8 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance

Do you need to buy a travel insurance? – You like traveling but do not have travel insurance? Well, too bad then! Although still be underestimated by most travelers, travel insurance it is very necessary when traveling, especially abroad.

Because travel insurance has many advantages that can ensure the safety and the comfort of traveling.

Starting from lost baggage, flight delay, until the risk of hospital costs anywhere you go, everything can be overcome with travel insurance. By doing so, you will have a comfortable vacation without any worries.

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The benefits of travel insurance are not much different from the insurance in general, which is as the protection. It distinguishes, travel insurance has a short time frame in the protection provided, i.e., since you as a buyer of premium travel up to your home from a trip.

Unfortunately, many of us still consider trivial to have travel insurance. The reason could be because you already have health insurance or life insurance yourself or pay insurance premiums than the trip even better money for extra pocket money traveling.


Do You Need Buy Travel Insurance?

Reason why travel insurance is very important
Reason why travel insurance is very important

Should you buy travel insurance? – In fact, travel insurance has a different protection of insurance that you might already have previously, such as health insurance and life insurance. In fact, travel-related protection who have also more specialized and extensive.

Because, not only the protection of health and life, travel insurance has a special protection that related to travel. Starting from delays or flight cancellations, until everything that you left at home.

Even so, a variety of benefits and protection offered is also affected by the premium paid. Here we will discuss the reasons why travel insurance is very important when going on a trip, consider this 8 points which I will write the following.

Hopefully, it will help you understand the importance of travel insurance for you. If still in doubt, consider the following points, why a traveler like you better use travel insurance.


1. Suddenly, Flights Delayed

If this thing happens, because the flight was delayed plane or even just canceled. Not only could make the upset but also of loss the time even to the material. But if you use travel insurance, you do not need to worry. Then travel insurance will give an account if you are stuck in such conditions.

If there are delays beyond your control such as strikes, inclement weather, and mechanical damage, closing airports, and others that travel insurance will provide protection, so you do not suffer losses. The period of delay travel insurance can vary, there is a 6 hour some are 12 hours.

Apparently, the travel insurance provides coverage for these risks. Some insurance provides protection if you experience flight delays with a minimum waiting period of delay.

In fact, the delay may be due to the risks incurred because of the strike, inclement weather, mechanical failure or structural defects or station or airport closures caused by an event outside your control. This point makes the strongest reason why travel insurance is very important for you when traveling.


2. Losing Your Traveling Items on Luggage

You will remember the events that had a scene in the virtual world some time ago when an airline attendant stole luggage belonging to passengers?

The incident certainly makes fear if we lost luggage. However, with travel insurance, not to worry. Because if your stuff is damaged, lost or delayed will get the protection of even replacement if necessary. Not only the items in the trunk but also items used.

Your trip will not be exactly comfortable when luggage or baggage that we carry are missing or damaged. When have travel insurance, losses incurred due to loss and damage to the trunk can get protection and get a replacement?

Including goods that are in it as well as items that you use during the trip. It’s good, is not it? In fact, some insurance products provide compensation if there is a delay in the baggage of more than 12 hours.

3. Sick Always Come Without Invited

You are enjoying traveling, but all of a sudden illness or accident. It was certainly nothing in the plan. If you do not bring more money, you would be confused.

However, by using travel insurance, maintenance problems, and medicines while in the hospital will be covered. Even including the cost of evacuation and emergency assistance service for 24 hours.

For example, when you are traveling, you suddenly get sick or have an accident. Everyone does not want to have that risk. In fact, when travel you are doing is travel abroad, you are also worried because of the conscious and know that there is little cost.

Fortunately, travel insurance offers protection benefits of this emergency treatment. Some travel insurance products even provide medical evacuation facilities 24-hour emergency assistance worldwide. The protection afforded will help health or accident replacement cost includes fees for removal.


4. Incentives for Families

The worst things that can happen when traveling very much and could not be determined when the arrival. When the worst thing happens to you, such as death, the travel insurance will recommend some deals; i.e., the repatriation, the cost of cremation or burial at the location where the death occurred.

These examples make the strongest reason why travel insurance is very important for you when traveling. Travel insurance can ease the family insurance participants because the costs are borne entirely risk can be transferred to the insurer.

Surely you do not become the burden of the people you care about, is not it?


5. Losing Travel Documents

As mature as any planning, but there are times when we are unlucky. As suddenly lost passport! Though it is the most important thing, without it, you can not go anywhere.

But calm down, because travel insurance will pay the cost of reissuing a passport, ticket or other travel documents are lost due to theft or natural disaster when you are abroad, during the term of the coverage.

Passport lost when traveling abroad. Yes, the risk is often experienced by people while doing the traveling. Many losses that could result from losing important documents related to this trip.

It’s starting from you need to extend the travel time for the processing of papers, or to the replacement of air tickets. If you have travel insurance then no need to worry. Because the protection on the loss of any travel documents you’ll get.

In the policy, the insurance typically will pay you for the cost of re-issue your passport, tickets, and other travel documents are lost due to theft with violence, burglary, ordinary theft or natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.) while being abroad during the term of the coverage.

Because of afraid of losing your travel document that makes the strongest reason why travel insurance is very important for you when traveling. This reason is a great reason to buy travel insurance.


6. Protection Home Or Residence

Not only to protect themselves and luggage, but travel insurance can also ensure the protection of your home or where you live as long as you go.

It’s very useful if you are going the middle of the family, so the house is left empty. Material possessions following the house can be covered by insurance to prevent theft when you and your family are not at home.


7. Traveling to the Schengen Visa Countries

If you wish to be traveling to countries around the EU, you must apply for a Schengen visa. Visa is using for that you can explore from one country to another freely, as long as the state is including in the list of the Schengen visa agreement.

Valid for 90 days per six months. The countries that consider as only one country. Traveling is also more practical because it did not have to bother making track visa if you want to move the country.

Until now 26 countries joined the Schengen visa, 22 of the EU such as Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, Poland, and others. However, the conditions to make the Schengen Visa is, you should have travel insurance in addition to other documents.

If not, then the request to apply for visas will be denied. The reason why travel insurance is very important for you? yes, this point makes your brain become hottest for planning traveling to Europe.

8. Medical Evacuation, Repatriation Up

Everyone does not want to get sick after the holidays. However, with travel insurance, not only handling during the process of medical treatment will be covered. Some travel insurance also provides protection for a client repatriation to the country of origin or residence after the treatment.

In fact, protection provides coverage for repatriation of the bodies. Return to the risks be offered several deals; namely the cost of repatriation or cremation or burial at the location where the death occurred.

You will need a medical insurance if you are in not good condition on your vacation, that why you should purchase or buy travel insurance.


That’s great reasons to buy travel insurance, right?

The Importance of Travel Insurance – This is the closing writing of the article with the topic of ‘why to buy travel insurance?’ which has been very clearly needed by the traveler. Hopefully, this article can help you understand and ponder why travel insurance is needed when they wanted to travel.

Think about it point by point above, is it true or not? I think it’s very clearly written in the above article, I hope my article above to help you and find what you are looking for.

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