for you who have plans for a trip to Prague, please read the following article for basic information that you must have to stay in Prague.

Prague Travel Accommodation

All you must know before travel to Prague is where to stay in Prague, transportations, where to eat and what to eat in Prague as on our explanation on the Prague Travel Guide below.

Where to Stay in Prague?

Looking for hotels in Prague is easy because there are around 800 hotels there. However, most hotel standards here are very high. Therefore, Prague is a city that is high regarding accommodation compared to other great cities in Europe.

However, do not worry because you can choose for themselves a comfortable place for you to stay during the holidays. This is due to the many residences that you can enjoy budget.

Here is the list of recommended hotels in Prague, and if you book through our website, you will get a hotel coupon code that adds automatically to your cart when you book the hotels below.


Prague Transportation

Metro – One of the favorite transportation in Prague is the Prague Metro. Metro operation time starting from 5:00 – 24:00 and on Friday and Saturday operate longer 1 hour. Metro network there are three routes, namely Route A (green), Route B (yellow) and Route C (red).

Trams – If you like to do relaxing journey, Trams is the right choice for you to walk around in Prague. Because of Trams little slower than the other but to offering an incredible experience walking around to see the whole Prague.

Each bus stop will provide you with information relating to the trams, trams stops and schedules accurately. For departures night you can go to Lazarska Bus Stop with numbers 51 – 59.

Bus – The bus is public transportation in the suburbs but is less desirable and less favorite in Prague, because Metro and Prams provide a service that is already excellent as public transportation. However, the advantages of using the bus have a very cheap rate.

The bus route covers all the suburbs and operates from 05:00 – 24:00. For a night bus service is also available with the bus number 501 – 513.

Railway – Enjoying superb views of Mount Perin can be accessed using a unique cable route. For transportation tickets, you can use transport tickets Prague. This transport route from Ujezd – Nebozizek – Petrin. Operates every day starting at 9:00 to 23:30.

Taxi – Yeah, this transportation service has been the forgotten by the people, for you who often watch adult movies must have known the reason. The taxi driver had tarnished the reputation, but if you still want to get around by taxi, the taxi service can be booked directly from well-known companies such as AAA Taxi and Prague Airport Transfers.

Prague Foods

For culinary, Prague is an expert because a lot of typical Foods in Prague that do not exist anywhere else. Curious? Read on our post below about the best culinary in Prague.

Dumpling – Sounds strange and usually only available in the restaurant Chinese but this is different because Dumpling is a food made from dough bread or potatoes mixed with starch. Dumpling has a chewy taste and satiety.

Vltavin –  Vltavin is typical Czech food made from sirloin with ice cream sauce, cranberries, and lemon. It feels much less spicy, but sweet served with whipped cream and berry pieces of flesh above.

Roasted Pork – It is the main ingredient meal with roasted pork. Served with an enormous portion of 500 grams.


Best Places to Visit in Prague

The city is nicknamed as the ‘City in 1000 Tower’ because so many towers which adorn the beauty of this town. The area which is the main tourist center of the city of Prague where we could see the old buildings and historic sites and other tourist attractions.


Additional Information

When you are visiting Prague, there is more information that you must now like where to shopping in Prague and more, read our explanation below.


If you are making a trip to the famous and beautiful place, you do not forget to bring home a souvenir and shopping in Prague. Prague also has unique items that can be used as souvenirs for the family, someone special or relatives work. Starting from the Czech Beer Class 1, typical Czech glass, jewelry, and many others.

Most shops are locating in the center of the Square Wenceslas. Not the only regular store, but Prague also have large markets and malls like Zlicin, Cerny Most Chodov, and Letnany.

Public Transport Ticket

In Prague, there are three types of tickets available for the public transport, like short ride tickets, long ride tickets and passes tickets. You can purchase tickets at the transportation center of Prague. If you are planning an extended vacation in Prague, it is advisable to buy tickets 24-hours or 72-hours.

The important thing to note is the validation ticket; you must validate the ticket at the entrance to the underground station or the access trams or bus to indicate that your card is valid.

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